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Cucumber is a framework used to run automated acceptance test criteria developed in behavior-driven development design. One of the most remarkable features of the framework is the capacity to do plain- text functional depictions as automated tests. Cucumber improves communication among non-technical and technical individuals in the same project. Browse the website to know more about the features provided by the framework.

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Top Cucumber Alternatives
  • Cypress
  • Zephyr
  • Micro Focus
  • Ixia
  • Beta Testing
  • TryMyUI
  • Sauce Labs
  • Apache JMeter
  • BlazeMeter
  • Ranorex
  • Coverity
  • test IO
  • TestPad
  • LambdaTest
  • TestingTime
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Top Cucumber Alternatives and Overview



Cypress is an open-source testing tool utilized by QA engineers and developers who are building modern web applications using JavaScript with the front-end dashboard.

By:, Inc.
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Zephyr is a test management tool supports all level of businesses to increase more productivity.

By: D Software Inc. From USA
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Micro Focus

By: Micro Focus
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By: Ixia
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Beta Testing

BetaTesting is a platform for startups and large-scaled companies to get their software and hardware products tested before releasing them among users.

By: BetaTesting
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TryMyUI is a software testing tool that offers various types of testing services to users and enables them to gain feedback over their product.

By: TryMyUI
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Sauce Labs

The platform conducts tests on various popular android and iOS mobile devices to test an...

By: Sauce Labs Inc From USA
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Apache JMeter

Although the software is 100% pure Java app, it is not a browser as it...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
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The software comprehends all test-running essentials into a single asset, thereby saving immense time and...

By: Broadcom
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It offers seamless integration with any technology, language and platform...

By: Ranorex GmbH From Austria


It gives testing phases into the early stages and produce reports for resilient software delivery...

By: Coverity, Inc. From USA
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test IO

It is capable of performing tests on various software...

By: EPAM Systems, Inc.
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It helps an organization to ensure it releases the product that is tested and work...

By: Testpad Limited
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Till now, the software has checked over more than two thousand operating systems without charging...

By: Lambda Computing Inc.
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It works best for developers who are searching for beta testers to test their applications...

By: TestingTime
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Cucumber Review and Overview

The automation test cases utilizing Cucumber is made in a business domain language or in symbolic language, which can be adequately understood by all individuals from the product venture group. By using Cucumber, different specification is presently utilized for creating an application by engineers, for testing by the specification. It is viewed as a useful asset since it can help bring down the risk for misunderstanding as well as the communication breakdown.

The acknowledgment test cases are mostly completed by BA’s or clients to ensure that the development group has developed precise features. Usual activity in this testing platform checks the framework against the first prerequisites with explicit, genuine information from production. Cucumber testing not just follows the requirements as its test scenarios but additionally pushes BA’s or Business Manager to change test information effectively.

Natural Language

Any testing framework should ensure that all test scenarios specified in a business document are executed utilizing business domain information. In this way, the utilization of languages and the impression of the person who makes the test cases may directly affect the test scenarios, prompting the risk for misconception. Test scenarios ought to be introduced clearly, and their execution ought to perform precisely for each progression. Cucumber is a framework that executes business written test cases as automated tests using Gherkin as an underline language.

Real Communication

By offering the genuine communication layer on top of a robust testing tool, Cucumber not only executes automation test on a wide-ranging testing request from the backend to frontend but additionally make profound connections among individuals from the testing groups. The test cases are written in a business-specific domain language and fills in as documentation, automated tests, and development help - all folded into one configuration.

BDD Support

While Cucumber can be considered as a testing framework, its primary aim is to help BDD. This implies the tests - plain content feature descriptions with scenarios are generally written by any of the team members and checked by business experts, domain analysts, and other non-technical partners. The production code is then developed, and unit test cases are written as per Cucumber tests.

Company Information

Company Name: Cucumber

Founded in: 2013