Content Grabber

Content Grabber

By: Sequentum Pty Ltd

Content Grabber is used for web scraping and web automation. Since internet contains massive amounts of data, it can extract any kind of content from any website and save it as structured in a format of your choice. With the help of multi-leading, optimized web browsers, and many other performance tuning options, Content Grabber extracts data faster and highly accurate. Their powerful testing and debugging features help users build reliable agents.

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Top Content Grabber Alternatives
  • Agenty
  • Octoparse
  • Scraper API
  • Web Data Extractor
  • WebMiner
  • WebHose
  • Apache Nutch
  • PromptCloud
  • Darcy Ripper
  • Visual Web Ripper
  • ProxyCrawl
  • 80Legs
  • FMiner
  • Visual Scraper
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Top Content Grabber Alternatives and Overview



Agenty is a cloud-based platform that allows users to extract web data with cloud-based agents.

By: Agenty Analytics Pvt Ltd From India


Octoparse is a client-side software for extracting information from websites, for most of scraping tasks no coding needed.

By: Octopus Data Inc From USA
Based on 10 Votes

Scraper API

Scraper API is a fantastic way to get started with web scraping without much hassle.

By: Scraper API Technologies s.r.o

Web Data Extractor

Web Data Extractor is a web scraping tool specifically designed for mass-gathering of different data types for businesses and individuals.

By: WebExtractor System


WebMiner offers enterprise web crawling, web scraping, and other data processing solutions.

By: The Web Miner SRL


WebHose is a web crawling and data integration software used across multiple online platforms and sources.

By: Webhose Ltd.

Apache Nutch

It can run on a single machine...

By: The Apache Software Foundation From USA
Based on 4 Votes


It lets the organizations crawl and extract tons of data from various sources across...

By: PromptCloud From India
Based on 5 Votes

Darcy Ripper

It is a standalone multi-platform graphical user interface application that can be used...

From Romania

Visual Web Ripper

Their data extraction software can automatically walk through whole web sites and collect complete content...

By: Sequentum Pty Limited From Australia
Based on 1 Vote


It offers functional crawler API with screenshot feature, and even a data scrapper to scrap...



From companies big to small, it offers a wide range of web crawling services that...

By: Datafiniti, LLC From USA


The software is used of web scraping, web data extraction, screen scraping, web harvesting, web...

By: From China

Developers can use to extract data from an HTML page and it is...

By: Brilliant Code Inc.
Based on 1 Vote

Visual Scraper

It is designed especially for non-technical researchers...

From Vietnam

Company Information

Company Name: Sequentum Pty Ltd

Company Address: PO Box 872, Spit Junction, NSW, Australia

Founded in: 2014

Top Features

Core Features
  • Exporting Extracted Data
  • Multiple File Formats
  • Multi-threading Supported
  • Web Browser Optimization
  • Multiple Web Browsers
  • Monitoring Health
  • Managing Memory
  • Automated Error Handling
  • Log URLS & Database
  • Agent Logging
  • Custom Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Agent Management Centralization
  • Managing Database Connections
  • Managing Script Libraries
  • Managing Proxies
  • Custom Scripts
  • Content Transformation
  • Custom Templates
  • Running Command-line
  • Desktop & Web API
Agent Editor
  • New Agents Creation
  • Editing Existing Agents
  • Importing & Exporting Agents
  • Point & Click Configuration
  • Content Structures Extraction
  • Web Elements Lists
  • Handling Pagination
  • Handling Website Logins
  • Web Forms Submission
  • Capturing Website Content
  • Capturing Screenshots
  • Capturing Hidden Content
  • Duplicate Data Removal
  • New Content Extraction
  • Using Input Data
  • JavaScript Actions Control
  • Loading Dynamic Data
  • Uploading Files
  • Monitoring Browser Activities
  • Detailed Webpage View
  • User Interface Customization
  • Editing Tools
  • Command Template Library
  • Custom Templates Library
Agent Debugger
  • Debugger Warnings
  • Pause & Continue Debugger
  • Inserting Break Points
  • Large Lists Debugger
  • Separate Debug Data