Test Management Tools

Test management platforms offers testing individual application tests for mobile and desktops. These platforms have built-in features to test various aspects of tests so that developers can provide good quality products to its end users. Below is list of some leading test management products.


Cucumber is a framework used to run automated acceptance test criteria developed in behavior-driven development design.

By: Cucumber
Based on 12 Votes


Cypress is an open-source testing tool utilized by QA engineers and developers who are building modern web applications using JavaScript with the front-end dashboard.

By: Cypress.io, Inc.
Based on 9 Votes


Zephyr is a test management tool supports all level of businesses to increase more productivity.

By: D Software Inc. From USA
Based on 10 Votes

Micro Focus

By: Micro Focus
Based on 114 Votes


By: Ixia
Based on 2 Votes

Beta Testing

BetaTesting is a platform for startups and large-scaled companies to get their software and hardware products tested before releasing them among users.

By: BetaTesting
Based on 11 Votes


TryMyUI is a software testing tool that offers various types of testing services to users and enables them to gain feedback over their product.

By: TryMyUI
Based on 5 Votes

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a cloud based mobile testing platform for all native and hybrid mobile apps with support to all languages.

By: Sauce Labs Inc From USA
Based on 27 Votes

Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is a software testing tool that can simulate immense load on networks and servers to test their load-bearing capacity and measure their operational efficiency.

By: The Apache Software Foundation
Based on 24 Votes


BlazeMeter is a software testing tool that detects performance challenges and fixes them quickly and effectively.

By: Broadcom
Based on 13 Votes


Ranorex is a mobile app testing automation tool that runs automated mobile application tests across multiple real devices and latest operating systems.

By: Ranorex GmbH From Austria


Coverity empowers organizations to have a secure development process. It gives testing...

By: Coverity, Inc. From USA
Based on 24 Votes

test IO

Test IO is a test management software.

By: EPAM Systems, Inc.
Based on 16 Votes


TestPAD is a test management that is a fresh approach to manual testing.

By: Testpad Limited
Based on 3 Votes


Lambda Test is a Software Testing tool that has been helping its users as a cross-browser testing cloud since 2017.

By: Lambda Computing Inc.
Based on 32 Votes


Testing time is a testing website.

By: TestingTime
Based on 1 Vote

Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca is a model-based software testing tool that has been designed to serve DevOps.

By: Tricentis
Based on 18 Votes


Testlio is an app testing framework that allows you to perform managed testing on your apps.

By: Testlio Inc.
Based on 4 Votes


LINQPad is a software used to put up queries to SQL databases.

Based on 15 Votes


Testrail is software helps in quality assurance and development applications. It comprehensively...

By: Gurock Software GmbH From Germany
Based on 27 Votes

Azure DevTest Labs

Azure DevTest Labs provides a platform to developers and testers on teams allowing them to efficiently manage the virtual machines and PaaS resources independently without facing any intrusions and delays in approval.

By: Microsoft
Based on 14 Votes


UserBrain allows testing of websites and prototypes by unbiased testers through personal devices and in their natural environments to obtain real-time feedback on the site map & structure.

By: Userbrain
Based on 26 Votes


The PractiTest helps organization by customizing all testing needs at one platform.

By: H.S. PractiTest Ltd. From Israel
Based on 12 Votes


HipTest helps organizations for automation and manual testing. This is agile testing...

By: Hiptest Inc. From USA


dotCover facilitates .NET unit testing which breaks down the program into small fragments of code and ensures that function returns the user-expected value.

By: JetBrains
Based on 9 Votes


ReQtest is a test management tool that helps testing teams to overcome testing challenges, manage testing priorities and accomplish testing objectives.

By: ReQtest AB From Sweden
Based on 21 Votes


By: Centercode
Based on 34 Votes


SpiraTest helps organizations with test management and bug tracking tools. It executes...

By: Inflectra Corporation From USA
Based on 14 Votes


Qmetry is test management software that helps organizations integration and automation tools for testing processes.

By: InfoStretch Corporation From USA
Based on 2 Votes

SoapUI Pro

SoapUI is one of the world's foremost and widely-used open-source API testing tool.

By: SmartBear
Based on 18 Votes


TestLodge is an Online research case management tool that facilitates to handle project plans, scenarios, and test run with ease.

By: TestLodge
Based on 4 Votes

Test Lodge

Test Lodge is online test tool helps organizations to manage various tests and runs with an ease.

By: Testlodge Limited From UK
Based on 5 Votes


QASymphony is test management app that help organization with all testing methodologies.

