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By: Intellimon Ltd. From UK

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Every business needs a website which not only attracts traffic but is also able to convert incoming traffic into clients by presenting ideas in an organized and professional manner. XSitePro is a website design software package using which you can develop a website without having to do the coding.

It is a handy desktop software if you dislike programming or HTML/CSS and like to do things in a simple manner. It eliminates the necessity to go through a long learning curve of website designing that comes with a bundle of features. You can use XSitePro to develop any kind of website.


xSitePro can be only installed in Windows based OSes at this moment. There is no native Mac version available but you can install it on Mac using emulators such as Parellels or VMWare.


XSitePro comes with a fresh look so that you can make a professional website. The data structure of the software gives reliability, scalability and enhanced performance. The interface is user friendly to help you develop websites easily. A single right click gives you the powerful tools and features like Heading Design Wizard, Boxes and Frames Design Wizard, Bullets Design Wizard, AdSense Advertising, Social Netwroking Links, RSS Feeds Wizard, PayPal, Audio and Video Wizard and many more.


XSitePro allows you to work on more than one projects simultaneously. It has a built-in project management feature using which you can have multiple independent projects running at the same time. This feature is especially very handy for the professional  web designers.


XSitePro has a variety of templates that you can use to give your website the look you want. It gives you the option to design different kinds of websites requiring different looks. These templates give your website a unique look. There are 30 menu styles to select from and you can fully customize them as per your preference. You can save your site creation as a new template and publish new websites based on it.

Page Layout Design

The Info bar and the main page header give you more options to change the appearance of your website. You can use the page layout design to make pages that are totally different from the default website design. It is ideal to create thank you, order form and contact us pages. With the added feature of page scheduling you can create content for your website in advance which will be automatically posted on your website on the specified date and time. This way you can auto pilot your website for as long as you want. The software offers an automatic page break feature which breaks up your long web pages for easy navigation.


XSitePro has an automated navigation menu control which you can use to set up your site navigation in an simple manner. It makes creating sub pages straightforward and the visitors will have a responsive navigation. The links manager can be used to create multi level links web pages. You can create custom redirecting pages in just a few seconds.

SEO Analysis

The SEO Analysis tool analyses your website automatically and gives suggestions to improve your optimization for the search engines. It helps your website to get a better rank in the search results and increase your website visibility. With the robot settings tool you can specify which pages to ignore when the search engine spiders crawl through your website.

XSitePro also gives you a page components analysis which breaks down the content and gives you a summary. It also shows your Flesch-Kincaid score indicating how easy to read your content is.

Publishing Tool

You can publish your webpage with just a couple of clicks. A publication notification tells you if your webpage was published successfully. A publishing progress window provides you additional information about the files you uploaded. You can also preview your webpage before publishing it.

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