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The technical revolution in the last few decades has granted us with a better professional and personal life. One of the most crucial aspects that have affected our lives is data. Everything we have on our phones and computers constitutes data, and this data needs to be preserved if we don’t want to lose our documents, images, and everything else.

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Top Degoo Alternatives
  • WeTransfer
  • SutiDMS
  • Nextcloud
  • TransferNow
  • Amazon Drive
  • Resilio Sync
  • DiskStation
  • SmartVault
  • Odrive
  • Upstore
  • DropSend
  • FileCloud
  • ExpanDrive
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Top Degoo Alternatives and Overview



Paste is a software meant to help users with creating presentations more easily and interactively.

By: WeTransfer
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SutiDMS is an online document management application that allows you to share, manage, organize, and impart your business-critical data.

By: SutiSoft Inc.
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Nextcloud is open source cloud storage program that lets you backup and restores files from anywhere in the cloud.

By: Nextcloud
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TransferNow is a platform that helps out users with transferring files at a fast rate.

By: TransferNow
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Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive praises itself as your hard drive partner on the cloud.

By: Amazon
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FLUIG is a platform designed to innovatively unify work processes and provide a superior collaborative experience to its users.


Resilio Sync

By: Resilio
Based on 36 Votes


By: Synology
Based on 9 Votes


The software includes several features and integrations to simplify how people conduct businesses and handle...

By: GetBusy
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Odrive is a dependable cloud storage platform that prioritizes synchronicity, shareability, and accessibility of the...

By: Odrive
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By: Upstore
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It is completely open-source, can be easily managed and deployed on company computing infrastructure, and...

By: Pydio
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It assists the companies in managing their report analysis with the team members to enhance...

By: Dropsend
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to help the companies in gaining full control of the data files that needs to...

By: CodeLathe Technologies Inc
Based on 12 Votes


It enables the users to quickly save their files into cloud storage and also assists...

By: ExpanDrive
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Degoo Review and Overview

This is where cloud platforms enter to save the day. Degoo is a cloud storage software service that can be used to store all types of files, be it documents, media, or other format files. It is known for its huge storage, user ease, and security.

Have your space

Degoo comes in three plans that provide users with 100GB, 500GB, and 10TB of storage. The 100GB plan is free of cost, while the other two are premium plans. Even 100GB of storage is rarely free of cost in any secure cloud service, but Degoo provides users with one without any conditions. And what’s the best part of it? Users can expand it even further by referring the service to their friends. For every friend that installs Degoo using your referral, you get 5GB of extra storage free of cost. Degoo can be accessed on tablets, smartphones, and desktops without any issues.

Now users might think that buying these plans for a device seems inefficient because most people won’t use high storage plans on one device. Degoo has got good news for you here as well. Users on the 100GB plan can use it on three devices, while the users on 500GB and 10TB plan can use it for an unlimited number of devices. Why keep your phone loaded when you can retrieve anything you want from Degoo seamlessly? Degoo allows users to store all types of files on the cloud storage and even provides them with zero-knowledge encryption security for their files on premium plans.

You can never go wrong with Degoo

Degoo provides huge secure storage for all its users to store any file they want. This lets users keep their phones empty enough so that it remains buttery smooth, and users also get to customize the update schedule, which ensures that their data doesn’t get utilized until they want, and their battery also remains conserved. Smart backup is the need of the hour today, and Degoo provides users with exactly that.

In dire need of that perfect cloud storage platform that provides massive secure storage while also allowing to upload all files and backup as per convenience? Degoo is the thing for you.

Company Information

Company Name: Degoo

Founded in: 2009