By: Qasymphony LLC From USA


QAComplete helps in centralized reporting across various software development phases. It gives...

By: SmartBear Inc. From USA
Based on 5 Votes

Eggplant Functional

eggPlant Functional is a testing tool that helps organizations with automated mobile and desktop UI testing.

By: TestPlant Europe Limited From IK
Based on 2 Votes

Test Collab

Test Collab is case management tool that helps organization managing, executing test.

By: Test Collab From India
Based on 10 Votes

Klaros Testmanagement

Klaros Test Management is a tried and reliable web application for organizing, controling and analysing of all data relating to test activities.

By: verit Informationssysteme GmbH From Germany


Xqual is software that helps organizations with complete life cycle of the products.

By: XQual From France


TestTrack is testing tool that uses agile, waterfall and spiral model to supports lifecycle testing of an organization product.

By: Seapine Software, Inc. From USA

Polarion QA

Polarion QA is management tool that gives unified test management solution to organization.

By: Polarion Software, Inc From USA
Based on 1 Vote

Serplogic Review

By: Serplogic
Based on 1 Vote


By: Split
Based on 2 Votes


Testluf is software test management tools that help organizations with an ease of process of testing.

By: Testuff Ltd. From Israel


The Squaretest plugin for IntelliJ IDEA allows you to automatically generate the boilerplate code required for your Java unit tests.

By: Squaretest LLC

In the software development workflow, testing is a no brainer. In overview, here, you put your codes to the test run, which determines whether your product has met the project requirements and detects any defects or discrepancies, otherwise known as bugs in computer engineering.  While testing in indispensable, it isn’t the end of all. What follows is the need for proper test management. 

Because testing isn’t just about detecting bugs

You’ve got to be on the lookout for bugs and regressions, but simultaneously, you also need to manage other essentials like auditing the test coverage, its execution, and outcome. You need to compare test outcomes and figure out what’s going wrong if the results tell you that you have a new bug. In all such cases, you need the helping hand of a test management tool. 

What is test management?

Look at a test management tool like the CI tool equivalent, just for testings. Instead of controlling builds, you will now be monitoring a testing process with the management tool. It will have all the information regarding the planning and conduction of all testing activities as well as reporting for quality checks. You can decide with the help of test management tools which tests you’d like to keep for manual work and which ones you should automate and reduce unnecessary load. The management tools will also ensure that your software is performing the way it was supposed to, something that is achieved with close monitoring of all testing processes. It will integrate all test resources and report to you any bug detection while also keeping a copy of the report for all outcomes for future reference.         

Overall boosts your productivity

Test management is integral to maximizing the efficiency of your testing. With build version tracking, release transparency, team coordination, etc. taking place simultaneously, you’d need an efficient tool to keep track of all your testings. For distributed teams, this is particularly essential, along with standardizations in the workflow. A test management tool helps achieve that by keeping well-managed lists of all tested and non-tested products, and keeping all project artifacts under one roof so that they are accessible by all stakeholders. They will not only save test results but will also help in documentation of test strategy, creation of defects, planning of executions, liking of stories, among others.   

Your test management is of no good without robust reporting

And it’s quite right. You are probably testing hundreds of codes every day, and your teammates are retesting them tomorrow to check for defects. What good would it be if you cannot even have a comprehensive list which cites all test results? How do you or your teammate understand if the program is performing better than yesterday if you don’t have something to compare it with?  So, your test management tool should come with robust reporting where you can get a complete overview of the testing lifecycle and details of all developer activities. A dashboard and graph are indispensable. There should also be clearly highlighted areas for common test attributes such as cases passed, or skipped, number of automated tests, tests in the queue, etc. 

Automation and integrations will save your day

The whole point of more advanced tools is to make life easier. So, why annually do all testing when you can automate certain cases and reduce the burden on the testing engineers. When you opt for a test management tool, it is desirable functionality that they manage test scripts, schedule tests locally and on remote hosts, while also storing the automation results within its database. Apart from automation, your test management tool needs to be capable of integrating the Continuous Integration tool, bug tracking tool, support desk system, and API support for other custom integrations.

Bonus points for mobile and other support

Not every time will the engineers be at their office desks. They may be at the client location or in some other country altogether, say for a project. Such times necessitate the availability of mobile support for test management tools, just like most other software tools do. The full set of features must be available on both Android and iOS platforms (preferably) so that they can work on the go from their mobile devices without a hitch. Needless to say, your test management vendor’s offering should also involve good customer support. User guides, online forums, FAQs, live chat, etc. are needed so that your team can perform testing operations without any delay, should a problem arise.