By: Deltek Inc.

Deltek helps organizations in various project solutions. It gives a great forecast, consistent success and execution of a project for industrious success. It gives an integrated program management that supports planning, scheduling and effective cost. It manages project analytics to identify the cost and value. Deltek builds project plans to generate cost effective designed and reliable system that manages less risk exposure. Deltek gives solutions to government projectors and private agencies seeking solutions to ANSI and EVM.

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Top Deltek Alternatives
  • Planview
  • EcoSys
  • Promodel
  • Planisware
  • Daptiv
  • Sciforma
  • Innotas
  • KeyedIn
  • RationalPlan
  • Decision Lens
  • ITM Platform
  • Instantis
  • Genius Project
  • Pathbrite
  • Eclipse PPM
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Top Deltek Alternatives and Overview



Planview is portfolio based software enables to manage resources within organizations and individuals.

By: Planview, Inc. From USA


Ecosys is an enterprises project controls and PPM software helps in a full life cycle controls over the software programs.

By: EcoSys Management LLC. From USA
Based on 3 Votes


Promodel is technology enabled predictive analytics service software offers to various individuals and organizations.

By: ProModel Corporation From USA


This is enterprise software for new program management, building enterprises portfolios and new product development.

By: Planisware, Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


Daptiv provides project portfolio management software services to the organizations seeking project solutions.

By: Daptiv Solutions, LLC From USA


Sciforma offers a project and portfolio management service that adapts unique nature of company.

By: Sciforma Corporation From USA
Based on 18 Votes


It services in project portfolio, application portfolio, and predictive portfolio analysis and in resource management...

By: Innotas, Inc. From USA


It supports cloud based projects and managed portfolio to give a flexible solution to mange...

By: KeyedIn Solutions, Inc From USA
Based on 15 Votes


It allots resources, creates plans, analyzed and tracks the progress report of project...

By: Stand By Soft Ltd. From Romania
Based on 14 Votes

Decision Lens

It involves R&D process and latest technical aspects in identifying and analyzing the outcome...

By: Decision Lens, Inc. From USA

ITM Platform

It provides managing complete organizations with all running projects and it has a vivid web...

By: IT Governance and Management, S.L. From Spain
Based on 13 Votes


This approaches a top down model to provide solutions for end to end functions...

By: Oracle Corporation From USA

Genius Project

It works in GUI based system as an add-on to perform an overall solution for...

By: AG From Switzerland
Based on 11 Votes


It helps student in development of a successful portfolio to boost their success and increase...

By: Pathbrite Inc. From USA

Eclipse PPM

It is PPM solutions providing software that solve the problems of an organization or an...

By: Upland Software, Inc. From Canada
Based on 1 Vote

Deltek Review and Overview

Deltek Project & Portfolio Management is a comprehensive PPM software that offers a unique interface to manage projects, portfolios, resources, tracking, and other such features. Being part of Deltek, which was started in 1983 as a simple project management tool, it has covered more than 23k organization and over a million users in 75+ nations. Deltek also offers multiple products for ERP, PSA, Info management, business development, and human capital management.

Currently, Deltek PPM is their most popular product and helps in project management to aid with cost-effectiveness, scheduling, risk evaluation, and project success rates. It has mainly five sub-products as part of its PPM service, viz., Cobra, Acumen, Win Sight, PM Compass, and Open Plan.

Deltek Cobra -Project Budgets

Cobra is used as an earned value and cost management product. It helps in monitoring and managing project costs, values, budget analysis, forecasts, etc., done automatically. It has popular users like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, UK AEA, etc.

Deltek Acumen -Project & Schedule Risks

Acumen is a tool to interface the risks in projects and schedules. This is done by checking the project quality and automated execution, along with factoring minimal risks. It uses initial baseline, schedule quality analysis, project scoring, and improvement areas. Specific project risks and reports are generated with proper graphs and scoring.

Deltek Winsight Analytics

This tool is used for the integration of analyzed data based on cost and value evaluation, directly into the current processes. It offers highly scalable and accessible data with tiers for presentation, web, or app. Forecasting is also part of this setup, along with suggested business decisions.

PM Compass -Project Workflow

As said, many of the management features need a proper panel to manage scheduling, reports, analysis, cost, and other controls, which are accessible via PM Compass. This enables us to increase control, visibility, delays, and improved accountability. Everything can be viewed from a single space and integrated directly into the support systems.

Deltek Open Plans -Enterprise Management

Lastly, Deltek PPM offers an enterprise-level planning and scheduling product with all features of PPM. It can handle up to 2 billion+ tasks and offer unlimited projects. You can create, repair, or modify any projects and schedules. Automation assigns various roles and projects based on skill set tags.

Company Information

Company Name: Deltek Inc.

Company Address: 2291 Wood Oak Dr, Herndon, VA, USA

Founded in: 1983

Top Features

Core Features
  • Managing Project Portfolio
  • Project Selection
  • Realistic Planning
  • Reliable Execution
  • Managing Costs
  • Managing Forecasts & Performance
  • Managing Risk Exposure
  • Value Management
  • Analyzing & Sharing Values
  • Consolidating & Reporting Data
  • Scalable Planning
  • Scheduling Project
  • Cost Risk Analysis
  • Social Collaboration