By: provides a payment solution that covers global regions and can be integrated into multiple domains to accelerate payments and ensure security. It consists of a worldwide network of acquirers and a unified platform that improves transaction speed, reliability, conversion and transparency of transactions.

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Top Alternatives
  • Paysafe
  • CardConnect
  • BitPay
  • Paymentwall
  • JusPay
  • Omise
  • Nuvei
  • Fiserv
  • Global Payments
  • Payeezy
  • Payline
  • Payfirma
  • Pin Payments
  • goEmerchant
  • Heartland Payment
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Top Alternatives and Overview



Paysafe is a web and mobile-based payment software suite for dealers.

By: Paysafe Group
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CardConnect is a company that provides integration of payment methods...

By: CardConnect, a First Data Company
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Modern businesses have evolved a lot as compared to their archaic counterparts.

By: BitPay
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Paymentwall is a platform that handles payments on a global scale.

By: Paymentwall
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JusPay is the solution for making online payments securely. It...

By: Juspay
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Omise is a powerful payment processing platform that helps sellers provide an exceptional buying experience to their customers with minimal effort.

By: Omise
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The company offers customizable solutions across industry verticals...

By: Nuvei
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By: BluePay
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Global Payments

By: Global Payments
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By: Fiserv
Based on 3 Votes


By: Payline Data Services
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Their main objective is to deliver a multi-channel payment podium for mobile, eCommerce and physical...

By: Payfirma
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Pin Payments

It possesses a secure network portal removing data infringement from the equation...

By: Pin Payments
Based on 15 Votes


It provides payment processing services for all types of payments, including those from credit cards...

By: goEmerchant
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Heartland Payment

It helps to process the payments both online and instore, also with the website payments...

By: Heartland Payment Systems
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It offers a payment API that can seamlessly support most of the payment methods such as cash, ATM, credit and debit cards, bank transfers, invoice payments, and network tokens. All payments through the API are high priority and accelerated.

Global coverage and integrations

It supports multiple integration methods so that business can readily start using the API and earn money. provides the facility to generate your own platform or use out of the box integration options. You can even directly use an E-commerce platform to start receiving payments. It provides Frames, Mobile Payments, E-commerce Plugins and Hosted Payments and supports global payments in 150+ currencies. The cost of transactions is less because it ensures no foreign transaction fees and limited bank surcharges for your customers. Acceptance rates increase when using API. All globally accepted payment methods are supported readily.

Unified platform with efficient reporting provides a Unified Payments Platform. It only needs to be integrated once, and then it can be used globally in a streamlined process and is highly secure and reliable. All payment methods are made with the customer's comfort in mind while all regulatory rules are enforceable. It ensures granular control over reporting so that you can supervise what goes on in every transaction. A powerful dashboard known as 'The Hub' will provide all information about your actions at a single glance from which you can determine why your transactions failed or which ones are pending as well.

Security at the heart

It ensures security with its state of the systems providing fraud protection and transaction follow through. Charged with artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict what kind of operations might be fraudulent, it prevents you from indulging in them. It sets up intuitive risk scoring systems that set rules that determine how a transaction should be processed and provides a maximum-security 3DS2  system that applies extra fraud protection to your operations. Also, it ensures fraud resolution and tokenization systems.  Thus, all the features are inherently secure, which helps you continue with business without worrying about security.

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