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Audiense Connect is a Twitter marketing software provided by Social Bro Limited, a software company based in London, United Kingdom. The service was launched in 2011, and it has the secondary office located in Cordoba, Spain. The main function of the software is to help the users to manage and analyze their Twitter community, as well as turn their interactions into profit.

Best Time to Tweet

Audiense Connect helps the track the activities of your Twitter followers, and it gives recommendations to post your tweet at the right time. In this way, your Twitter tweets can be read by your audience, and you can ensure to get the best response from them. You can also match your tweet time with the time when your audience is online, so that you can get an instant response from them, which can lead to better communication on Twitter. The software also allows you to get in-depth information regarding your audience, so that you can interact with them effectively.

Twitter Dashboard

The Twitter dashboard provides various tools for you to create a better engagement with your followers. The dashboard displays the information regarding your Twitter contacts, as well as allows you to analyze your Twitter marketing activities. With the Twitter dashboard, you can see various reports in one place, and it gives valuable data such as new followers, influential people, and more. It also provides the audience insight feature, which gives complete stats about your Twitter community. This allows you to target specific audience within your Twitter community in order to monetize them more effectively.

Competitor Tracking

This is a unique feature provided by Audiense Connect, which allows you to track your competitors by comparing their accounts with yours. In this way, you can monitor the strategy of your competitors and change your Twitter marketing strategy accordingly. This allows you to see the improvements of your Twitter marketing campaign from time to time. Aside from that, you can also find and identify the influencers within your Twitter community, so that you can focus your efforts on creating good communication with them. By using the influencers, you can quickly spread the word about your business easily.

Direct Message Campaign

You can integrate this software with Bitly, which helps to track the clicks on your links. With Bitly, you can launch a direct message campaign for your business and analyze your result immediately. You can target your DM campaign, according to your preferences before sending your promotional message to your audience. This feature can be helpful if you want to let your followers know about your new product launch, PR news, events, and other important information.

Notes and Tags

This feature allows you to use a simple CRM tool to personalize the relationship between you and your customers. With this feature, you can keep track of important Twitter contacts and keep them engaged with you. You can also use this tool to keep the information regarding your customer inquiries, and answer their questions immediately. This tool allows segmentation and organization of your Twitter communities to ensure an easier communication with them.


Audiense Connect is a professional Twitter management software that is trusted by Twitter itself, which means that this software is already approved by Twitter to be used in your Twitter marketing campaign. It allows you to trust this software more than any other Twitter marketing software. With a free plan available, you can always try this software for free, before moving into the paid plan which allows you to manage more accounts in one platform. This software is suitable to be used by all types of users, such as individuals, small businesses, agencies, and enterprises.

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