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SnapNames is a domain name provider for people searching for suitable domain names for their websites. Users can search, bid, buy, or apply for available domains. SnapNames get their hands on all the domains as soon as they are expired and available for purchase. This helps the user in getting chances even with already taken URLs.

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Top Snapnames Alternatives
  • Hover
  • GoDaddy Domain
  • LCN
  • MyDomain
  • OnlyDomains
  • OnlineNIC
  • Melbourne IT
  • register365
  • EuroDNS
  • 1st Domains
  • iwantmyname
  • Dotster
  • HugeDomains
  • NameBright
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Top Snapnames Alternatives and Overview



Your search for the perfect domain name for your business or personal website ends at Hover.

By: Co From Canada
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GoDaddy Domain

GoDaddy is a globally popular domain name registration service that allows users to easily find and register their desired domain names.

By: GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC From USA


Great domain names at the lowest prices and trustworthy service are some of the reasons why people choose LCN over other popular domain registrars.

By: Ltd From UK


MyDomain is a domain name registration and hosting service that offers professional services to small and mid-size businesses.

By: MyDomain, Inc. From USA


By: OnlyDomains
Based on 10 Votes


OnlineNIC is a wholesale domain registration and reseller service that allows you to find and register affordable domain names online.

By: OnlineNIC, Inc. From USA

Melbourne IT

They offer complete web applications for small businesses and enterprises...

By: Melbourne IT Ltd From Australia
Based on 3 Votes


It is an Irish brand and offers Ireland and London domains for sale...

By: Register365
Based on 1 Vote


It allows quick and easy search of any domain name with popular generic and country...

By: EuroDNS S.A. From Luxembourg

Although it is a UK based company, it offers services globally and allows registrations of...

By: Namesco Limited From UK
Based on 2 Votes

1st Domains

The users can select unique names for their domain with different extensions as per the...

By: 1st Domains
Based on 2 Votes


It lets you choose from all popular and new domain extensions, such as .com, .net...

By: Ideegeo Group Limited From New Zealand
Based on 2 Votes


Dotster offers high quality domain registration and website services, including web hosting, web design, email...

By: Dotster, Inc. From USA


It is fast, convenient, and a dedicated service designed for handling large numbers of corporate...

By: HugeDomains
Based on 15 Votes


Unlike most domain managers that use registry-provided conventional backend systems, NameBright's creative team built their...

By: NameBright
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Snapnames Review and Overview

People often neglect the essence of the domain name while getting one for their website. Domain names that do not look authentic or don't relate to the services are less likely to be visited by the customers. Even while mentioning the address of the website in any advertisement, a domain name helps people determine the quality of the services. With an infinite number of websites on the internet, it seems impossible to get their hands on the desired domain name. SnapNames is created to deliver you with the best domain name for your website.

Wide range of options

SnapNames consists of the largest number of domain names out there. Customers can test their luck even with already taken domain names with back-ordering. If the current owner fails to renew the URL or it gets disbanded, SnapNames works on getting the domain name for you. There are URLs that are booked by many customers. SnapNames organizes an auction in such cases with automated processing by getting maximum bids from each user. Customers are provided assistance even in getting premium domain names for their websites.

For buyers and sellers

SnapNames has been in the business for more than a decade. It is not limited to people searching for specific domain names but also the sellers who are willing to auction their premium URLs. It helps them in reaching out to a large audience which results in getting the best price for their URL. It is easy to set up and the seller gets full access to a large number of potential buyers on a global scale. SnapNames can turn a URL into a source of income for the sellers.

Easy and Secure

SnapNames maintains its own mobile applications to keep the users updated anytime, anywhere. Buyers can make a bid or confirm the availability of the desired URL through mobile applications. SnapNames also updates the customer with emails. All the transactions are performed through secured gateways. SnapNames provides constant assistance in case of any technical or marketing queries. All the processes are monitored and recorded by a team of specialized members regularly.

Company Information

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