Transcription Services

Transcription is an expensive and niche skill-set when people consider benefits, overhead and wages of dedicated transcription sections in companies. This is why most companies prefer outsourcing their transcription requirements. New technologies in the past decade have made things easier for outsourcing. Expert freelancers, web connections, digital recording tools and voice recognition have made transcription outsourcing a reliable option for radiology departments, business entities, law firms, medical practices and many others.

A list of professional transcription service providers you can rely on:



This Edinburgh based company offers professional transcription service with its team of more than 20,000 transcriptionists, editors, and proofreaders.

By: Parker Corporation LP


Scribie is a growing transcription company where people can get good quality transcripts for their interviews, videos, web seminars, meetings, etc.

By: CGBiz Corporation From USA


Transcribe offers accurate, affordable and fast transcriptions services for fulfilling the transcription needs of its clients.

By: CrowdSource Solutions, Inc. From USA
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Transcription Star is a reliable transcription service firm which offers accurate transcription services for all types of videos and audios.

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Rev Transcription

Rev Transcription provides affordable and accurate video and audio transcription at reasonable prices.

By:, Inc. From USA


Speechpad offers professional transcription Services Company which offers guaranteed results to its clients.

By: Speechink, Inc. From USA

3Play Media

3Play Media offers transcription, translation and captioning services along with video search tools and interactive scripts.

By: 3Play Media, Inc From USA
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CastingWords is a leading online transcription company that connects online transcribers with work and clients with expert transcribers.

By: CastingWords LLC From USA


TranscribeMe, a professional language transcription services company makes audio content sharable and searchable through speech to text conversion, fast with the help of its crowdsourced platform.

By: TranscribeMe Inc. From USA
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Way With Words

Way With Words is an established global speech-text solutions & services organization, serving tons of clients worldwide.

By: Way With Words Ltd From UK


SpeakWrite is a technology firm offering digital documentation and human-powered transcription solutions to businesses from different types of industries.

By: SpeakWrite, LLC. From USA

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a leading provider of transcription services in a range of languages, proofreading, editing and interpretation.

By: GMR Transcription Services, Inc. From USA

AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is an established full-service transcription company offering services to customers across the planet.

By: AccuTran Global From Italy

Dragon Professional

Provides an accurate voice-to-text solution for anyone who wants to create their documents quickly for various purposes.

By: Nuance Communications, Inc.

Focus Forward

Focus Forward is a reliable source for open-end coding, digital document, translation and transcription services.

By: Focus Forward, LLC From USA


Tomedes, a well-known name in the localization & translation industry offers unmatched document translation services for international companies and small businesses.

By: DoInspire Ltd From Israel

Cambridge Proofreading

Cambridge Proofreading LLC offer proofreading, transcription and dissertation/thesis editing services. Based in...

By: Cambridge Proofreading LLC From USA

Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink offers translation services, writing services and transcription services which help its customers in sharing their stories.

By: Outskirts, Inc. From USA


Cielo24 offers professionals solutions for optimizing video data and making video searchable.

By: cielo24 Inc. From USA

Prestige Network

Prestige Network offer uniquely human translations for all businesses. With focus on...

By: Prestige Network From United Kingdom


SpeakerText offers reliable transcription services and speeds up the processing time, whilst offering good quality video transcription.

By: CloudFactory Limited From USA

VIVA Transcription

VIVA Transcription is a leading provider of medical transcription. With VIVA in...

By: VIVA Transcription Corporation From USA


Scribe4you offers a complete range of online transcription services across medical, business, general and legal domains.

By: Scribe4you From USA

Amazing Transcript

Amazing Transcript, a reputable transcription service company provides services all 24 hours in a day.



HabileData is a leader in offering one hundred percent reliable human-generated transcripts.

By: Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services From India


TranscriptionPuppy is a professional language transcription service company that helps users who want their digital files transcribed accurately and quickly at affordable rates.

By: From USA


Anytranscription offers professional transcription services for different industries. It offers transcription services...

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Globalization has brought about rapid changes in the last few decades. Organizations have begun to expand their operations beyond countries and are making an effort to reach as many markets as possible. However, executing such expansion strategies also come with their own set of challenges. For one, different markets are built differently. This is primarily due to the socio-economic changes that have taken place in those regions, as well as the cultural values of the people that reside in these regions. The other prominent challenge that organizations face when they enter foreign markets is communication.

New markets, new challenges

Often, organizations find it difficult initially to adapt to new markets, and it is the same with users. Users have this tendency to trust old over new and local brands over foreign brands. It takes a lot of effort and capital to win the trust of users in the new markets. While higher investment in these new markets is definitely crucial to success, the messaging and positioning of the brand is also equally important. Foreign brands can win the trust of local users only when they establish a certain kind of connection with them. For this to happen, the brands have to improve on their communication aspects.

How can transcription help in overcoming these challenges?

And the change in communication strategy has to come at all levels. Services like transcription and translation can go a long way in facilitating this change in strategy. Often the language spoken in the brand’s origin country is quite different from the various markets it caters to. Therefore, brands make use of translation as well as transcription services to improve communication at all levels. While translation helps in switching languages and transcription facilitates by putting everything down on the paper. As professionals working for various organizations, we have to attend multiple meetings, and often the sheer volume of these meetings gets to us. As a result, we end up forgetting the essential issues that were discussed in the conference.

The various other uses of transcription

At times like these, transcription services can come to our rescue. They are an innovative way of keeping a record of the issues that were discussed over the course of the meeting and then further sharing them with the various attendees. Apart from these, they also enable the translation process in a unique. The direct translation of audio in a specific language to text in another language can prove to be daunting for the translator. The process of transcription adds a layer of authenticity to the process and makes it that much smoother.

Winning the content game with transcription

The other important applications of transcription services are that they open up a variety of content opportunities for users. Although video format and other interactive content channels are currently the most popular channels for content consumption, but there is also a group of customers who would instead read content than watch it. Transcription services can prove to be beneficial in serving customers belonging to these categories. Additionally, these services also help brands in serving people with hearing disabilities. Generally, transcription services are provided on a project basis, and the client is charged accordingly.


1. How useful are transcriptions for small and mid-level businesses that serve only local markets?

Their usability depends on the businesses. However, for small and mid-level businesses, the services can be used to understand and document various legal compliance rules and regulations. They can also be used to increase awareness regarding them among several employees working for the business.

2. How do I contact a transcription service provider?

Most leading transcription service providers have a dedicated website wherein they display the various packages they have to offer. The user, based on his requirements as well as the features provided by the service provider, can make a choice.

3. How will the service providers charge me?

Most transcription providers offer a variety of billing options. From billing on a project basis to long-term service contracts, the options are plenty.

4. What do I do if I’m unhappy with the quality of service on offer?

The key to resolving such situations lies in the SLAs. Carefully drafted SLAs go a long way in securing the interests of various stakeholders. In case the SLAs don’t help, try communicating the problem to the service provider and come to a mutual agreement.