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SavvyApps, one of the pioneers in mobile software development with expert mobile app developers offers professional Android and iOS app development services to businesses. It provides mobile development and design services to startups and several global brands. It is well-known for providing extremely satisfying app experiences to different types of industries. SavvyApps, with its expertise and knowledge helps organizations to be successful in the highly competitive apps marketplace.

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Top SavvyApps Alternatives
  • DMI
  • ini
  • Brevity
  • Mobiloitte
  • Y Media Labs
  • Appster
  • ArcTouch
  • IntellectSoft
  • Yalantis
  • Peerbits
  • Blue Rocket
  • Yudiz
  • Waracle
  • Mobidev
  • SourceBits
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Top SavvyApps Alternatives and Overview



DMI is a leading end-to-end software development company which offers a broad range of solutions that include app development, Big Data insights, Cyber security solutions, Omni Channel commerce, Infrastructure services, web development, brand marketing, mobility strategy and UX design services to organizations.

By: Digital Management, Inc. From USA


ini is a shopping list maker application with synchronization and sharing features that are making family shopping easier.

By: Guava, LLC From Russian Federation


Established in 2010, Brevity Software Solutions is a mobile app development company in India specializing in Android, iOS and web application development.

By: Brevity Software Solutions From India


Mobiloitte provides custom app development services for iPad, iPhone, Titanium, Android, RoR and WordPress platform.

By: Mobiloitte Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. From India

Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs, a software consulting agency empowers new businesses and established brands through astonishing mobile solutions.

By: Y Media Labs, Inc. From USA


Appster is an application development firms that develops web, wearable and mobile applications for public figures, enterprises and startups.

By: Appster From Australia


It creates applications for Android, Windows, HTML5, iPhone, BlackBerry and iPad devices...

By: ArcTouch Inc. From USA


It offers full-scalable development solutions with offices in various locations...

By: Intellectsoft LTD From USA


The company focuses on developing graphic, video and audio functionalities for Android and iOS devices...

By: Yalantis From Ukraine


It has a robust of knowledgeable and experienced IT experts...

By: Peer Bits Solution From India

Blue Rocket

It offers services such as mobile design and visions through its mobile apps development team...

By: Blue Rocket, Inc. From USA


It has great experience and expertise in designing websites and mobile applications with which it...

By: Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. From USA


It has a unique blend of multi-platform skills including Android, Windows, HTML 5 and iOS...

By: Waracle Ltd. From UK


It is an apps development firm that work for startups and software companies across the...

By: MobiDev Corporation From USA


With its energetic, fun, interactive and collaborative app designing process, it provides businesses with animations...

By: Sourcebits, Inc. From USA

SavvyApps Review and Overview

Savvy is a creative solution that empowers organizations and brands to design, develop, and enhance their assets and products. They provide solutions for different domains like iOS, Android, Branding, DTC, Enterprise, IoT, and many others.

Unparalleled Strategy

The dedicated product managers represent the designers and developers to deliver the best results to the clients. They analyze the competition in the uncontested market space by directly communicating with the existing or prospective users of the app, and by employing strategy canvas, user legends, raw results from questions and surveys. They perform effective “Product kickstart” by working on branding, user experience, and interface design. The client may use the typical investor question set and a keynote template to tackle the investors easily.

Design & Development

User requirements research is carried out before building the app. Based on the research results, concept testing is done to create a feature set to drive all the product and business goals. The testing determines whether the app is up to the expectations. The user-centered effortless workflow is delivered to users by employing a well-executed experience design. After designing, user testing is framed to evaluate and validate every feature in the app and to resolve any potential issues. Various development frameworks like Vue.js, Fire4base, Estimote Beacon, and others are used to build apps for Android and iOS environments.

Marketing, a game-changer

Savvy provides a well-planned marketing strategy that includes best practices on landing pages, app store optimization, referral marketing, and paid media. The app store listings increase discoverability. Once the app is live in stores, extensive keyword research and A/B testing are done to optimize the visibility and customer conversion. Specific push notifications can be set up based on geolocation, timing, and new content to maximize engagement, and the application analytics help in measuring user satisfaction, user acquisition, and overall app performance.

Company Information

Company Name: Savvy Apps, LLC

Company Address: 1850 Centennial Park Dr. Suite 100, Reston, VA, USA

Founded in: 2009

Top Features

  • Mobile Software Development
  • Satisfying App Experiences
  • Highly Competitive Apps
  • Initial Product Discussions
  • Cutting-Edge Startups
  • Industry-Leading Apps
  • Technically-Focused Organization
  • Extensive Setting Process
  • Existing Code & Data
  • Data-Driven Dashboard
  • Bright-Colored Graphs
  • Essential User-Specific Statistics
  • Visual Interface Design
  • Influential App Sites
  • Employee Engagement Platform
  • Final Design Direction
  • Simple logistics System
  • Flexible Product System
  • Highly Scalable System
  • Cloud-Based Management
  • Secure Checkouts Options
  • High Quality Communication
  • Multinational Computer Technology