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Ascentis is an HR management software designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of any type of business. It features electronic data transfer, carrier billing, attendance tracking, government reporting, compensation management, organization charting, and more. It offers various HR solutions, including Ascentis HR, Ascentis Payroll, Ascentis Recruiting, Ascentis Timekeeper, Ascentis Talent Management, and Ascentis Self-Service.

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Top Ascentis Alternatives and Overview



By: Breezy HR
Based on 48 Votes


Collage is a software for providing HR solutions to small and medium-sized organizations.

By: Collage
Based on 35 Votes


Workday allows you to unify your finance and HR, so that you can make better decisions for your company.

By: Workday, Inc From USA

Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP or Open ERP is a Human Resource software, offered by Cybrosys Technologies.

By: Cybrosys Technologies


Ceridian’s Powerpay system is a unique payroll and Human Resources (HR) based application that is especially focussed on serving small and medium scale entrepreneurs, businessmen and merchants.

By: Ceridian
Based on 1 Vote


HR-ONE is a fully cloud-powered application created to work as the definitive human resource management system for any size and scale of companies.

By: Uneecops
Based on 13 Votes


The solutions provided include payroll management, time management, HRM and project management solutions...

By: Quikchex Private Limited
Based on 1 Vote

Charlie HR

It ensures only the best employee management for them, ensuring their success in the long...

By: Charlie HR
Based on 21 Votes


The software offers some features including Awesome backup...

By: HR Interventions Ltd. From Ireland
Based on 1 Vote


It provides a host of documentation services, along with employee time-tracking, attendance, and HR analytics...

By: HRdownloads
Based on 13 Votes


It acts as an entire HRM suite and offers multiple capabilities for them to manage...

By: JustLogin
Based on 11 Votes


By: Bernard Health
Based on 4 Votes


It offers various features, such as holiday management, attendance management, HR reports, secure document storage...

By: Myhrtoolkit Limited From UK
Based on 8 Votes


It is available as standalone software on PCs running on Windows and macOS, and can...

By: Rippling
Based on 28 Votes

It is he who has the potential to embed a positive culture at work...

Based on 5 Votes

Ascentis Review and Overview

Ascentis is a 35-year-old company offering a one-stop solution to everything HR. Starting from recruiting to training to employee management, this robust software fulfills all HR needs of a company. The company portfolio consists of some major names such as UPS and Hilton and offers services tailored to the industry.

The Software

The major constituents of the software are Recruiting, Talent Management, Payroll, and Time and Attendance. Each of these constituents has further functions within them, owing to the feature-rich nature of the software.

In the case of Recruiting, the software helps the company track and hire the best candidate for open positions and streamline the employee onboarding process.

For Talent Management, the software can help develop employees by fostering learning, rewarding the right people and providing insightful assessments. Real-time metrics can also be provided to employees to quantify their achievements.

Ascentis also helps simplify the payroll process by providing benefits such as compliance with legal norms, accurate auditing, and on-time tax filing.

The software automates processes such as employee time tracking and leave management, along with providing insights which is information that a company can use to its benefit.

Seamless Integration

Integrating Ascentis’ software into a company’s workflow is a breeze. By design, the software is tailored to the needs of the organizations so that they can pick and choose the desired functions. The software can be easily integrated into existing systems, which eliminates the need to start from scratch. This flexibility also allows the addition of features in the future aiding its upgradability.

Ascentis also provides a team of experienced project managers who would assist the company through each step of the integration process. After taking the requirements of the company, the team at Ascentis would provide their expert guidance and ensure on-time delivery.

Company Information

Company Name: Ascentis Corporation

Company Address: 155 Bovet Rd, Suite 100, San Mateo, CA, USA

Founded in: 1984

Top Features

Human Resources
  • Carrier Billing Reconciliation
  • Electronic Transfer
  • Managing Compensation
  • Federal Compliance Reports
  • Tracking FMLA
  • Charting Organization
  • Managing Benefits
  • Workflow Configuration
  • Automated Employee Correspondence
  • Web-based Applicant Tracking
  • Automated Hire Process
  • Career Portals
  • Social Engagement
  • Analyzing Candidates Data
  • Custom Reporting & Programming
  • API Integration
  • Tax Services
  • Viewing Paystub
  • SSL 256-bit Encryption
  • Real-time Payroll Processing
  • Generating Checks
  • Printing Checks
  • Reporting Wizards
  • Work Schedules Creation
  • Assigning Work Schedules
  • Timesheets Management
  • Time Reporting
  • Requesting Time-off
  • Administrator Portal
  • Viewing Timesheet History
  • Security Profiles Creation
Talent Management
  • Learning & Performance Management
  • Planning Succession
  • 360 Assessment
  • Planning Compensation