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Aitarget is a tool for social media advertisements that helps users to launch and manage the advertising campaigns effectively so that they can increase their business productivity on Social Media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Aitarget provides video ads despite static pictures so that users can create more relevant and suitable ads for boosting up their relevance and audience as compared to their competitors.

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  • Crowdfire
  • Iconosquare
  • TailWind
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  • BigBangram
  • Missinglettr
  • socialchamp
  • Engagor
  • Marketing 360
  • Falcon Social
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  • OnlyWire
  • Instagram automation
  • Zalster
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Top Aitarget Alternatives and Overview



Crowdfire is a social media management platform which allows managing multiple social networks including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn Etsy and many more.

By: Crowdfire Inc.
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Used by more than 25000 businesses and individuals, the platforms allows to connect Instagram as well as Facebook marketing solutions.

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Manage your Pintrest and Instagram using Tailwind's platform with features such as Scheduling, Marketing, Reporting and Analytics.

By: BridesView, Inc
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SocialOomph is a social media management that helps to boost your business productivity.

By: 3827992 Canada Inc From Canada
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By: needls.


By: BigBangram


It creates social marketing campaigns for promoting blogs...

By: Missinglettr
Based on 25 Votes


It also acts as a scheduling automation software...

By: AmnaKhatri
Based on 2 Votes


It features fast and smart social media responses, team performance tracking, beautiful analytics and reporting...

By: Engagor NV From USA

Marketing 360

By: Madwire
Based on 45 Votes

Falcon Social

It provides various software solutions, including social media marketing, social customer service, social selling, social...

By: Falcon Social ApS From Denmark


It features smart visual content management, access approved digital content, easy file organization, campaign planning...

By: Maventus Group Inc. From USA
Based on 9 Votes


By using OnlyWire users can post their content in an automated form...

By: OnlyWire
Based on 2 Votes

Instagram automation

You can automate your likes, comments, posts, and direct messages...

By: Instavast
Based on 67 Votes


It uses machine learning algorithms to do all the manual labour...

By: Zalster

Aitarget Review and Overview

Product catalogs of Aitarget allow users to generate video ads with full personalization. Aitarget enables users to create video ads automatically to showcase their goods in a square, horizontal, and vertical formats for attracting consumers and audiences.

Users can create videos with brands, prices, discounts, and other figures from their product's feed with the help of templates.  These are programmed according to the suggestions of facebook and improve the user's work experience with e-Commerce clients.

Unique customized creative solutions

Aitarget minimizes the registration cost for interactive ad formats for Instagram and Facebook. It also allows users to enhance their audience engagement by providing a 360o view of the videos along with dynamic and playable ads. With Aitarget, you can be the first to try the recently added Facebook Ad format, which is not even present in the Facebook Ads manager.

Expert support and assistance

Aitarget offers expertise and advanced solutions to its every user for conducting their ad campaigns. It helps them to evaluate the factors and reasons, which can help them for the promotion of their services and products on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These solutions also help users to select the real purpose of ad campaigns, displays the right strategies at the auctioning of ads, and reply to the queries for no delivery.

Consulting on ad account management

The wide range of business verticals helps users to users to maximize the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. The automated and intuitive tool interface of Aitarget allows users to launch, copy, and control their ad campaigns. Aitarget also enables users to set up the notification alerts for any modifications that can impact the ad performances and automatically disable the ads which are performing poorly.

Company Information

Company Name: Aitarget

Founded in: 2013