App Annie

App Annie

By: The App Annie Europe Limited

App Annie is an app analytics software that helps you to make better decision for your mobile marketing. It features rank history, reviews and feature tracker, App Store Keyword Optimization, download and revenue estimates, app usage estimates, and more. There are four pricing options available: Store Stats, Store Stats Pro, SMB Intelligence, and Enterprise Intelligence.

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Top App Annie Alternatives and Overview



Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for websites and mobile apps helping over 200,000 businesses of all sizes and industries answer the "whys" behind their users' actions.

By:, s.r.o.
Based on 13 Votes


Adjust is an attribution and analytics software for apps, which delivers the needed performance data that you can work with.

By: adjust GmbH From Germany
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Amplitude is a mobile analytics platform that includes app and web analytics.

By: Amplitude, Inc From USA
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AdX is a mobile application download tracking for Android and iOS platforms.

By: AD-X Ltd From UK


AppsFlyer provides better mobile analytics for better mobile marketing results...

By: AppsFlyer Ltd From Israel
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Mixpanel is an advanced analytics platform designed for mobile and web.

By: Mixpanel, Inc From USA
Based on 12 Votes


It features various tracking parameters, including daily active users, top builds, daily new users, sessions...

By: Crashlytics, Inc From USA
Based on 21 Votes


It features sessions, user profiles, push messaging, events, retention, in-app messaging, funnels, segments, attribution, filters...

By: Char Software, Inc From USA
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It allows you to capture screen recording and track in-app touch interactions, find the right...

By: UXCam Inc From USA
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Google Mobile App Analytics

It allows you to discover relevant users, integrate with Google Play, view traffic sources, get...

By: Google Inc From USA


It features customer measurement, proven precision and reliability, measure retargeting, flexible and customizable platform, faster...

By: Apsalar, Inc From USA
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It features app analytics, multiple platform support, analytics views, multiple data sources, data storage, data...

By: MeLLmo Inc From USA
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It features unlimited data storage, customizable dashboard, core performance metrics, custom events, funnel analysis, cohort...

By: Upsight, Inc From USA


It features user recording, touch Heatmaps, real time in-app analytics, automatic events, crash recordings, low...

By: Shift 6 Ltd From Israel
Based on 10 Votes

Amazon Mobile Analytics

It allows you to optimize user engagement, track key metrics, gain deep insights, improve KPIs...

By: Amazon Web Services, Inc From USA
Based on 10 Votes

App Annie Review and Overview

In the past few years, corporations and businesses around the world have started to exhibit an increased focus on mobile marketing channels. The marketing potential that the channel holds is huge and companies have started to explore ways to exploit this potential. One of the ways of harnessing the potential of the channel is by the use of app data platforms like App Annie. The platform provides data from over 350 connectors making it the largest app data provider. 

The three main feature options

The feature options provided by the platform can be broadly classified into three major categories. The first one being intelligence and connectivity and data experience being the second and third. The intelligence features provide market insights that help explore new growth opportunities across new regions and geographies. The insights further help the users get an in-depth understanding of the various app markets and find out new ways to make better use of the medium. The data further assist users in obtaining information about the competitor’s products and use that information to improve their products.

The benefits of a unified view

In plain words, the intelligence features provide insights that help the user gain a competitive edge over peers in the marketplace. The connectivity features provide all the data related to apps. They provide different data points about the app in a single unified view making it possible for the user to gauge the effect of different data points on the app’s performance. The platform is also capable of providing information about different apps from the same publisher in one unified view. Moreover, the data points and the information provided by the platform can be viewed by different team members.

The advantage of accessibility

The data experience features provide priority data access to users giving them a clear advantage over others. Moreover, users can also avail the option of receiving alerts when changes are made to specific apps. Also, the platform offers great interoperability features which make it extremely easy for the user to export data from the platform to a spreadsheet software by the use of a .csv file. Giant corporations like LinkedIn and Pinterest have used App Annie leveraged the power of apps to expand their reach and increase revenues.

Company Information

Company Name: The App Annie Europe Limited

Company Address: 23 Geary Street Suite 800, San Francisco, CA, USA

Founded in: 2010

Top Features

App Stores
  • Ranking History
  • Ratings & Reviews Tracker
  • Application Details
  • AppStore Keyword Optimization
Download & Revenue
  • Apps Daily Downloads
  • Top Applications
  • Top Publishers
  • Market Size
  • Worldwide Estimates
  • Country Breakdown
  • DNA Aggregation
App Usage
  • Active Users
  • Market Penetration
  • Usage Duration
  • Usage Frequency
  • Data Usage
  • User-based Revenue
  • Demographics & Cross-App Usage
Operator & OEM
  • Breakout of Devices
  • Phone Plans Types
  • Mobile Consumption
  • Time-based Data Usage
Data Delivery
  • Web Visualization
  • Restful API Access
  • Advanced Tableau Workbooks
  • File Reports
  • Unlimited Users
  • Daily Delivery Frequency
  • Exporting to CSV