Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who provides technical, social or personal support to their clients remotely, usually from a home office. A virtual assistant is a suitable option if you need someone to handle one or some of your day-to-day tasks. The best part is that clients need not to recruit a full-time assistant, but can hire a VA as and when they need. There are many individuals and agencies providing reliable and cost-effective virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs, businesses and small teams.

Here are some of the most recommended Virtual Assistant Services you can choose from.


Pepper is a Philippines based virtual assistant service that allows companies and entrepreneurs to outsource their work to a team of experts.

By: From Philippines


Byron is an on demand assistant platform designed to give individuals and teams the ability to quickly outsource their busy work to a team of highly qualified US based virtual assistants.

By: Byron From USA


eaHELP virtual assistants are there to offer expert, professional assistant services to clients all over the world for their regular or specific tasks.

By: eaHELP, LLC From USA

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant agency providing cost-effective and reliable assistant services in the US.

By: Fancy Hands Inc. From USA


Zirtual is a virtual assistant service used by individuals, entrepreneurs, small teams, and others to get their tasks done by expert assistants.

By: Zirtual Inc. From USA
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Habilis is a US, UK and India based virtual assistant service that provides assistants to handle jobs for individuals, companies, entrepreneurs, and others.

By: From India

Time etc

Time etc is a US based virtual assistant service that offers highly trained virtual assistants mainly for entrepreneurs to handle their day-to-day tasks.

By: Time etc Limited From UK

Red Butler

Red Butler helps businesses and working professionals ease up their heavy work schedule by passing on some or all of strategic tasks to a team of trained virtual assistants.

By: Red Butler Corp. From USA


AVirtual provides high-quality virtual assistants. Using a dedicated assistant model you get...

By: AVirtual From United Kingdom


AskSunday specializes in dedicated assistant services to help users with their daily or specific tasks.

By: AskSunday LLC From USA


Prialto is a professional virtual assistant service for business executives. They offer...

By: From USA

Virtual Assist USA

Virtual Assist USA is a team of trained virtual assistants that allows businesses and individuals to outsource their work related or personal tasks to be handled by assistants.

By: From USA

Tasks Everyday

Tasks Everyday is a virtual assistant service that offers highly trained and expert assistants to get the tasks done for their clients.

By: Tasks Everyday LLC From USA


TaskBullet is there to ease up the busy work schedule of business professionals and entrepreneurs by providing them trained assistants to handle their side jobs.

By: TaskBullet, LLC From USA


Worldwide101 is an assistant agency providing North America and Europe based virtual assistants to help business people with their professional and personal tasks.

By: Worldwide 101 Ltd From USA


Perssist specializes in remote personal assistants to help users with their day to day or special tasks.

By: Perssist, Inc. From USA

Surplus Hands

Surplus Hands is a professional digital agency specializing in Virtual Assistants, web design and online marketing services.

By: Surplus Hands LLC From USA


LongerDays virtual assistants can work as a part-time employee without actually having to recruit an employee.

By:, LLC From USA

Your Daily Tasks

YourDailyTasks provides highly educated, skilled and trained virtual assistants from India to help businesses and professionals reduce their staffing costs and manage work efficiently.

By: From India

Virtual Helper 247

Virtual Helper 247 is an agency that assigns dedicated assistants to companies, professionals and individuals, who need someone to handle their tasks.

By: Virtual Helper 247 Pty Ltd From Australia

Intelligent Office VA

Intelligent Office virtual assistant handles side tasks and jobs on behalf of entrepreneurs and big companies so that they can focus on their core businesses.

By: Row 4 Communications From USA


Uassist.ME is a team of trained virtual assistants who can help people in the growth of their businesses by sharing or taking over their small and less priority tasks.

By: Uassist.ME From USA

247 Virtual Assistants

247 Virtual Assistants is a remote virtual assistant service that saves time for businesses and working professionals by handling their backend tasks and duties.

By: From USA


Ossisto is a company that provides virtual assistant services for businesses and individuals to help with their day-to-day requirements.

By: Ossisto From United States