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DonorDrive is a fundraising platform that helps non-profit organizations to raise money for their events and also for the campaigns. It is a cloud-based software solution that makes it easier to raise funds. This helps in improving the customized donations for the organizations. It provides a platform for the donors to donate via online mode of payment, through desktops and mobile phones. It helps in creating pages with personal stories, videos, and images which in turn can impact the donors to donate funds.

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Top DonorDrive Alternatives
  • raisin
  • Revv
  • Network For Good
  • Anedot
  • Flipcause
  • GiveCampus
  • Mightycause
  • Double the Donation
  • SecureGive
  • GivenGain
  • GiveWP
  • Salsa Engage
  • CauseVox
  • GivingFuel
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Top DonorDrive Alternatives and Overview



Raisin is an online fundraising tool, and incorporates modules, for example, pledge management, payment processing, mobile giving, membership management, event management, donor management, CRM, contribution tracking, campaign management, auction management and much more.

By: raisin
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By: Revv
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Network For Good

Network for Good works for non-profit organizations. The Network for...

By: Network for Good
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Anedot is an online fundraising platform trusted by over 18000 churches, political organizations, schools, and non-profits.

By: Anedot
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Flipcause is a Fundraising tool that helps a non-profitable organization to raise sponsorships and conduct campaigns.

By: Flipcause
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GiveCampus is a fundraising platform engineered especially for Educational institutions...

By: GiveCampus
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It helps organizers to build websites to support the events conducted by them...

By: Mightycause
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Double the Donation

Providing the proper connectivity between donors and fundraisers, Double the Donation helps a large chunk...

By: Double the Donation
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It has been assisting non-profit organizations and religious sects in upgrading the amount of givings...

By: SecureGive
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It helps the user to reach out to more people to raise funds for a...

By: GivenGain
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By using GiveWP, not only can a person get online donations, but are also able...

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Salsa Engage

It provides various facilities such as marketing automation, social media marketing, built-in fundraiser coaching, advocacy...

By: Salsa Labs Inc.
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They have different types of fundraising platforms, such as peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, various events, etc...

By: CauseVox
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It aids do-it-yourself campaigns and promotes awareness about your cause...

By: Ruffalo Noel Levitz
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It uses state-of-the-art security systems so that your donations are secure...

By: GivingFuel
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DonorDrive Review and Overview

The non-profit organizations have been established with an aim to help the needy, providing public services to the communities near-by, and to provide ways to help the government. Fundraising is a vital part of non-profit organizations. DonorDrive makes these tasks easier for non-profit organizations and creates different ways to raise funds. They provide space to highlight the personnel stories, videos and also upload images so that it creates a connection with the donors.

Making a difference!

DonorDrive provides fundraising motivation engines that help the Non-profit organization's staff to send to their donors through emails, tweets, and posts and for fundraising. It facilitates the options to apply filters and download reports of the performance of these fundraising events. It also has the option of setting the recurring donations by providing suggestions of the amount. It supports virtual meetings that can improvise the fundraising initiatives and empower more people for this cause.

In this pandemic situation, with social distancing it provides virtual fundraising events to build better lives. It has Virtual rides, virtual walks to stay connected with the donors. It promotes peer-to-peer fundraising which enables the donors to promote the event and lead many more donors. It helps create events that are organized with more ease and ensure that the donors are having a better experience. These events can include marathons, meets about the happenings and also to serve the nation, and help the government.

Be the change you want to see!

DonorDrive is a fundraising platform that helps non-profit organizations to raise funds. It makes things easier for these organizations by running different campaigns and also helping in organizing events. It conducts beautiful campaigns and shows a path for the donors to donate through their mobile within minutes by giving them a way to quickly complete the donations in one go. This software is built to inspire and empower future donors and help the NGO's to make a greater impact on the community.

DonorDrive has made efforts to help nearly hundreds of non-profit organizations to enhance their fundraising revenue through the events and campaigns that they conduct. It provides resources to build virtual events during this pandemic situation. It helps to create special webinars to bring an impact within the donors by providing sustainable fundraising paths for the future. It brings the integrations of the live fundraising, Facebook fundraising to the fundraising motivation engines so that the donors are well aware of the campaigns that are taking place and also provides flexibility to use the technology with more ease and grow better.

Company Information

Company Name: DonorDrive

Founded in: 1997