Affiliate Tracking Software

Affiliate Tracking Software are used by business owners and online marketers to track and analyze their affiliate marketing campaigns. Affiliate marketing is an online marketing mechanism where affiliates or partners promote a certain website or business for commission or other profits. Both marketers and site owners can make use of a nice affiliate tracking application to manage affiliate referrals, sales and profits. It is crucial to choose tracking software suitable for your particular affiliate marketing needs.

Here are some suggestions for affiliate tracking programs you can choose from.


Kartra is an online business tool that helps you handle all the operations from a single platform.

By: Genesis Digital LLC From USA
Based on 12 Votes


iDevAffiliate is affiliate tracking and management software that is compatible with any device.

By: iDevDirect LLC
Based on 7 Votes


Tune (formerly Mobile App Tracking) provides marketing console for your mobile marketing, with a unified platform.

By: Tune, Inc From USA
Based on 38 Votes


Cake is a tracking and analytics software designed for affiliate marketing networks.

By: Cake, Inc. From USA
Based on 16 Votes


AffiliateWP is an affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress that can be easily installed in any WordPress website or blog.

By: AffiliateWP
Based on 7 Votes


HasOffers is a tracking tool for affiliate marketers, networks, advertisers and buyers to analyze and improve their online and mobile affiliate marketing efforts.

By: Tune, Inc. From USA

We Can Track

WeCanTrack is an essential tool in affiliate marketing which integrates your Google Analytics data with your sales data across Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and others so that you know what is driving the sales and what is down-performing.

By: We Can Track B.V.
Based on 2 Votes


Affiliate marketing is a proven method of getting more sales and Omnistar is a popular application for affiliate marketing management.

By: Omnistar Interactive, LLC From USA


NetRefer affiliate marketing program is fast, professional, scalable and pro-active. NetRefer has...

By: Arnold Media Group From Malta


LinkTrust is online marketing software that allows site owners to track the performance of their ads, sales, affiliates, leads, calls, networks and other marketing efforts.

By: LinkTrust Technologies, LLC From USA
Based on 19 Votes


JROX is affiliate marketing management software that lets online businesses start and manage their own affiliate programs.

By: JROX Technologies, Inc. From USA


AffiliateShop affiliate management solution allows you to build a powerful affiliate network, and is suitable for any industry and online business.

By: SilkRoad technology, inc. From USA


HitPath is a multichannel tracking platform used for affiliate tracking and management.

By: Webapps LLC From USA
Based on 2 Votes

WP Affiliate Manager

WP Affiliate Manager can help users manage an affiliate marketing program for their WordPress sites to increase traffic and sales.

By: WordPress Affiliate Manager


One of the best traffic tracking and management tools for media buyers and affiliate marketers to keep their campaigns profitable.

By: TrackingDesk
Based on 22 Votes


ClickInc is affiliate tracking software for anyone to start an affiliate program.

By: From Canada


DirectTrack is affiliate marketing and tracking platform being used by many affiliate networks and online businesses.

By: Digital River, Inc. From USA

Magic Affiliate

Magic Affiliate is a WordPress plugin aimed at providing professional affiliate management services.

By: Magical Media Group Limited From USA

Affiliate Wiz

Affiliate Wiz is affiliate tracking and marketing software for Windows .net and ASP.Net based platforms.

By:, LLC From USA

Affiliate Program Software Buying Guide

To build a successful affiliate program for your business, you need a good affiliate tracking software that is designed to track every aspect of your affiliate program. Choosing the right affiliate tracking software is not easy, since there are various different tracking software and services being offered at a competitive price. The best rule to follow is to find the program that will cater all your affiliate business needs, while at the same time keep your expense at the minimum.

When you take a look at several affiliate program software online, you will know that the cost of those services are often really expensive. However, each of the pricing plan is usually geared toward the utilization of features that are being offered in such services, meaning that the more features you get from the service, the higher the price for it.

SaaS Vs Self Hosted

Some affiliate program software will not only provide tracking services for your affiliate business, but they will also provide tools for managing your affiliate business as well as promoting it. Some programs also offer different types of pricing, the one being a monthly pricing plan, and the other being one-time pricing plan. Monthly pricing plan means that you will lease the software as Software as a Service (SaaS), which means that you don’t need to install the actual program into your server. On the other hand, one-time pricing often means that you are buying the license of the software, which grants you the rights to install it on your own server.

Easy Customization Option

When it comes to using the right affiliate management program for your business, you don’t want to use the software that is rigid and difficult to customize. Branding is always important for your business, since it will inspire trust in the minds of your customers. Thus, you want to inspire the same trust in the minds of your affiliates by rebranding your dashboard. A good affiliate tracking software will allow you to customize your dashboard and rebrand the logo freely and easily.

Payment Integration

Payment integration is the most important aspect of a good software. The more compatible it is with many available payment processors, the better. A tracking software with only a limited payment integration option will usually get you stuck in the middle, since you cannot flexibly change your payment processor when the need arise. When this happens, you will be forced to switch into another software that will be able to cater your business needs better.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

What you seek most often from an affiliate tracker is the affiliate performance reports. You will always need the performance reports to monitor your affiliates and partners on a regular basis. With these reports, you will be able to see which campaigns are good and profitable, and which campaigns are bad and not profitable. The more detailed the reports, the better it will be for your business, since a detailed report will give you a better picture about your affiliate business. The best affiliate tracking program will provide you with the most detailed reports for your affiliate's performance.

Affiliate Tracking and Management

Obviously the software should come with features for easy affiliate recruitment. Affiliates often hates to fill boring and long forms just to access an affiliate program. At the same time merchants can’t afford to have minimum information about their partners. There are some software which allows affiliates to send email directly for a new promotion or coupon, which can really be a handy feature.

There are several tracking software which allows users to create a redundancy tracking system which don’t just use cookies but also use IPs or sessions and also allows to track more than one affiliates (first affiliate, the second affiliate etc.) for fair tracking.

Customer Support

Working with software which deals primarily with technicality might be easy for you, but sometimes, when there is a technical problem with the software, you want to get it resolved as quickly as possible. Here, the role of customer support for the program is very important. A good affiliate tracking software will be backed with a good customer support to ensure that every user of the software is satisfied with it, and especially, to ensure that each problem will be resolved as soon as it happens by the technical support team. It is also important to note that the support needs to be able to be reached anytime, and it needs to be willing to provide solution promptly.


Choosing the right affiliate tracking program for your business is perhaps difficult and complicated, but as long as you understand the characteristics of the best tracking software, it will become easier for you to pick between many available options. Pricing, program features, and support are the most important considerations to choose the right affiliate marketing program for your business, and moreover, the prompt communication from the support staff should also come into consideration when it comes to choosing the right tracking software for your online business and products.