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Meteor is a platform used to build applications for the web as well as mobile. It is a JavaScript tool. It is an open-source platform. It enables prototyping and generates a cross-platform code. It makes use of the distributed data protocol to include the changes made to the data automatically. It eliminates the need to write a separate code at every point of data change.

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Top Meteor Alternatives
  • Play
  • Grails
  • Hibernate
  • Kawa
  • Aurelia
  • JUnit
  • Blockly
  • Spring Framework
  • Vaadin
  • liveConnect
  • Apache Struts
  • Apache OFBiz
  • Apache Shiro
  • CUBA platform
  • Apache Jena
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Top Meteor Alternatives and Overview



By: The Apache Software Foundation
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Grails has been developed as an open source application, with a framework that is based on the web.

By: The Grails Project
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By: Hibernate
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Kawa is a powerful web-based frameworks software that runs and supports the JAVA programming language.

By: GNU Operating System
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Aurelia is a powerful software which provides essential tools and features for building web frameworks for various websites and services.

By: Durandal
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By: JUnit
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By: Google
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Spring Framework

By: Pivotal
Based on 16 Votes


Its latest features with upgraded tools and accessibility make it easier to use a build...

By: Vaadin Ltd.
Based on 13 Votes


By: liveConnect
Based on 5 Votes

Apache Struts

It is customizable and can support a variety of other app frameworks, including REST API...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
Based on 18 Votes

Apache OFBiz

It is an open-source system...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
Based on 4 Votes

Apache Shiro

It is an open-source platform...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
Based on 2 Votes

CUBA platform

This platform has multiple easy to use features for quick development of complex business applications...

By: CUBA platform
Based on 10 Votes

Apache Jena

This high utility software design engine is a milestone in modern technology platforms and tools...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
Based on 16 Votes

Meteor Review and Overview

Web applications and mobile applications are very popular and widely used in the whole world. To build such applications, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the technical things needed in developing such applications. Meteor removes this condition and provides you with a platform to build such apps.

About Meteor

Meteor comprises of a set of technologies, a building tool, and a set of packages from the JavaScript community. It helps you in developing the application in one language that is JavaScript. The same is used in all the environments, including the web browser, application server, and the mobile device. In this, the server sends the data. It enables the full-stack reactivity. It also provides you with a guide that contains documents that can be used for building any application that focuses on user interfaces.

Code Style

It follows a consistent style of writing code. It takes care of all the questions like where to put brackets, space, etc. The code is written in a manner that it becomes easy to read and understand. The consistent style of writing makes the code adaptable to all the tools meant for checking the errors. Automatic error checking is possible on this type of code. It has opted for JavaScript to write the code because this language is continuously improving its standards.

Why use Meteor?

It enables the integration of tools and frameworks that are currently popular in the market for the development of the code. Its main focus is to build the features that are important to the application and hence removes the unwanted disparate components. It enables you to use the same code for building the applications for Web, mobile, or desktop. It allows the use of less code for better development. It provides you with guides and tutorials to understand the complete working process.

Company Information

Company Name: Meteor Development Group

Founded in: 2011