VPN Services

Virtual private network services, also known as proxy services offer users to hide their privacy and help anonymously surf on the internet. These services often encrypt your data and also protect your browsing activity. Many leading solutions provide multiple locations across the world and are often used to unblock content which is restricted in certain countries.

Below is a list of leading services available in the market today.


NordVPN is a VPN service that allows unrestricted internet access and complete privacy in your online activities.

By: Tefincom co S.A From Panama
Based on 46 Votes


PureVPN is an easy-to-use VPN service that helps to protect you from cybercrime, speed up your internet connection, access restricted websites, and more.

By: GZ Systems Limited. From Hong Kong
Based on 11 Votes


ExpressVPN is a fast and secure VPN service with instant setup.

By: Express VPN International Ltd.
Based on 13 Votes


OpenVPN gives adaptable VPN solutions to secure your information communications, regardless of whether it is for Internet protection, remote access for representatives, securing IoT, or for systems administration Cloud server farms.

By: OpenVPN
Based on 22 Votes

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield Elite allows you to protect your online privacy and fight censorship.

By: AnchorFree, Inc. From USA
Based on 15 Votes


Psiphon is an open-source project intended to help clients over the globe to dodge censorship and different access limitations.

By: Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto,
Based on 17 Votes


HideMyAss is a top-rated VPN service that allows total privacy and protection for your internet activities.

By: Privax Ltd. From UK
Based on 41 Votes


CyberGhost allows you to protect your only privacy in full speed, with top-level security and anonymity.

By: CyberGhost S.R.L. From Romania


TunnelBear is a simple VPN software that you can use in various devices, including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

By: TunnelBear Inc. From Canada
Based on 30 Votes


Hide.me provides a fast VPN and privacy protection service that secures your Wi-Fi and encrypt your internet activities.

By: eVenture Ltd. From Malaysia
Based on 16 Votes

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access provides a VPN tunnel that allows you to protect your internet privacy and encrypt your connection with anonymous IP address.

By: London Trust Media, Inc. From USA
Based on 21 Votes


ZenMate is a VPN solution that allows you to protect your online activities by simply installing a ZenMate plugin to your browser.

By: ZenGuard GmbH From Germany
Based on 16 Votes


VyprVPN is a secure VPN service that provides internet freedom and privacy for everyone.

By: Golden Frog, GmbH From Switzerland
Based on 37 Votes


PrivateVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider that offers VPN services to users at competitive prices.

By: PrivateVPN
Based on 19 Votes

SoftEther VPN

SoftEther VPN is an open-source VPN developed as a part of a research project at the University of Tsukuba, Japan.

By: SoftEther Project
Based on 6 Votes


TorGuard is an anonymous VPN service with unlimited bandwidth and speed.

By: TorGuard.net.
Based on 4 Votes


By: ProtonMail
Based on 19 Votes


IPVanish provides fast and secure VPN access with all-access pass for various Geo-restricted streaming websites.

By: IPVanish

aruba networks

By: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Based on 5 Votes

Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS Proxy allows you total freedom in browsing the web.

By: Global Stealth Inc. From Seychelles


Getflix allows you to unblock various media streaming websites from anywhere.

By: Cakinberk Telekom Ltd. Sti. From Turkey


Unblock-Us offers a fast VPN technology that works on various devices, including smart TV, streaming boxes, video game consoles, computers, and smartphones.

By: NetProtect Inc. From Barbados


Unlocator is another smart dns vpn service which allows you to unblock streaming services by bypassing the geographical restrictions that are applied by various big streaming services.

By: Linkwork ApS From Denmark


By: SaferVPN
Based on 14 Votes

Astrill VPN

Astrill provides you a virtual private network (VPN) service. This service helps...

By: Astrill
Based on 1 Vote


SurfEasy is a VPN service that provides privacy protection for your devices.

By: SurfEasy, Inc. From Canada
Based on 7 Votes

Norton Secure VPN

The Secure VPN is a virtual private network service by the dependable antivirus and data security provider Norton.

By: Symantec
Based on 15 Votes


Pritunl is a free, open-source VPN client available for various platforms, including Linux, Windows, and macOS.

By: Pritunl
Based on 6 Votes

Speedify VPN

Speedify is a VPN service from Connectify Inc. that aims to provide...

By: Connectify
Based on 16 Votes


Overplay is a high-speed VPN service that allows you to watch country-specific TV streaming services from anywhere.

By: Overplay, Inc


IBVPN is a VPN and SmartDNS service that allows you to block restricted websites.

By: Amplusnet SRL From Romania


Ivacy is a VPN software that ensures you to stay secure.

By: Ivacy
Based on 7 Votes


StrongVPN is a VPN service provider that allows you to unblock any content worldwide.

By: Strong Technology, LLC From USA
Based on 4 Votes


FastestVPN is a VPN service that lets users change their IP and tunnel the device to access the restricted or geography-specific content.

By: FastestVPN
Based on 3 Votes


Provides a simple VPN software and comprehensive protection for your web browsing activity.

By: Windscribe Limited
Based on 13 Votes


ZPN is a free VPN service that offers 10GB/monthly quota for users.

By: Vostok Soft FZC From UAE


Offers you a strong and secure protection for all of your internet traffic, especially from unsecured connections.

