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1st Domains is a service provider that offers domain names and hosting solutions to the people looking for creating a new website. The users can select unique names for their domain with different extensions as per the nature of the site. 1st Domains provides the best hosting services at affordable costs for the users.

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Top 1st Domains Alternatives and Overview



Your search for the perfect domain name for your business or personal website ends at Hover.

By: Tucows.com Co From Canada
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GoDaddy Domain

GoDaddy is a globally popular domain name registration service that allows users to easily find and register their desired domain names.

By: GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC From USA


Great domain names at the lowest prices and trustworthy service are some of the reasons why people choose LCN over other popular domain registrars.

By: LCN.com Ltd From UK


OnlineNIC is a wholesale domain registration and reseller service that allows you to find and register affordable domain names online.

By: OnlineNIC, Inc. From USA

Melbourne IT

Based in Australia, Melbourne IT is a popular domain service provider that provides domain registration and hosting services to users in Australia and all over the world.

By: Melbourne IT Ltd From Australia
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register365 is a web domain hosting service which offers its customers with limitless tweaking potential through its cPanel system.

By: Register365
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It allows quick and easy search of any domain name with popular generic and country...

By: EuroDNS S.A. From Luxembourg


Users can search, bid, buy, or apply for available domains...

By: SnapNames
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Although it is a UK based company, it offers services globally and allows registrations of...

By: Namesco Limited From UK
Based on 2 Votes


It lets you choose from all popular and new domain extensions, such as .com, .net...

By: Ideegeo Group Limited From New Zealand
Based on 2 Votes


Dotster offers high quality domain registration and website services, including web hosting, web design, email...

By: Dotster, Inc. From USA


It is fast, convenient, and a dedicated service designed for handling large numbers of corporate...

By: HugeDomains
Based on 15 Votes


Unlike most domain managers that use registry-provided conventional backend systems, NameBright's creative team built their...

By: NameBright
Based on 1 Vote


The registrar offers efficient domain registration, transfer and renewal services at effective prices with complete...

By: EIS AG From Switzerland


It also offers free domain parking and privacy with each registered domain name...

By: NameSilo, LLC From USA
Based on 23 Votes

1st Domains Review and Overview

Website is essential for every establishment to create an online presence and expand the business. Building and hosting take up a lot of resources. Budding enterprises require a platform that is cost-effective and reliable at the same time. 1st Domains fulfils both the requirements for hosting a website. The users can transfer their existing domains to 1st Domains for saving cost without compromising with the service and quality. 1st Domains manages thousands of sites for clients with top of the class services and tools. The user can rely on 1st Domains for managing and hosting a website with a unique web address.

Extension that goes with the site

1st Domains offers thousands of extensions to the users to select for their site. An extension can provide a lot of context to the website even before visiting it. Users can choose an extension that is related to their business or organization. 1st Domains has extensions for specific countries or places. Choosing such an extension can help to target a particular section. This feature assists the websites to rank better in search results. The search engine will adequately understand what service the site offers. The domain name will help the website stand out and attract visitors.

Customized emails for companies

Having an email id that has the organization's name makes it look more professional and trustworthy. 1st Domains offers a customized email address for the employees. The users can manage all the business-related operations from the email system created by 1st Domains. It also allows them to acquire personal addresses, too, if required. The mailbox is capable of handling all the emails for the organization irrespective of the volume. It has all the features of a standard mailbox. 1st Domains offers complete safety for the data.

No worries about storage

1st Domains offers unlimited storage for posting and maintaining the content for the website. The users won't have to worry about paying an extra cost for hosting. It allows users to create websites that are rich in content and quality.

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