CactusVPN allows you to surf the internet anonymously and unblock restricted media websites. It features 16 VPN servers, 5 VPN protocols, unlimited bandwidth, best data encryption, auto-proxy feature, shared static IP, and torrent downloads from certain servers. It offers 5 pricing options: US VPN, UK VPN, Liberty VPN, VPN + Smart DNS, and Smart DNS.

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Top CactusVPN Alternatives and Overview



NordVPN is a VPN service that allows unrestricted internet access and complete privacy in your online activities.

By: Tefincom co S.A From Panama
Based on 46 Votes


PureVPN is an easy-to-use VPN service that helps to protect you from cybercrime, speed up your internet connection, access restricted websites, and more.

By: GZ Systems Limited. From Hong Kong
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ExpressVPN is a fast and secure VPN service with instant setup.

By: Express VPN International Ltd.
Based on 13 Votes


HideIPVPN is a VPN service that allows you to hide your IP address and unblock any restricted websites.

By: Server Management LLC From USA


MullvadVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider that provides VPNs to users and helps them protect their identity online.

By: Mullvad
Based on 1 Vote

Remote .it is a virtual private network provider that supports applications such as the Internet of things, edge computing, and cloud computing.

Based on 1 Vote


It is tailored for accessing streaming services and any other website by changing your IP...

By: ZoogTV Ltd From Isle of Man


It provides various features, including encrypted private VPN services, no activity logs, HTTP/SOCKS5 Proxy, fast...

By: Pusa and Daga Hong Kong Limited From Hong Kong


Comes with a strong security system to deal with various online threats...

By: blackVPN


There are more than 360 unlocked channels available for you to watch with this VPN...

By: Unovation Inc.


It provides the secure online connection that is encrypted with the advanced 256-bit encryption system...

By: Sareta S.r.l.


Unlike other VPN services, IVPN takes pride in its speedy connections, which takes place without...

Based on 15 Votes

Azire VPN

This software was founded by the purpose of being an industry-leading provision to avoid control...

By: Nessla AB
Based on 1 Vote


It features blazing-fast speed, region switcher, no software installation, internet protection from ads and popups...

By: Blockless Inc. From Canada


Enjoy unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed, simultaneous logins on multiple devices, unlimited server switching, worldwide servers...

By: World Of VPN From USA

CactusVPN Review and Overview

CactusVPN is a Moldova based small-scale company which is gaining its reputation in providing robust privacy and security. The company built in 2011 is consistently attaining trust among internet users across the globe for its VPN and Smart DNS services.

Why should one use VPN & Smart DNS services?

VPN services provide security and privacy through what is called a ‘VPN Tunnel’ which is created when a user connects to the internet via a server run by the VPN service provider. All the data that moves between a user’s device and the VPN server is encrypted and hence protected from any potential hackers.

It also protects you from the eyes of your ISP. However, this affects the internet speed. Constant encryption slows it down. VPN lets users connect and stream any content from anywhere in the globe by bypassing the Geo-restriction. It is also useful in the safe usage of public WiFi networks.

Smart DNS services change the DNS settings of the user to trick websites into thinking that you are in the right location to access geographically blocked content. This does not affect the internet speed as no encryption is done. However, it does not hide or change your IP address.

It is very important to use the right service provider as they have complete visibility over all the internet data and on-goings and so can easily sell personal data.

CactusVPN does not compromise on user privacy and security with a guaranteed no-logs policy and hence is recommended.

Features and Pricing

CactusVPN uses high-speed VPN servers with speed as high as 1gbps and has 28 VPN servers spread across 16 countries. One of the cool facts is that it uses 6-VPN protocols to secure user’s protection one of which is SoftEther which is not seen in many other VPN service providers. It has an Apps killer and an Internet kill switch. It also provides DNS leak protection.

Another interesting feature is ‘sorting server by speed’, which handles the speed of the internet without you having to switch between servers for better speed. The shared static IP makes it a hard nut to crack for the snoopers to connect the activity to a specific device or user.

Smart DNS allows access to 300+ Geo-restricted content. It has an easy DNS service switching navigator and is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

CactusVPN does not have any data caps, so you are free to use unlimited bandwidth. Also, as many as five devices can be connected at the same time. They also provide an app that is easy to use and navigate.

CactusVPN is priced much less than most other VPN service providers with no compromise on service provided. A 1-year plan to enjoy all available features costs around $4.58/month.

Solid Support System

CactusVPN has a great support system with a traditional ‘Support Ticket’ system that can be raised for any issues faced. The website also includes a tutorial on how to start and a setting up guide. The FAQs answer almost anything you have on your mind while searching for a good VPN service provider.


All in all, if you are looking for a decent priced VPN service provider with zero compromises on safety and privacy, CactusVPN is the right choice.

Company Information

Company Name:

Company Address: Calea Orheiului 21B, Chisinau, Moldova

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

Core Features
  • Multiple OS Supported
  • Routers Supported
  • Multiple Devices Supported
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Upto 4 Countries
  • 4 VPN Protocols
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed
  • Data Encryption
  • 1 FBPS Servers
  • No-logs VPN
  • Free Proxy Servers
  • Shared Static IP
  • Torrenting Enabled