Based on 5 Votes

F-Secure Freedome

F-Secure Freedome provides a VPN service that is secure, private, un-tracked, and anonymous.

By: F-Secure Corp. From Finland


SparkLabs’ Viscosity is a cross-platform OpenVPN client that utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide you a secure connection with ease and style.

By: Sparklabs
Based on 1 Vote

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is a market-leading VPN solution provider. Whether you are...

By: KeepSolid
Based on 8 Votes


Spotflux is an advanced VPN service that allows you to surf the internet with peace of mind.

By: Spotflux, Inc. From USA


HideIPVPN is a VPN service that allows you to hide your IP address and unblock any restricted websites.

By: Server Management LLC From USA


MullvadVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider that provides VPNs to users and helps them protect their identity online.

By: Mullvad
Based on 1 Vote


Remote .it is a virtual private network provider that supports applications such as the Internet of things, edge computing, and cloud computing.

By: remote.it
Based on 1 Vote


ZoogTV VPN is a fast and secure VPN service with Free and Premium plans offered.

By: ZoogTV Ltd From Isle of Man


IronSocket provides the ultimate VPN security that unblock internet censorship filter.

By: Pusa and Daga Hong Kong Limited From Hong Kong


Offers a secure internet connection that helps you to browse the internet privately and unblock restricted websites.

By: blackVPN


UnoTelly is a smart DNS only proxy service which allows you to watch TV and stream music without any geographical restrictions.

By: Unovation Inc.


SpyOFF is a good and reliable VPN service that offers the users the complete online privacy and security while browsing the internet.

By: Sareta S.r.l.


IVPN is a virtual private network system suitable for both home users and power users.

Based on 15 Votes

Azire VPN

Azire VPN was founded in 2012, by a Swedish Company, Nessla AB, located in Stockholm, Sweden.

By: Nessla AB
Based on 1 Vote


Blockless is a smart DNS and VPN service that allows you to browse the internet without any restrictions.

By: Blockless Inc. From Canada


CactusVPN allows you to surf the internet anonymously and unblock restricted media websites.

By: CactusVPN.com From Moldova
Based on 3 Votes


WorldOfVPN is a Smart DNS and VPN service provider that strongly believes in Internet freedom, privacy and security without restrictions for everyone! Featuring unrestricted Internet access and complete privacy with a concrete no logging policy and solid encryption technology, members can feel safe and assured that their activities are kept private.

By: World Of VPN From USA

Nowadays, it is too risky for you to connect to public hotspots without any kind of protection. Why is that? That’s because those public hotspots usually use unprotected Wi-Fi connection, which is not good for your online privacy and security. Hackers, the ISP, the governments, and many other third parties might attempt to record and log your online activities. In some instances, they might attempt to steal your online identities and use them for irresponsible purposes. So, how can you prevent this danger from approaching?

This is where you need virtual private network services also called proxy services. Some VPN services even provide malware protection to help protect your online activities from dangerous online threats, such as phishing, spamming, identity thefts, surveillance, and more.

Choose a good VPN service is important, because not all VPN connections provide the security protection that you need. This is especially true with free VPN services, which usually allows you to mask your IP address with only basic security features. They don’t usually provide advanced security for your connection, which is what you need if you want to completely protect your internet activities. How can you choose the best VPN service for your personal and business use? Here are some tips to follow.

Advanced Security Protection

Free VPN services offer only basic security protection for your internet connection. If you are talking about an absolute protection for your online security, you need more than the basic security protection. You need some advanced security features that only good VPN can offer. The advanced security protection features can include malware monitoring, military-grade encryption algorithm, port forwarding, multiple protocol support, and more. Choose the VPN service that provides these advanced protection for you, especially if you plan to use this service for a long time.

Additional Features

Why settle for less if you can have more? With VPN service, there are some good services that offer more than anonymous browsing and masked IP address. Some services offer thousands of global TV streaming channels, and some other services offer free online storage. What you need to do is to think about the value for the money that you place into your VPN investment. If with the same amount of money you can get more features, then you should choose the service that gives you more additional features. This way, you can get more value for your money.

Device Compatibility

Depending on the device that you want to use with your VPN connection, you have to choose a VPN provider that gives a wide-range of device compatibility. If you only use your VPN for your PC or mobile devices, nearly all VPN services can provide such a connection. But, what if you want to use your connection on your gaming console, Linux machines, or any other devices? The answer is that you have to think about the device compatibility when you choose your VPN provider.

Connection Speed and Server Locations

Take a look at the connection speed and server locations offered by the VPN service of your choice. You don’t want to enjoy a VPN connection with reduced connection speed, which many VPN providers do. You also don’t want to use a VPN service that only offers several server locations. Ideally, you want to use a service that provides maximum connection speed, with hundreds of server locations spread around hundreds of countries worldwide. First-party servers would be a plus for you, since they are more reliable.


So, when choosing for a good VPN connection, whether for personal or business use, you have to take a look at four main factors. First, you have to choose the service that offers an advanced security protection for your connection. Second, you should choose the service that gives additional features, which gives better value for your money. Third, you should pick a service that offers multiple device compatibility, ideally not just the compatibility with PC and mobile devices. And fourth, you should use the one that offers the fastest speed, with more server locations available.