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Alooma is a data integration platform that allows you to modify and manipulate data & data sets as per requirement. The software provides novel solutions for data integration, mapping, and migration. Besides, Alooma offers a highly secure environment and ensures complete data privacy. The software empowers data teams to possess full control and visibility over data in real-time. The software architecture contains data ingestion solution, ETL platform, IoT, database replication, and marketing data integration - among others.

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Top Alooma Alternatives
  • Parabola
  • Fivetran
  • AWS Data Pipeline
  • Dexi
  • Blendo
  • AWS Database Migration Service
  • Xplenty
  • Logstash
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Top Alooma Alternatives and Overview



Parabola is automation software that lets you automate daily routine tasks without the need of developers or coders.

By: Parabola
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By: Fivetran
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AWS Data Pipeline

AWS Data Pipeline is a cloud-based solution for the management of data flow from one system to another.

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Dexi is an artificial intelligence-powered data integration suite, and that helps to understand the cost of SKUs, connect to live dashboards and process data and prepare structured data for the web.

By: Dexi
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5, powered by MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, is the go-to software for import and export of data from Salesforce.

By: MuleSoft
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Blendo is a data integration software that delivers analytics-ready data to business intelligence software.

By: Apirise Inc.
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AWS Database Migration Service

AWS Database Migration Service offers smooth transfer of data from one server to another.

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Xplenty is a data integration and assimilation software which enables the user to combine, manage, and interpret data from a variety of sources on one single platform.

By: Xplenty
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Alooma Review and Overview

Alooma, now associated with Google Cloud, is an enterprise-grade cloud solution that helps in integrating, cleaning, enriching, and streaming data from different silos to any data lake or warehouse in real-time. The software's user-friendly data pipeline provides an efficient streaming platform for supporting both low-latency and high-volume data. Moreover, Alooma's enrichment capabilities are flexible in enabling users to prepare data from a source before loading into an application or warehouse.  

Powerful Data Integration

Alooma's powerful data integration engine allows streamlining data to synchronize it with the most popular data sources, including Real-time ETL and BigQuery. Data integrations are especially applicable in transactional databases, SDKs, marketing, and sales. The platform ensures top-notch security as every episode is subject to BigQuery. EU-US Privacy Shield, HIPAA, and Certified SOC2 are the flag bearers of high data protection. Alooma can record and manage changes in data automatically. The software architecture is fault-tolerant, so users never lose track of an event. Also, the software delivers convenient data mapping.

Driving Business Intelligence

Alooma's machine learning toolset can help drive business intelligence for numerous industry verticals. The cloud-based nature enables users to provide a secure, straightforward, and fast way to migrate data to cloud from on-premise storage. The software is in-built with supercharge data ingestion by cleansing errors, collecting data from multiple sources, and deduplicating content. One of the most robust features of Alooma is its data integration tool that can pull raw data from all silos in real-time to deliver valuable insights.

Mapping and Migration

Alooma allows users to migrate data from point A to point b in a hassle-free manner. All one has to do is create input and link it to its destination. Alooma simplifies data migration by eliminating the complexities of guesswork, compliance, unreachable destinations, and data type. The software's pliant state-of-the-art execution allows you to work with the best data pipeline. Moreover, the software simplifies and standardizes data transformation by combining data to a single destination. Also, BigQuery enables efficient data warehousing for thorough insights - be it operational analytics, data science, ad-hoc analytics, or machine learning.

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