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Coassemble is a training management platform that focuses explicitly on organization based onboard training courses. Instructors create content from scratch using pre-configured templates. Otherwise, they can convert the existing course material into interactive lessons. Coassemble monitors the individual performance of trainees. It enables the export of results for LMS documentation. As it stores the contents in the cloud, the lectures are accessed anywhere at any time.

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Top Coassemble Alternatives
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  • Speexx
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  • 360Learning
  • Lessonly
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  • iSpring Learn
  • eFront
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  • Schoox
  • Torch LMS
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Top Coassemble Alternatives and Overview


Linux Academy

Linux Academy is an online learning platform that focusses on helping the users in the application of the skills they've learned through the courses offered by the platform.

By: Linux Academy
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Speexx is a cloud-based software that works in the field of providing solutions related to online testing and language training.

By: Speexx - empowering communication
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By: Skillsoft
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360Learning is a platform that provides learning services and training...

By: 360Learning
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Lessonly is a talent management software that helps teams to train and be ready for the business challenges in an increasingly competitive and ever-evolving industry.

By: Lessonly
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CourseBox is a powerful AI-driven platform that enables lightning-fast course creation and offers an AI-based learning management system.

By: Coursebox Pty Ltd From Australia
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iSpring Learn

With the iSpring Learn platform, companies can create, organize, store, and manage the training programs...

From USA


This system is an e-learning vendor that helps businesses by building user-friendly platforms for them...

By: Epignosis eLearning solutions
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The software provides users with short videos that enhance their skill sets and increases their...

By: BizLibrary
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It helps the companies in learning tons of software that are evolving daily to keep...

By: Northpass
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By: Schoox
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Torch LMS

It administers the learning of all the users according to the syllabus provided by the...

By: Torch LMS - Prometheus Development, Inc.
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It is created with simplicity in mind as it consists of all the necessary applications...

By: Simplero
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Coassemble Review and Overview

Organizations spend more than a quarter of their budget for training new employees to onboard their company. They also employ staffs to guide them through the learning process. The learning curve should be as small as possible to increase the profit of the company.  At the same time, the course must enhance the engagement of the trainees. However, it is a tedious job for an instructor to create dynamic content just with traditional word and PowerPoint materials. Coassemble is an ultraconvenient tool that makes the learning and teaching process effortless.

Gamified courses

Coassemble helps instructors to create the course from scratch by providing a set of templates to design.  Each theme satisfies the way of teaching the instructor want to lead the session. Instead, the trainers can convert dreary content into an interactive one. They do not need any graphic designing skills to prepare an animated video. Using Coassemble, they just need to drag and drop the elements such as images, audio, and video to add them in course. It duplicates the syllabus to avoid building the same content recursively. It also enables live editing of materials that is auto-updated to LMS.

Dissect the performance

The trainers should design the assessments to test not just the understanding of the concepts but the application of knowledge. Hence, Coassemble helps trainers to design such assessments handily. It analyzes the performance of trainee based on hours spent on learning and grasping rate. The instructor can have a broader view of each trainee individually. They can award the toppers with badges and bonus points of merit. Coassemble helps trainers to design trophies and certificates embedded with company logos.

A time saver

An organization usually prefers to build self-paced courses to avoid burdening the employee with training tasks. Coassemble records every module of the course and organize it sequentially, so it utilized as a full-packed course. It shares the curriculum as links to the trainees. It also integrates with several third-party apps using Zapier. Besides, compliance is made simple as it exports the records that load smoothly into LMS.

Company Information

Company Name: Coassemble

Founded in: 2016