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A professional Twitter marketing software that allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, engage with your audience, and monetize them.

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Top Audiense Alternatives
  • Crowdfire
  • Iconosquare
  • TailWind
  • AiGrow
  • Nuvi
  • CinchShare
  • Social Report
  • e-clincher
  • Kontentino
  • Radian6
  • Socinator
  • Oktopost
  • HeyOrca
  • ContentCal
  • LeadsBridge
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Top Audiense Alternatives and Overview



Crowdfire is a social media management platform which allows managing multiple social networks including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn Etsy and many more.

By: Crowdfire Inc.
Based on 24 Votes


Used by more than 25000 businesses and individuals, the platforms allows to connect Instagram as well as Facebook marketing solutions.

Based on 29 Votes


Manage your Pintrest and Instagram using Tailwind's platform with features such as Scheduling, Marketing, Reporting and Analytics.

By: BridesView, Inc
Based on 7 Votes


AiGrow is a platform which provides marketing solutions to the clients along with managing their social media handle.

By: AiGrow
Based on 1 Vote


It is common knowledge that a strong online presence and branding will go a long way in helping any business grow regardless of its nature and scale.

Based on 9 Votes


CinchShare is a platform that assists users in managing social media handles.

By: CinchShare

Social Report

It features project management, message scheduling, daily and weekly digests, social search agents, business reviews...

By: Social Report From USA
Based on 41 Votes


By: eClincher
Based on 20 Votes


With Kontentino, social media handling is neat and clear to all involved...

By: Kontentino
Based on 11 Votes


It features email marketing, marketing automation, campaign management, journey builder, predictive intelligence, data and analytics...

By:, inc From USA


By: Socinator


It features social publishing, social inbox, campaign analytics, content curation, social streams, publishing queue, conversion...

By: Oktopost Technologies, Inc. From Israel
Based on 11 Votes


Unlike a basic media scheduling tool, HeyOcra makes it easy to organize, and handle several...

By: HeyOrca!
Based on 18 Votes


This software helps us efficiently plan and execute our content and it even helps publish...

By: ContentCal
Based on 35 Votes


It offers a wide range of integrations to the clients for fulfilling their requirements...

By: LeadsBridge
Based on 46 Votes

Audiense Review and Overview

When Startups and enterprises start with online marketing they are often found to have an enthusiastic approach. However, the initial enthusiasm is mostly short-lived as many of them fail to realize the desired results.

One reason for this can be the lack of use of an appropriate medium and maybe an ineffective marketing strategy, but the most prominent one is the failure to find the right target audience. Even large corporations and businesses have initially failed to find the right target audience for new product lines.

Features overview

Audience management in itself is a niche that requires the use of proper tools for effective execution. One of the popular tools used by businesses around the world for audience management is Audiense Insights.

Audiense insights offer features like audience identification, audience segmentation, influencer identification, personality insights and media strategy. Audiense’s Audience Manager lets brands identify the right audience for their product by putting together different filters based on over 175 attributes. Audiense’s audience builder is built keeping in mind eight different criteria that include demography relationships, behaviour conversations and twitter profile among others.

Process of audience segmentation

The next step to building a target audience is audience segmentation. Audience segmentation helps identify different groups in the larger group and create marketing communication aimed at these niche groups.

Audience segmentation is very effective because of features such as intelligent segmenting, accounting for major affinities, eliminating false positives and multi-faceted intelligence. Influencer identification is another major feature offered by Audiense Insights. It lets brands find and collaborate with influencers around the world.

Influencer identification

The search methodology is based on trends emerging from influencer’s public activity, social data based on interests, demographics and preferences and a few other factors. Personality insights is a powerful tool to identify the psychological inclinations of the target group. It gives a better understanding of the customer’s personality and what factors will determine his buying decisions. This further facilitates in creating content that is better suited for the target audience.

Resource optimization

Resource optimization has always been a crucial aspect of marketing campaigns and media strategy is an important tool for resource optimization. Media strategy can be factored down into a three-fold approach.

It begins with understanding the audience, their preferences and behaviour followed by creating content that is desired by them and delivering it through a medium they prefer. And finally ended by deriving actionable insights based on data recorded across various measurement metrics.

Company Information

Company Name: Audiense