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Appbot is an app review management platform that enables development teams to understand the progress of their application on the global markets and allows them to take the necessary steps to reinforce its rankings. It uses powerful analytical techniques to identify the major problems being talked about in the reviews and make sense of a large number of reviews quickly.

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Top Appbot Alternatives
  • AppTweak
  • SensorTower
  • CleverTap
  • AppFollow
  • Mobile Action
  • Appfigures
  • TheTool
  • SearchMan
  • App Radar
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Top Appbot Alternatives and Overview



AppTweak is an app optimization tool that enables users to track and improve downloads for their apps by providing relevant keywords.

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Understand what it takes to succeed in the mobile app ecosystem with the help of Sensor Tower, a leading solution for all app developers and mobile marketers.

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CleverTap is a software that helps in marketing through mobile...

By: CleverTap
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AppFollow is a platform made for app developers who want their applications to be successful in the long ride to the top lists of their respective app stores.

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Mobile Action

Mobile Action is an App Store Optimization Software that has been helping its users to edit their apps in such a way that it ranks higher in the search results since its inception in 2013.

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AppFigures provides app store analytics designed for iOS and Android developers.

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It is a mobile app analytics tool computes and understands the effect of Mobile App...

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It gives you comprehensive reports on metric data of over six million apps, such as...


App Radar

It inspects the appearance of your app and suggests suitable keywords that help in enhancing...

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Appbot Review and Overview

Every app store has a reviewing and rating feature for apps and games. It can either be the developer's worst nightmare, by pummeling their app to the bottom of the app list with bad ratings, or can be used in the advantage of the developer, by providing them with enough information to make their app the best one in the market. Appbot is a cloud-based platform that allows development teams to choose the latter fate for their apps. With its robust rating and review management solutions, teams can get the information they need about the app, and fast.

A smarter approach to review management

Appbot doesn't think of an app review as merely that, it actually has the processing framework to make out the emotions behind that review. This is achieved by the infusion of AI into flexible sentiment analysis algorithms, and it opens up new avenues in the field of review management. Using the system, developers can see what the exact sentiment behind each review over multiple app stores is. By processing bulks of reviews, the platform can also answer specific questions regarding the majority feedback over a new feature, or the removal of a bug, and focussing on specific issues become possible.

AI and NLP usage for deeper insights

For faster and more accurate results, Appbot uses a text-mining tool running upon an AI-based natural language processing engine. This means that the platform is able to make out important information about the successes and failures of the app by reading the user reviews, just like a human can, except for it being thousands of times faster. The engine actually keeps a track on every keyword and phrase appearing in the review along with the context to form accurate opinions on a particular feature, update, or the application itself. The developer may add their own keywords for searches too.

Keeping track of new reviews

Appbot has a notification system that notifies the developer as soon as the new reviews of their app come streaming in. This allows them to be always at the edge with responses and analytics. Additionally, it can also be added to integrated workflows for automated processing of reviews and responding to the users.

Company Information

Company Name: Appbot

Founded in: 2012