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Double the Donation is non-profit software aiming to allow its users to accept donations and funds to grow their company or any initiative in the best possible way. Providing the proper connectivity between donors and fundraisers, Double the Donation helps a large chunk of small-scale companies to reach and implement their goals.

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Top Double the Donation Alternatives and Overview



Raisin is an online fundraising tool, and incorporates modules, for example, pledge management, payment processing, mobile giving, membership management, event management, donor management, CRM, contribution tracking, campaign management, auction management and much more.

By: raisin
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Network for Good works for non-profit organizations. The Network for...

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FundRazr offers a complete toolset for raising funds for various causes.

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Anedot is an online fundraising platform trusted by over 18000 churches, political organizations, schools, and non-profits.

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It is an all-in-one solution that assists every process involved in the fundraising...

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It provides several templates to build forms for various groups of donors...

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It helps organizers to build websites to support the events conducted by them...

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It has been assisting non-profit organizations and religious sects in upgrading the amount of givings...

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It helps the user to reach out to more people to raise funds for a...

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By using GiveWP, not only can a person get online donations, but are also able...

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Salsa Engage

It provides various facilities such as marketing automation, social media marketing, built-in fundraiser coaching, advocacy...

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They have different types of fundraising platforms, such as peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, various events, etc...

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It aids do-it-yourself campaigns and promotes awareness about your cause...

By: Ruffalo Noel Levitz
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Double the Donation Review and Overview

Donations and funding are an intricate part to help grow an industry or a social initiative. Many people have a game-changing idea for a non-profit organization that they would love to carry out but may lack in resources. Here’s where Double the Donation comes to their help. It provides a platform where it helps connecting a donor to a fundraiser having similar requirements.

Balancing Both Sides

Double the Donation provides the user access to a search engine that would suit the user as per his/her choice. It is one of the few software which has a variegated search engine for the matching gifts initiative. Matching Gifts is a corporate way of offering funds to a specific organization to help them out. The category of organizations that can benefit from the platform are educational institutions, arts and cultural organizations, cultural organizations, environmental organizations, and health and human welfare organizations.

Flow of Control

Double the Donation uses a 4-step method to connect the donor to the fundraiser. The first step is taken by the donor to submit a donation request. The donor will find a donation request click-box on your donation confirmation screen through a plugin provided by Double the Donation. Secondly, the donor would have to verify whether the Donation is eligible or not. This can be processed through the database search tool where the donor scouts the name of his/her employer. If the company has a corporate philanthropy program, the donor has to click and confirm the company’s name.

After the donor confirms eligibility and is en-route to submit the form, the donor has to confirm whether the gift qualifies as a corporate donation, the non-profit they are ready to donate is eligible for donations, and if the employer matches the donations. After all these criteria are validated, the donor would be able to submit the form. Finally, the donor’s employer validates and verifies all the documents for the Donation and sends the non-profit organization a check. All these steps require little effort and takes up no time making Double the Donation a great platform for connecting donors and fundraisers efficiently.

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