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Big Nerd Ranch

By: Big Nerd Ranch, LLC

Big Nerd Ranch designs as well as builds ground-breaking apps, whilst teaching developers for doing the same thing through its immersive training and books. It specializes in expert instruction and client application development from expert designers and developers from the industry. It offers boot camp and online training courses. It provides an unparalleled expertise in a broad range of courses on iOS, mobile design, Android, Python and many other technologies.

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Top Big Nerd Ranch Alternatives and Overview



DMI is a leading end-to-end software development company which offers a broad range of solutions that include app development, Big Data insights, Cyber security solutions, Omni Channel commerce, Infrastructure services, web development, brand marketing, mobility strategy and UX design services to organizations.

By: Digital Management, Inc. From USA


ini is a shopping list maker application with synchronization and sharing features that are making family shopping easier.

By: Guava, LLC From Russian Federation


Established in 2010, Brevity Software Solutions is a mobile app development company in India specializing in Android, iOS and web application development.

By: Brevity Software Solutions From India


iPrism Technologies US base Web and Mobile Apps Design Company with development center is India.

By: iPrism Technologies Inc From India
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MobiRoller is a cloud-based, do-it-yourself style app maker which allow people to make mobile apps without any coding.

By: MobiRoller A.S From Turkey
Based on 8 Votes


Appinventiv is a global software development company that focuses on delivering high quality apps for generating value and growth for its clients.

By: AppInventiv Technologies From India


It helps businesses that need assistance in devising solid strategies and implementing the same successfully...

By: QBurst From India


It builds infrastructure and applications by letting the clients work with its engineering team for...

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It stands as one of the tried-and true application development companies that have been breathing...

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It successfully delivers delivering customized application development and php projects for businesses from different verticals...

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It helps companies by building enterprise-strength and commercial-grade software for them...

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It serves global businesses and building clients’ trust by focusing on delivering apps within the...

By: Mobiloitte Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. From India

Y Media Labs

It helps companies by designing, developing and marketing mobile apps which are tailor-made for exceeding...

By: Y Media Labs, Inc. From USA


It stands as the right engagement model for innovative organizations and entrepreneurs...

By: Appster From Australia


It creates applications for Android, Windows, HTML5, iPhone, BlackBerry and iPad devices...

By: ArcTouch Inc. From USA

Big Nerd Ranch Review and Overview

The product of your company is an asset that keeps your company moving forward. It takes a lot of time, intuitive ideas, proper collaboration among team members, apt dedication to the product’s development, optimal utilization of resources and much more to create a fine product.

However, it may happen sometimes that things do not fall in the right place. Even a single mistake can prove to be too heavy to handle. In such situations, Big Nerd Ranch is the perfect solution for your problem. We can efficiently handle major parts of your entire product lifecycle, without making a single mistake.

The service we offer

If you partner with us, we initially scan thoroughly through your project plan in order to find and fix pitfalls in it. Next, we estimate its future impact on the market and give you valuable suggestions. By partnering with us, you can assure that your task is completed with the nicest possible finesse.

Launching a digital product in the market requires innovative strategies and is not at all an easy task. Big Nerd Ranch helps your digital product to make a good name in the market.

The factors which make us different

Unlike others, we not only help you in developing your product but also provide you with knowledge of industry-leading practices along our journey. You are free to use or resources during the term of our partnership. Our aim is to have a deep concept of the Human Capital Management of your company and to optimize and resolve your issues along the way.

When you choose our services, you get services from one of our committed, experienced specialists who are always eager to optimize your digital product. We value your dreams and can go to the farthest possible extent to make it a reality.

Company Information

Company Name: Big Nerd Ranch, LLC

Company Address: 200 Arizona Ave, Atlanta, GA, USA

Founded in: 2001

Top Features

  • Ground-Breaking Apps Builder
  • Client Application Development
  • Expert Designers & Developers
  • Online Training Courses
  • Cutting-Edge Development
  • End-To-End Mobile Solutions
  • Easy-To-Navigate Solutions
  • Agile Development Process
  • Implementation Process & Design
  • Interaction Design & Technology
  • Best-In-Class Android Development
  • On-Site Corporate Training
  • Backend Web Courses
  • Python Programming Techniques
  • Data Processing & Intergrating
  • Event Delegation Pattern
  • Real-Time Chat Application
  • Event Callback Functions
  • Advanced Routing System
  • Interaction Design Principles
  • Validate Design Decisions
  • Approachable Usability Testing
  • Front-End Web Development
Web Site Presence
  • Responsive Web Design