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BugHerd is a complete bug tracker platform designed to handle project issues and bugs based on client feedback. The software enables clients to keep track of the live project and report issues in real-time by making annotations. These issues are then sent to the concerned team or developer with complete details needed to fix the problem. Its key features include single click issue reporting and feedback, easy filtering and sorting through bugs, integration with existing tools and more.

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Top BugHerd Alternatives
  • JIRA
  • Clickup
  • Lighthouse
  • Fiddler
  • Sentry
  • Honeycomb
  • dotPeek
  • WhiteSource
  • Instabug
  • FogBugz
  • MantisBT
  • BugNET
  • TrackJS
  • Bugly
  • DoneDone
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Top BugHerd Alternatives and Overview



JIRA is project issue and bug tracking software designed by Atlassian that allows software teams and programmers to identify and track bugs and other issues in an ongoing project.

By: Atlassian Pty Ltd From Australia
Based on 761 Votes


ClickUp is a versatile and powerful productivity and bug tracking tool that offers a centralized work hub for teams.

By: Clickup


Lighthouse issue and bug tracking system helps developers and programmers keep track of their project development and issues generated.

By: Entp From USA
Based on 2 Votes


Fiddler is a network analysis and debugger proxy used for logging the internet traffic between the computer and the internet.

By: Progress
Based on 5 Votes


By: Functional Software, Inc.
Based on 47 Votes


An industry-leading bug tracking software and DevOps suite, Honeycomb ensures faster resolution of code errors and ensure optimal code quality.

By: Honeycomb.io
Based on 1 Vote


Multiple formats are browsable, and the final code is exportable to the Visual Studio projects...

By: JetBrains
Based on 18 Votes


The service integrates with the DevOps pipeline to identify vulnerable open source libraries in real-time...

By: WhiteSource From Israel
Based on 5 Votes


It equips app developers with comprehensive crash reporting and bug reporting tools with data received...

By: Instabug
Based on 5 Votes


FogBugz makes sure that your product is developed within the time frame and is bug...

By: Fog Creek Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 22 Votes


The software also lets the development team manage their projects with an effective collaboration with...

By: MantisBT Team
Based on 11 Votes


Built on powerful Microsoft Server platforms and featured with ASP.NET framework and SQL Server, BugNET...

By: BugNET Project From Canada
Based on 1 Vote


For all the times you wished for a comprehensive solution that would help you understand...

By: TrackJS
Based on 6 Votes


By: Tencent
Based on 10 Votes


It removes the needs of managing multiple spreadsheets, notes and emails with project and issue...

By: DoneDone, LLC. From USA
Based on 41 Votes

BugHerd Review and Overview

Downtimes can significantly affect the revenues of businesses. In 2017, a downtime cost delta airlines $150 million and resulted in the cancellation of 280 flights. Downtimes can occur for various reasons such as server failures, storage failures, technical errors and human errors.

With the ever-growing volume of sales coming from online channels, it has become very important for businesses to ensure that these online channels are always up and running, with minimum downtime. It has been observed that a fair number of these downtimes have resulted due to the presence of bugs.

Encountering bugs in website design and architecture is inevitable. However, what matters is, how quickly these bugs are fixed and normalcy is restored. Service-based software companies have to often face this situation wherein their clients find it difficult to communicate the issues concerning their website and hence the whole process of debugging faces inordinate delays.

To address these problems and make the process smoother many businesses use a bug tracking tool called BugHerd. The tool can be installed as a browser extension or can be embedded in the JavaScript as a snippet.

How does BugHerd work?

BugHerd is a virtual layer that sits on top of the website and is only visible to the back-end team members and clients. An issue can be reported by simply clicking on it. On highlighting the issue it is pinned to list of website issues. Developers can access the list and fix the issues.

This saves a lot of time on both ends and results in lesser downtimes. Additionally, BugHerd maintains a log of all the issues reported and the data related to the process of fixing those issues.


The extensive feature list of BugHerd consists of some useful features like in-page feedback, inline tagging, automatic screenshots, file attachments, visual feedback and privacy controls.

BugHerd also offers some extremely useful integrations with tools such as GitHub, Zapier, Slack, and Basecamp. Using BugHerd has helped businesses and companies around the world to improve productivity and sales revenues. Initially, a 14-day trial period is offered post the completion of which users can choose from a variety of plans.


Company Information

Company Name: Macropod Software Pty, Ltd

Company Address: Stephen Street, Yarraville, Victoria, Australia

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

Core Features
  • unlimited Projects
  • Managing Projects
  • Exporting to CSV
  • Unlimited Guests
  • 150GB File Storage
  • Issues Priority Supported
  • On-site Bug Annotation
  • Point & Click Bugs
  • Describe Bugs
  • Detailed Bug Reporting
  • Actionable Feedback
  • Automated Screenshots
  • Direct Linking Issues
  • In-line Tagging
  • Organizing & Grouping Feedback
  • File Attachments
  • Full Selector Data
  • Real-time Discussions
  • Syncing Version Control
  • Third-party Applications Integration
  • In-page Visual Feedback
  • Simple Guest Access