VFX Software

Visual Effects are the processes used to create imaginary effects around a live action shot. These effects are used in films and videos to add special effects and motion graphics to various scenes. VFX software enables artists to design effective and stunning effects, 3D animation, graphics and visuals easily using an interactive platform. There are available hundreds of VFX and motion graphical applications used by film and media industry on daily basis. Choose right software that suits your needs and offers compatibility.

Here are some most popular VFX applications used by leading film makers and artists.



Blender is a free, open-source 3D software and VFX application, created, used and managed by thousands of VFX experts, artists, professionals, students, animators, scientists, game artists, and more people around the world.

By: NaN Holding B.V From the Netherlands
Based on 44 Votes


Smoke is a powerful video effects management tool for Mac platform used for creating 3D visual effects.

By: Autodesk Inc. From USA
Based on 11 Votes


Sapphire is a visual effects suite used in various industries including broadcasting, films and advertising.

By: GenArts, Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


Silhouette is a standard visual effects system used in post-production of visual effects and motion graphics.

By: SilhouetteFX, LLC
Based on 2 Votes


Nuke is a powerful node-based editorial, finishing and VFX tool designed to deliver interactive visual effects, animation, 3D, paints and motion graphics.

By: Foundry Visionmongers Limited From UK
Based on 16 Votes


Fusion by Backmagic Design is visual effects (VFX) and motion graphics compositing software used by visual effects artists, motion graphic designers, broadcast media and 3D animators to create and edit interactive VFX applications.

By: Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd. From Australia
Based on 11 Votes


Filmora video editor is used to create powerful videos with a modern and intuitive user interface featured with several designing & editing tools.

By: Wondershare Software From China
Based on 16 Votes


Flame is 3D visual effects software featured with tools for creating interactive visual effects, advanced graphics, conform, visual fx, compositing, color grading and editorials.

By: Autodesk Inc. From USA
Based on 6 Votes

After Effects

After Effects visual effects software is used by many leading industries to create stunning motion graphics and VFX (Visual Effects).

By: Adobe Systems Incorporated From USA


ZBrush from pixologic is a digital sculpting and painting solution used by digital artists to create 3D applications and graphics.

By: Pixologic, Inc. From USA
Based on 25 Votes


Natron is free, open-source, cross-platform nodal and composing software used by studios, artists, developers and scientists to create visual effects.

By: Natron From France
Based on 4 Votes


HitFilm is 3D & VFX and editing software used by filmmakers to design visual effects for their films, music videos and documentaries.

By: FXHOME Limited From UK

Media Composer

Media Composer is professional video and film editing software bundled with hundreds of effects and transitions to enhance the quality of productions.

By: Avid Technology, Inc. From USA
Based on 21 Votes


RealFlow is a professional fluid simulation and 3D software used to recreate ocean, waves, splashes and other fluid effects.

By: Next Limit, S.L. From Spain
Based on 1 Vote

Houdini FX

Houdini FX is a 3D and VFX program used by artists to add powerful 3D animation and visual effects in movies, video games or commercials.

By: Side Effects Software Inc. From Canada


particleIllusion is special effects and animation rendering software used to create water effects, smoke effects, fire effects, cloud effects and animation.

By: GenArts, Inc. From USA

Red Giant Effects Suite

Red Giant Effects Suite is fully-featured VFX software, allowing users to create professional visual effects and motion graphics.

By: Red Giant LLC From USA

SpeedTree Cinema

SpeedTree Cinema is a powerful special effects software system used to create special visual effects and motion graphics in films and videos.

By: IDV, Inc. From USA

MotionStudio 3D

MotionStudio 3D is animation and effect creation software that allows users to make epic movies with custom 3D titles, 3D animation and stunning visual effects.

By: cleverbridge AG From Germany
Based on 16 Votes

SGO Mistika

Mistika from SGO is a powerful vfx and effect rendering suite used for trailers, feature films, commercials, tv episodes, news & sports and other industries.

By: Soluciones Gráficas por Ordenador, S.L. From Spain

Massive Prime

Massive Prime is a complete 3D animation and visual effects solution used for rendering, authoring and directing effects.

By: Massive Software From New Zealand
Based on 2 Votes

Final Effects Complete

Final Effects Complete is VFX software used to create motion graphics, visual effects, 3D particle animations and more.

By: Boris FX Inc. From USA

VFX or visual effects are the stunning and enhancing effects used on live-action shots. Often, there are scenes that are not possible to be filmed, be it due to cost, impracticality, or danger. Examples include clips of fighting in a battlefield of thousands of army, dragons flying, or an outer space floating scene and likewise.

Why You Need VFX Software?

It creates realistic scenes by combining CGI or Computer Generated Imagery with real-world footage. The effects are achieved with the help of various VFX software solutions. From the creation of 3D objects to completely altering the environment, the capabilities of these tools are ever-evolving and ever-advancing.  

Where storytelling meets cutting-edge technology

Thanks to VFX software packages, modern art has embraced newer and more creative forms of storytelling with technology. For instance, take Interstellar, the 2014 Academy Award-winning film for Best Visual Effects, a film whose story wouldn’t have been complete without the accurate on-screen portrayal of a black hole. Without VFX tools, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thus, VFX adds a charm to the cinematic experiences of the viewers. And for VFX artists, this provides an opportunity to be creative under the most challenging and technical-heavy workloads. Working with VFX software tools is about being creative beyond the rule books, sometimes taking every possible bit of human knowledge, from mechanics to astrophysics, coding to photography and drawing, and everything in between and beyond to deliver the final output. 

An integral part of the film-making industry

VFX software has taken the film industry by storm. However, it is to be noted that any VFX software, although it involves post-production work, requires shots to be pre-planned and filmed in particular ways to get the desired results. Special effects such as small explosions, prosthetic makeup, or blank projectiles are mostly shot on camera. In contrast, visual effects are more about using technology to produce scenes that weren’t shot directly. For instance, in the scene where the main character dodges a bullet in the film Matrix, a VFX method called bullet time was used where 122 still cameras were placed to shoot the moment in sequence (filmed in a controlled environment). On the other hand, in match moving, another software-based technique in VFX, computer graphics are inserted into live-action standard camera footage recorded in an uncontrolled environment. So, in any film, a visual effects supervisor strategizes with the director and stays involved in production to simplify the work in post-production with the VFX tools. 

The need to use more than a single VFX software

VFX is a complete process, right from conceptualizing the filming of a shot to editing it for getting the final output that the viewers see. It is a very dynamic landscape where new and more advanced software is flooding the market every day, including the in-house packages of many VFX studios. Creating a great visualized shot often requires mastery of more than just a single VFX software. The VFX workflow or pipeline includes processes such as 2D and 3D modeling, rigging, simulation, 3D motion tracking, composting, rendering, etc. Specific software caters to specific requirements involved in these post-production steps. Today, the immense possibilities of these VFX tools have led to their utility beyond the high-budget blockbuster films for TV commercials, architecture, and even in online brand content creation for digital marketing.