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bubbl.us is used by schools, businesses and universities to create colorful mind maps online for brainstorming and generation of ideas. The software also allows printing and sharing of mind maps. bubbl.us can also be used to create idea maps for presentations, to organize thoughts and plan out goals. The software is available to be used online as well as through mobile apps. Backups, multiple formats and sharing are some other features.

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  • Inspiration
  • XMind
  • MindMeister
  • Coggle
  • Mindomo
  • Popplet
  • MindMup
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Top Bubbl.us Alternatives and Overview



Inspiration is a graphic tool used to create mind maps, diagrams, map views, presentations, and much more.

By: Inspiration Software, Inc. From USA


XMind is used by thousands of people to mind interactive maps to manage and simplify complex projects and to get the work organized.

By: XMind Ltd. From Hong Kong
Based on 10 Votes


MindMeister is simple and intuitive mind mapping software used by people at schools, businesses and homes to mind maps for plans & strategies.

By: MeisterLabs GmbH From Germany
Based on 11 Votes


Coggle is high-level mind mapping software used to build simple and complex mind maps to simplify complex things.

By: CoggleIt Limited From UK
Based on 32 Votes


Mindomo mind mapping software allows users to create online mind maps and to share them with other users working on the same idea or project.

By: Expert Software Applications srl From Romania
Based on 28 Votes


Popplet is a mind mapping tool used by organizations and individuals to manage and generate ideas.

By: notion, inc. From USA
Based on 16 Votes


The platform is very intuitive and can be used by anyone to mind maps of...

By: Sauf Pompiers Ltd From UK
Based on 8 Votes


Many tools and features of MindManager enables user to mind interactive maps based on ideas...

By: Mindjet LLC From USA
Based on 10 Votes


It is suitable for students, professionals, artists, and anyone else looking for a tool to...

By: IdeasOnCanvas GmbH From Austria
Based on 15 Votes


Users can capture ideas and notes anywhere, manage and develop these ideas in a visualize...

By: OpenGenius Limited From UK
Based on 23 Votes


The dashboard is like a text editor where users can write down notes anywhere on...

By: Literature & Latte Ltd. From UK
Based on 1 Vote


Its MS Office integration feature allows users to import & export data easily between MS...

By: MatchWare Inc. From USA


It supports online brainstorming and collaboration between multiple users situated remotely...

By: Edistorm Inc. From Canada
Based on 23 Votes


It is a simple to use, web based platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime...

By: The Buzan Organisation, Ltd. From Argentina
Based on 8 Votes


The software allows users to take notes of ideas as soon as they come in...

By: TheBrain Technologies LP From USA

Bubbl.us Review and Overview

It is often said that an idea can come from just about anywhere. Yes, that is true, but to put that idea into words and finally into action, requires diligent effort. Systematic thinking coupled with modern processing methods helps bring ideas to life and bring about change. Mind mapping is one of those systematic thinking approaches used to develop and hone ideas.

Benefits of mind mapping

Mind mapping has several benefits. One of the major ones among them is that it brings about a great level of clarity into the thought process. It helps in structuring the available information, which in turn helps in making better decisions. The other benefits of mind mapping are better retention and creative collaboration. Since mind mapping makes use of lines, figures, shapes, and colors, the overall retention capacity of the mind is greatly enhanced.

The digital avatar of mind mapping

Mind mapping also aids in better creative collaboration among creators as the communication of ideas become more effective. The process or the concept of mind mapping isn’t new and has been in practice for several years. However, with the emergence of digital tools like Bubbl.us it has become more intuitive and dynamic. Bubbl.us helps people in developing their ideas by offering options such as notes, presentation tools, sharing tools, and other editing tools. Additionally, the users can access the tool both on desktop as well as mobile without the need of installing an app.

An approach useful for people of all professions

Mind mapping is helpful to people of all professions. For instance, managers can use it to keep track of tasks and prepare reports while teachers can use it to explain crucial concepts lucidly and even business owners can make use of it to make objective and outcome-based decisions. The tool is offered in three packages namely basic, premium and team. The basic package is free while the premium and team packages come with a 30-day free trial.

Company Information

Company Name: LKCollab, LLC

Company Address: PO BOX 17031, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Founded in: 2005

Top Features

Core Features
  • Mind Map Creation
  • Bubbles Creation
  • Control Bubbles
  • Text Formatting
  • Saving Work
  • Sharing Links
  • Saving as Image
  • Unlimited Mind Maps
  • Attaching Images & Files
  • Brand-free Mind Map
  • Custom Branding
  • Backup Creation
  • Priority Supported