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Edificius is a building information management platform that runs with high efficiency. It is created mainly to facilitate the integrated design capabilities of modern builders, and it offers high accuracy in its modeling and rendering system. Last but not least, it is straightforward to learn, in contrast to other BIM platforms that use a lot of complex interface design choices, making the software unintuitive.

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Top Edificius Alternatives
  • Aurora
  • FloorPlanner
  • Revit
  • MicroStation
  • Trimble Connect
  • Tekla Structures
  • AutoCAD Architecture
  • AutoCAD MEP
  • Revit LT
  • Tekla Structural Designer
  • Chief Architect Premier
  • Revit Live
  • Vectorworks Architect
  • DataCAD
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Top Edificius Alternatives and Overview



Aurora Solar is a Computer-Aided Design software that emphasizes on creating building plans and 3D models of structures.

By: Aurora
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FloorPlanner is an easy-to-manage floor design software that allows you to create interactive floorplans and share them online.

By: Floorplanner.com BV From Netherlands
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Revit is a building design software designed specifically for building architectures.

By: Autodesk Inc. From USA
Based on 14 Votes


Microstation is an architecture design production software and information modeling environment that allows its users to create innovative designs for architecture, construction or engineering of any infrastructure including homes, roads, bridges, plants, and more.

By: Bentley Systems, Incorporated From USA
Based on 13 Votes

Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect is a revolutionary way for designers and architects to collaborate and work on masterpieces.

By: Trimble
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By: Nemetschek Group
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Tekla Structures

It is quite simply usable through a polished GUI, requiring no further training than an...

By: Trimble
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AutoCAD Architecture

The software is a complete architecture drafting tool that lets you design and document in...

By: Autodesk Inc. From USA
Based on 168 Votes


It helps the developers and engineers in creating virtual simulating devices that give them an...

By: Autodesk
Based on 45 Votes

Revit LT

Revit LT helps the users in creating architectural models and prototypes with their platform...

By: Autodesk
Based on 33 Votes

Tekla Structural Designer

By: Trimble
Based on 2 Votes

Chief Architect Premier

The software provides you a step-by-step guide with the complete architectural design of your home...

By: Chief Architect, Inc. From USA
Based on 13 Votes

Revit Live

By: Autodesk
Based on 18 Votes

Vectorworks Architect

You would be amazed how much you can accomplish with this design software that allows...

By: Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. From USA
Based on 36 Votes


DataCAD has been designed by professional architects and software engineers and comes packaged with tools...

By: Datacad LLC. From USA
Based on 4 Votes

Edificius Review and Overview

BIM platforms are a boon for designers and architects alike, as they can use them to show their designs to potential clients and convert them. However, most of them are either too complicated to use or are too simple in their functionalities to justify their high price point. Edificius is a perfectly balanced BIM platform that is easy-to-use, has a plethora of features, and is available at an affordable price.

Interior design covered extensively

Edificius is a multipurpose application. It is advanced enough to serve interior designers as well. Using the platform, designers get the choice to recreate the target interior in full three dimensions and share the designs with clients. This may seem to be very hard and time-consuming, especially for novices in 3D design, but it is precisely the opposite of that. The interior can be easily arranged through simple clicks and drags, while the area can be created by either simple 2D drawings or by the advanced 3D modeling systems of the platform.    

Architecture and constructions covered too

The Edificius platform also covers large scale construction projects with its 4D BIM model system. Using the platform, architects and engineers can realize buildings and structures with their spatial properties in all their 3D glory. These models can be easily shared with prospective clients and other team members of the project. These high LOD models can also provide crucial details on the strength of the structures and can help engineers locate spots that may be vulnerable to structural damage from various causes. All in all, the platform helps construction teams save money in more than one way.

Incredible renditions of plans

Rendering the created plan in a transparent manner is as important as the planning itself. Thus Edificius utilizes extensive 3D rendering systems to realize the developed plans in a vivid, lifelike way. This makes client appointments much more comfortable as the designer can simply organize a virtual tour for their clients, which goes through every part of the house, or they can render a single element and take high definition photos to share with the clients.

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