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BuzzBoard is an online SaaS based platform used as a sales enablement tool to identify and close more prospects and business deals. BuzzBoard works on the existing sales process and tools, and replace them if needed, with an advanced, more comprehensive solution for sales professionals. Services offered by BuzzBoard include lead discovery, insights, tracking & research, planning and preparation, competitive analysis, marketing and sales alignment, proposal generation, and customer onboarding.

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Top BuzzBoard Alternatives and Overview



RO Innovation suite is a customer success and sales enablement platform that is designed to help B2B businesses.

By: RO|Innovation From USA


TinderBox is a complete sales management and productivity solution built to create sales proposals and close deals.

By: TinderBox Inc From USA
Based on 16 Votes


Seismic is the sales enablement solution that helps sales teams and reps to close more deals by delivering the right sales content at the right time.

By: Seismic Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 10 Votes


Showpad is a popular mobile sales enablement program that empowers sales and marketing alignment for companies to drive more business and close more effective deals.

By: Showpad NV From Belgium
Based on 20 Votes


Brainshark is sales enablement and marketing software that delivers the content for businesses to sell, promote, and train.

By: Brainshark, Inc. From USA
Based on 17 Votes


ClearSlide is a sales & marketing success platform that enables companies to build better relationships and engagement with customers to derive better business results.

By: ClearSlide, Inc. From USA
Based on 10 Votes


SKURA provides a powerful platform to manage marketing and sales content at one place, customize...

By: SKURA Corporation From Canada


Some of these services and strategies include accelerating sales rep performance, generating new business &...

By: Qvidian Corporation From USA
Based on 41 Votes


The platform accelerates sales closing and revenue time for representatives by reinforcing proven methods and...

By: Qstream, Inc. From USA
Based on 21 Votes


It ensures that the marketing team designs and delivers the right content to the sales...

By: KnowledgeTree, Inc. From USA
Based on 3 Votes


The platform is recommended for marketers, sales person, channel partner, and franchise owners, who wish...

By: MindMatrix Inc. From USA
Based on 8 Votes


It helps marketing and sales teams align to create and deliver the best content to...

By: Highspot, Inc. From USA
Based on 23 Votes


Fileboard sales development platform optimizes the sales process by allowing you to focus on the...

By: Fileboard Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote

CallidusCloud Sales Enablement

The software is aimed at increasing the productivity of sales representatives by feeding them the...

By: Callidus Software Inc. From USA

Accent Accelerate

The platform provides required tools and features for sales people and teams to find the...

By: Accent Technologies, Inc. From USA

BuzzBoard Review and Overview

BuzzBoard is an intelligence engine designed especially for B2SMB businesses. The robust AI-driven insights and recommendations uplift the better understanding and sustaining of trusted customer relationships. The deep data and signal stack formulate unique perspectives regarding digital footprint, triggers, payment ability, and many more.

Demand generation, Sales, and Agencies

The SMB Demand Gen captures the emanated digital footprints of all the available companies and designs the target that orient with the client’s criteria. Only the suitable organizations are targeted, their digital shortcomings are deeply analyzed, and the working mechanisms are assessed. This design is implemented on the recommendation engine. The SMB inside sales empowers the client to be a potential advisor. BuzzBoard fetches the most relevant information from numerous data sources to the platform preferred by the client. Enormous amounts of time and money can be saved, and the sales numbers can be drastically increased.

BuzzBoard – Backbone

SMBAdvisor transforms a typical salesperson into an advisor. Business decisions can be drawn accurately with AI-based reports from customized BuzzBoard. It instantly generates shareable content and presentations for every business interest.  SMBProspector includes a vital feature of identifying the risk-customers. Along with indicating the ideal profile customers, the data of existing customers is well-optimized timely.  SMBSmart is a unique feature that facilitates side-by-side comparisons of every SMB against the competitors and the benchmark framed.  SMBStreams integrate the APIs to the desired applications to experience real-time SMB intelligence. This functionality benefits the developers and product managers to design customized products.

Company Information

Company Name: BuzzBoard Inc.

Company Address: Atlanta Tech Village, 3423 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA, USA

Founded in: 2013

Top Features

  • Comprehensive Sales Integration
  • Customer Acquisition Methodologies
  • Transforming Media Companies
  • Salesforce Integration
  • iOS & Android Application
  • Strategic Transformation
  • Sharing Information
  • Coordinate Efforts
  • Detailed & Accurate Information
  • Built-in Intelligence
  • Proven Results
  • Training & implementation
  • Discovering Prospects & Opportunities
  • Prospects Engagement
  • Close & Propose Solutions
  • Managing Sales Orders
  • Sales Orders Fulfillment
  • Finding Opportunities
  • Score Prospects