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Xfinity (Comcast) Review

By: Comcast Corporation From USA

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Xfinity is a wireless internet service provided by Comcast, a communication company founded in 1963 and based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The internet service provided by this company allows the users to pick their own internet plan based on their internet usage, with various speed options available. It also allows the users to manage their WiFi network with the all-in-one WiFi router device, along with the additional security options included in the package.

Choose The Speed That Is Suitable For Your Internet Usage

Unlike other internet service providers, Xfinity provides a wide range of speed options, which can be used by any type of internet users. It has low to super high internet speed for various needs, including for those who only need the internet to do some light browsing. With this ISP, you can easily pick the speed that matches with your need, with the pricing that is suitable for the performance that you get. The faster the speed, the more things that you can do with your internet connection, and the more expensive the price for the package. Whether you are a casual internet user or a hardcore online gamer, you can find the speed that is most suitable for your internet consumption.

Self Installation Kit Available

With this service provider, you can easily order your internet package online and get the self installation kit shipped to your address in a few days. However, this offer is available in certain areas only, and you can even get the free shipping for this option. When you get the self installation kit, you can install the home network for yourself once the equipment is delivered to your address. You simply need to follow the instructions given with the equipment, and do the installation for yourself without having to wait for any technician to come to your home.

Fully Control Your WiFi Network

Xfinity allows you to control your WiFi network fully, giving you all access to your devices via one dashboard. With the simple WiFi manager app, you can control all aspects of your home network, including checking which devices are currently connected to your network, block certain devices from accessing the home network, pause the internet access at a certain time, and so on. With the simple WiFi device and the app, you can easily optimize your home network coverage and make sure that everything is under your control.

Xfinity WiFi Hotspots That Are Available Nationwide

The good thing about this internet service provider is that it has lots of hotspots that are spread all over the country. So, you can still access the Xfinity network, even if you are out of your home. When you bring your mobile phone with you, and you want to access the Xfinity network just like you access it at your home, you can just log into the available hotspot in your area, and you can enjoy the extended network coverage for your connection. So, no matter where you are, you can always connect your devices to the available Xfinity network in your area by using your current log in information.

Full Featured WiFi Security For The Home Network

With this network, you not only be able to control your home internet connection fully, but also you can ensure the security of your network at all time. When you browse the internet using the Xfinity home network, you are automatically protected by the hotspot encryption system provided by this service provider. This protection ensures that you are browsing the internet safely, and it helps you to stay away from various online threats. Moreover, you get notification whenever a new user signed into your network, preventing any unauthorized access to your home network.


The good thing about Xfinity is that it gives you a lot of options to choose the package that suit your internet usage, meaning that you don’t need to pay more for the services that you don’t use. With this service provider, you also get the full control and security for your WiFi network, meaning that only the devices that you approve can use the home network. Also, it means that you can browse the internet safely and securely, without having to worry about various online threats. With the hotspot areas that are available nationwide, you can also use the same network wherever you go, which gives you convenience and comfort in accessing the internet on the go.

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