Epik Domain Registration

Epik Domain Registration

By: Epik

Epik is a platform that provides domain name registration services. Apart from these, the platform also offers other web-based products and services. From logo design to hosting services to even services like domain appraisal, everything is provided under one roof. The bundling up of so many services results in significant cost savings for the customer and also makes it viable for the service provider.

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Top Epik Domain Registration Alternatives
  • Hover
  • GoDaddy Domain
  • LCN
  • NameSilo
  • Rebel.com
  • Ascio
  • Namecheap.com
  • LuckyRegister
  • BigRock Domain Registration
  • Ename Domain Registration
  • Exabytes.com Hosting
  • 1&1.com
  • NetworkSolutions.com
  • Internet.bs
  • Fabulous.com Domain Service
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Top Epik Domain Registration Alternatives and Overview



Your search for the perfect domain name for your business or personal website ends at Hover.

By: Tucows.com Co From Canada
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GoDaddy Domain

GoDaddy is a globally popular domain name registration service that allows users to easily find and register their desired domain names.

By: GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC From USA


Great domain names at the lowest prices and trustworthy service are some of the reasons why people choose LCN over other popular domain registrars.

By: LCN.com Ltd From UK


NameSilo is an affordable domain name provider that offers various website relates services, including domain sell, purchase, transfer, renewal, and more.

By: NameSilo, LLC From USA
Based on 23 Votes


Rebel is a domain registration system. It provides hosting and...

By: Rebel.com
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Founded in 1999, Ascio is an ICANN-certified domain registrar, managing over two million domain names.

By: Ascio
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It also offers bulk domain registration option with extra benefits...

By: Namecheap Inc. From USA


It is the only application anyone needs to build an online business or a digital...

By: Lucky Register
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BigRock Domain Registration

They are mainly popular because of their cost-friendly domain names and lucrative offers that attract...

By: Directi From India

Ename Domain Registration

By: Ename
Based on 1 Vote

Exabytes.com Hosting

This company is best known for its services in the field of web hosting, Cloud...

By: Exabytes.com Hosting
Based on 2 Votes


1&1.com is one of the world’s leading domain name provider company that offers, domain search...

By: 1&1 Internet Inc. From USA


NetworkSolutions.com is a domain registrar and web hosting website where you can search for your...

By: Network Solutions, LLC From USA


Their services include domain registrations and low-priced domain transfer...

By: Internet Domain Service BS Corp From Bahamas

Fabulous.com Domain Service

Fabulous.com online platform lets users easily purchase & manage domains, and earn by selling them...

By: Fabulous.com Pty Ltd From Australia

Epik Domain Registration Review and Overview

The online world has opened up several new opportunities for business for people around the world. Users today can dream of selling online without having to invest significant amounts in building offline stores and inventory spaces. They could simply stock the products at their residence and ship it to the customer’s address. The dropshipping model has taken this model one step further. With it, the need for even stocking up has been eliminated. All that the business owner needs to do is get a well-functioning website in place and start selling. While e-commerce and then the dropshipping model have made it far easier and cost-effective, the overall costs of building and maintaining websites have gone up.

Why should I use Epik?

Building websites requires sound technical knowledge. While many online tools take care of the designing and building, the technical infrastructure is something that the users need to look out for by themselves. Many users do not have a clear idea of how things work at the backend and therefore end up paying more than what is required. To help such users save costs and deploy quality backend infrastructure, Epik provides all the web-related products and services under one roof. From domain registration services to logo design to hosting services, everything is taken care of by Epik.

Finding the right domain name

One of the first steps to building a website is selecting a catchy domain name. A domain name that is easy to remember and one that can find resonance with the target audience. If finding a name that meets these requirements is one task, then finding a domain available for that is another. Many-a-times it becomes very challenging to find the domain name that meets the requirements. Users in such situations can make use of the backorder and watchlist services provided by Epik. The service provider will put the desired domain names on the watchlist and alert the user whenever it becomes available again. Apart from these, the user can also contact the existing owner of the desired domain name through Epik and get the domain name transferred by paying the license fee in addition to the fees charged by the owner.

Other services on offer

Apart from these, Epik also provides hosting services. Based on their requirements, users can choose from services like web hosting and dedicated hosting. The other service provided by Epik includes the likes of email hosting, a dedicated site builder, and SSL certificates.

Company Information

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