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Brandfolder provides simplified brand asset management that is easy to update and easy to share. It features bulk upload assets, grouping and tagging, visual platform, permission settings, private folder, user access level, additional privacy options, custom URL, public folder, and more. It can be used by individuals, freelance designers, small to medium businesses, and enterprises.

From: USA
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Top Brandfolder Alternatives
  • Libris
  • Canto
  • foap
  • NetX
  • Frontify
  • Nuxeo
  • Asset Bank
  • Extensis
  • Adstream
  • Webdam
  • Smartimage
  • Wiredrive
  • ImageRelay
  • MediaValet
  • ResourceSpace
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Top Brandfolder Alternatives and Overview



Libris is a cloud-based digital resource management tool for organizations across various businesses.

By: PhotoShelter
Based on 23 Votes


Canto provides digital asset management solutions that help to protect your branded content and work smarter.

By: Canto, Inc From USA
Based on 38 Votes


foap is an application specially designed for creative professionals. The...

By: foap
Based on 20 Votes


NetX is a digital agency for web development. It works...

By: NetX
Based on 20 Votes


Frontify provides all the essentials that one needs to not only manage their digital assets but also grow them.

By: Frontify AG
Based on 25 Votes


Nuxeo provides digital asset management solutions that can adapt to your business environment.

From USA

Asset Bank

It features easy file uploads, automatic file preview, easy asset search, powerful download options, multiple...

From UK
Based on 37 Votes


It features modular system, scalable capacity, on-site or in the cloud utilization, smart millisecond search...

By: Celartem, Inc From USA


It helps them in managing the files and suggests ways to make your ad campaign...

By: Adstream
Based on 2 Votes


It features batch upload, comprehensive format support, intuitive folder trees, version control, multimedia management, image...

From USA
Based on 13 Votes


It features searching, filter through files, auto file conversions, auto-map metadata, batch edit, public portal...

By: Widen Enterprises, Inc From USA


It allows businesses to collaborate services and manage media efficiently...

Based on 2 Votes


It features unlimited users, granular control, scalable storage, Flipbook PDF, HTML5 video, keyword power, asset...

By: Image Relay, LLC From USA


It features a single media library, global network, full control of all assets, multi-tenant environment...

By: MediaValet Inc From Canada
Based on 11 Votes


It features a web-based platform, quick and easy search, team collaboration, auto preview and convert...

By: Montala Limited
Based on 14 Votes

Brandfolder Review and Overview

Corporations and multinational (MNCs) giants operate in a number of different geographies and hence have their marketing, branding and design teams spread across different offices. However, the branding and design of the corporations and MNCs needs to remain consistent and hence a lot of resource sharing takes place between offices.

The resource sharing becomes overwhelming when the resources to be shared increase both in size and number. This leads to a lot of unnecessary delay in processes and to avoid this MNCs use asset management platforms like Brand folder.

What is a Brand Folder?

Brand folder is typically an online database of creatives, designs, marketing blueprint and other branding material created by its users. The extensive feature list includes features such as organization & curation, Branded look and feel, management tools, privacy & security features, creative tools management and Insights.

Users can create, store, organize and share unlimited files and other users including both internal and external can add files. All types of files including audio, video, text and image files built across different formats are accepted.

Customization options

The platform can be easily customized according to the look and feel of the brand. The customization helps in maintaining the brand image internally as well as externally. Organization and curation features are well built and help discover the assets easily with minimal effort which leads to better-paced workflows across teams.

Furthermore, features like AI image recognition, automated metadata extraction, suggested searching and filtering help the user in getting to the desired file quickly. Power tools like bulk tagging, bulk move, bulk merge and duplicate detection help in optimizing the platform.

Additional features

Some of the other features include options such as file format converter, advanced video editor, bulk asset editing and resize attachments. Users share a lot of sensitive data across asset management platforms like these and hence the security and privacy features have to be perfectly in place.

Brand Folder understands this and has put all the security apparatus in place. Users can rest assured that their data is completely secure. In addition to this, it also offers other access control features which allow companies to share assets selectively with internal and external sources.

Company Information

Company Name: Brandfolder, Inc

Company Address: 3461 Ringsby Court #245, Denver, CO, USA

Founded in: 2012