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Adjust is an attribution and analytics software for apps, which delivers the needed performance data that you can work with. It features flexible tracking URLs, open source SDK, full re-engagement, re-targeting tracking, integrated network partners, 100% privacy compliant, app insights, and more. There are four pricing options available: Basic, Business, Business Pro, Enterprise, and Flat.

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Top Adjust Alternatives and Overview



Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for websites and mobile apps helping over 200,000 businesses of all sizes and industries answer the "whys" behind their users' actions.

By:, s.r.o.
Based on 13 Votes


Amplitude is a mobile analytics platform that includes app and web analytics.

By: Amplitude, Inc From USA
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App Annie

App Annie is an app analytics software that helps you to make better decision for your mobile marketing.

By: The App Annie Europe Limited From USA
Based on 9 Votes


AdX is a mobile application download tracking for Android and iOS platforms.

By: AD-X Ltd From UK


AppsFlyer provides better mobile analytics for better mobile marketing results...

By: AppsFlyer Ltd From Israel
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Mixpanel is an advanced analytics platform designed for mobile and web.

By: Mixpanel, Inc From USA
Based on 12 Votes


It features various tracking parameters, including daily active users, top builds, daily new users, sessions...

By: Crashlytics, Inc From USA
Based on 21 Votes


It features sessions, user profiles, push messaging, events, retention, in-app messaging, funnels, segments, attribution, filters...

By: Char Software, Inc From USA
Based on 10 Votes


It allows you to capture screen recording and track in-app touch interactions, find the right...

By: UXCam Inc From USA
Based on 3 Votes

Google Mobile App Analytics

It allows you to discover relevant users, integrate with Google Play, view traffic sources, get...

By: Google Inc From USA


It features customer measurement, proven precision and reliability, measure retargeting, flexible and customizable platform, faster...

By: Apsalar, Inc From USA
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It features app analytics, multiple platform support, analytics views, multiple data sources, data storage, data...

By: MeLLmo Inc From USA
Based on 4 Votes


It features unlimited data storage, customizable dashboard, core performance metrics, custom events, funnel analysis, cohort...

By: Upsight, Inc From USA


It features user recording, touch Heatmaps, real time in-app analytics, automatic events, crash recordings, low...

By: Shift 6 Ltd From Israel
Based on 10 Votes

Amazon Mobile Analytics

It allows you to optimize user engagement, track key metrics, gain deep insights, improve KPIs...

By: Amazon Web Services, Inc From USA
Based on 10 Votes

Adjust Review and Overview

Adjust is a platform used for mobile marketing. The platform provides organizations with perfect statistics about genuine customers so that they display the right ads to the right users. In this process, it makes sure that it does not boycott any privacy standards and keeps users’ data secure. Adjust has made a significant impact in the market and won the trust of thousands of mobile applications, with some famous names such as – Hotel Tonight, Rakuten Viber, Runtastic, and Zynga.

You adjust only once

Adjust is a one-stop solution for enterprises looking to get digital marketing solutions. Adjust provides them with a lot of features that not only let them track the users but assess the overall situation and devise the perfect marketing strategy accordingly. When it comes to attribution. Adjust ensures that it tracks every available channel and lets users work with the social media partner of their choice, which includes Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and even Twitter.

Moreover, it keeps users informed about the consumers that returned for their services and lets them know about the exact campaigns that pulled the customers back for an organization. Adjust also assists organizations when it comes to Analytics by providing them with automation for analyzing how users interact with their content, aggregate the data in the dashboard to track, and even sync the raw data into their organization’s Business Intelligence.

After going through Analytics, it’s time for organizations to make decisions accordingly, and this is where the Control Centre comes into play. Control Centre lets users decide upon how the marketing budget should be controlled to obtain the best return on investment. It also brings all the marketing actions possible at one place on a dashboard so that users can compare the strategies to take and decide the right one for their organizations at the spot.

Stay popular yet safe

Marketing aims to popularize the product among the masses. Adjust comes with a unique audience targeting feature that lets organizations decide what type of audience they want to target. Options include – the features customers often use, the day they download their apps, or even based on the device they use. The Audience Builder in Adjust also smoothly integrates along with Facebook to capture more audience of the similar type users set in their preferences.

Apart from Marketing, Adjust also takes care of the user data and keeps them aware of spams and bots alongside catching fake installs. These features and security make Adjust a worth trying the app.

Company Information

Company Name: adjust GmbH

Company Address: Saarbr├╝cker Str. 38a, Berlin, Germany

Founded in: 2012

Top Features

  • Tracking Marketing Performance
  • Facebook Marketing Partner
  • Twitter Marketing Partner
  • Flexible Tracking URLs
  • Open Source SDKs
  • Re-engagement & Re-targeting Tracking
  • Third-party Integration
  • Privacy Compliant
  • Real-time Behavior Analytics
  • KPIs & Cohort Analysis
  • Custom Events
  • Data Reporting
  • Exporting Data
  • Forwarding Data
Store Stats
  • Viewing App Ranking
  • App Store Insights
  • User Sentiments Analysis
  • Historical App Data
Fraud Prevention
  • Filtering Anonymous IP
  • Purchase Verification
  • Distribution Modelling
  • Fraud Detection
  • Dashboard & API Access