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Brown Paper Tickets is an organization that works in the area of ticket management. The company provides services to organizers who host ticketed events. Brown Paper Tickets makes sure that the organizers sell the tickets cheaper than those offered by larger ticket organizations.

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Top Brown Paper Tickets Alternatives and Overview



Evite is a digital event management and invitation application with premium and free plans.

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Splash provides custom event website, event check-in, and invitation platform for your event marketing and promotion.

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The Universe is a powerful, on-request social ticketing tool that permits event coordinators to advance business, sell events tickets on the web, and deal with every online event.

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Events Manager

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Tix is an online ticketing tool that simplifies ticketing for event organizers by providing a number of options.

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Cvent provides online event registration, event management, and web survey tools, with end-to-end platform for group business success.

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It features mobile agenda, surveys and polling, networking for attendee, multiple events in one app...

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It includes app-based and physical access control devices along with a site maker that will...

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It approaches the marketing differently and allows all organizers to integrate their ticketing service with...

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Etix is a web-based working system...

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It features agenda, comment and rating, maps, links, sponsors, offline information storage, profiles, business card...

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Brown Paper Tickets Review and Overview

To sell the tickets with the help of the tools available with Brown Paper Tickets, you need to provide details about your event. In the case of paid events, you don’t need to pay anything, but the attendee has to pay a pre-decided amount.

Selling of the Ticket

The attendee gets the option of getting print-home tickets, will-call tickets, mobile tickets, print at home tickets, or physical tickets. In the case of free events, neither you nor the attendee has to pay anything. In case of donation events, Brown Paper Tickets charge nothing from you or the contributors. The collection of the payment can be done by making use of the credit card processing feature of Brown Paper Tickets.

Event Creation and Management

Brown Paper Tickets contains all the relevant and essential tools for creating ticketed events. You can create and edit the event with the help of these tools. This software system provides you with real-time statistics about your ticket inventory. You get the facility of adding any specific or additional questions with the purchase process. The software gives you the contact details of the buyers of the tickets. The addition of the donation collection facility to the ticket sales can also be done here. You can add images and specific videos to make the event look much attractive.

Why use Brown Paper Tickets

The ticket widget of Brown paper Tickets allows the buyers to purchase the tickets from your website. The two-step checkout process makes it easy and fast for the buyers to buy the tickets. The mailing list of this software contains a vast catalog of buyers that, in turn, helps your event reach an entirely new audience. The software has the facility of enabling automatic last-minute discounts that helps in filling the last few seats.

With the help of Brown Paper Tickets, you can facilitate your buyer by providing him his ticket on his mobile device. The transfer-to-a-friend tool of this software allows the buyer to send tickets to his friends. The mobile app of this software has a location-aware feature that helps ticket buyers in finding your event. Your fans can promote your events on various social media platforms.

Company Information

Company Name: Brown Paper Tickets

Founded in: 2000