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This framework provides decompilation features for .Net and helps you browse and modify assembly language. Multiple formats are browsable, and the final code is exportable to the Visual Studio projects. Advanced navigation techniques are employable to run through the infrastructure and extract what is necessary.

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Top dotPeek Alternatives
  • JIRA
  • Clickup
  • Lighthouse
  • Rollbar
  • Airbrake
  • Trac
  • Fiddler
  • Sentry
  • Honeycomb
  • WhiteSource
  • Instabug
  • BugHerd
  • FogBugz
  • MantisBT
  • BugNET
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Top dotPeek Alternatives and Overview



JIRA is project issue and bug tracking software designed by Atlassian that allows software teams and programmers to identify and track bugs and other issues in an ongoing project.

By: Atlassian Pty Ltd From Australia
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ClickUp is a versatile and powerful productivity and bug tracking tool that offers a centralized work hub for teams.

By: Clickup


Lighthouse issue and bug tracking system helps developers and programmers keep track of their project development and issues generated.

By: Entp From USA
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Rollbar is a DevOps deployment tool that assists you in managing your applications on the cloud through monitoring and debugging features.

By: Rollbar
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Airbrake provides solutions through which developers and managers can monitor code and get direct alerts for bugs.

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Trac is an open-source issue tracking system used for software development projects.

By: Edgewall Software From Sweden
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Inspect the network traffic, set breakpoints, and play around with the request and responses...

By: Progress
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By: Functional Software, Inc.
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It relies on the Observability factor and guarantees to get the best out of Site...

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The service integrates with the DevOps pipeline to identify vulnerable open source libraries in real-time...

By: WhiteSource From Israel
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It equips app developers with comprehensive crash reporting and bug reporting tools with data received...

By: Instabug
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The software enables clients to keep track of the live project and report issues in...

By: Macropod Software Pty, Ltd From Australia
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FogBugz makes sure that your product is developed within the time frame and is bug...

By: Fog Creek Software, Inc. From USA
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The software also lets the development team manage their projects with an effective collaboration with...

By: MantisBT Team
Based on 11 Votes


Built on powerful Microsoft Server platforms and featured with ASP.NET framework and SQL Server, BugNET...

By: BugNET Project From Canada
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dotPeek Review and Overview

dotPeek can access and manipulate a variety of extensions and libraries such as dll, exe, and winmd. You can also decompile .baml files using this software and reconstruct XAML UI definitions.

Go in-depth

It allows you to find and load Git packages and their dependencies from online package sources and list them in your Visual Studio projects. If the source code is available for the assembly code, it can recognize the file or fetch it from source servers. You can then navigate through the code using the drop-down tools in the menu bar. The process explorers show the list of active processes.

Navigate through your code

This software lets you navigate through our decompiled assemblies in a variety of ways. You can get a summary each code symbol does through the Find Usages feature, which will for up all the references of a particular object along with their scope. These references are shown as highlights in your code to help you identify them quickly. It can index all the libraries in your assembly list and then provide features by which you can jump to any symbol or any part of the code. For areas that might create a problem or need more attention, later on, you can create bookmarks that will remind you of them when necessary.

Get a better understanding

dotPeek helps you quickly understand the structure and relationship between different libraries and provides tools through which you can organize them according to your current project. It allows you to create assembly lists for those libraries that are necessary for your current context and modify these lists at any time. For each type, it can highlight nodes and provide quick search and also provide filtering. All the metadata that is related to your assembly files is visible under the Metadata node. It will show a birds-eye view of blob items, PE file headers, and uses of table items.

Company Information

Company Name: JetBrains

Founded in: 2000