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Eager to turn heads with your impressing video presentations? Get the services from Explaindio offering awesome 2D and 3D marketing videos, doodle videos, training and explainer videos in just a few minutes without any programming skill.

Top Explaindio Alternatives
  • Promo.com
  • Renderforest
  • Animoto
  • ShowMore
  • Animatron
  • Explee
  • Hippo Video
  • Dubb
  • Wochit
  • Biteable
  • Rawshorts
  • Bonjoro
  • Microsoft Stream
  • Animaker
  • vooPlayer
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Top Explaindio Alternatives and Overview



Promo.com allows users to create cutting edge standout videos, social media videos, explainers, product videos, and much more.

By: Easy Hi Ltd.
Based on 14 Votes


Searching for the right software to create animation videos? Consider using a cloud-based software from Renderforest offering free tools for professional intros and outros, animations, slideshows.

By: Renderforest LLC
Based on 28 Votes


Design awesome slideshows from photos, music and videos from Animoto software.

By: Animoto Inc.
Based on 13 Votes


ShowMore is a platform designed to allow users to create and publish videos at ease.

By: Cher
Based on 2 Votes


If you need to create marketing and animation videos in no time, consider trying software from Animatron.

By: Animatron Inc
Based on 22 Votes


Looking forward to creating you're first ever video? Explore making your first one from Explee offering plethora of features and concepts.

By: Explee

Hippo Video

These videos help in attracting the customers and improves the company’s performance in the market...

By: Lyceum Technologies Inc.
Based on 95 Votes


You can edit videos even from your mobile device and send it out to all...

By: Dubb
Based on 17 Votes


Explore software from Wochit offering a cool way to engage the target audience...

By: Wochit Inc.
Based on 1 Vote


Check out how to make videos from Biteable offering the creation of video ads, animations...

By: Biteable Pty Ltd
Based on 15 Votes


The software offers video creation content for marketing, learners across formats and a wide range...



It helps the employees to send customized messages and videos to the customers for personalized...

By: Bonjoro
Based on 17 Votes

Microsoft Stream

By: Microsoft
Based on 6 Votes


The company builds software with easy drag and drop features, video types and products to...

By: Animaker Inc.
Based on 8 Votes


It can be implemented easily in any company page, from where it starts offering exceptional...

By: vooPlayer
Based on 18 Votes

Explaindio Review and Overview

Advertising has reached a whole new level with the advancement of advertisement videos circulating social media. Facebook and Instagram advertising, with the help of short videos, is the newest trend followed by marketing professionals in popularizing the worth of their products.

In the rising field of Video Marketing, a prominent name is Explaindio. Explaindio helps you in creating various kinds of videos. Some examples are 2D animation, 3D animation, Doodle Sketch, Motion Videos, etc. Explaindio is easy to use and affordable. 

How Does It Work? 

Explaindio is said to work in three simple steps. These three simple steps include Create, Customize and Export & Share. Taking into consideration the first step, that is Create, one can understand that the step is quite simple and only involves the selection of an image or video which would get you started.

On taking into consideration the second step, which is Customize, it refers to the editing processes that include the addition of customized messages and effects. On taking into consideration the third and final step, which is Export & Share, one can see that one is able to export the created and customized file onto one’s laptop and share it on the different social media platforms. 

Why Should You Choose Explaindio over others?

When comparing video editing platforms, it can be seen that most of the software involved is quite hard to grasp and use. Being a business person doesn’t always offer you the luxury of taking time out of your busy schedule to make an edit to promote your products on social media. This problem can be overcome with the help of Explaindio.

Explaindio is very easy to use. You are only expected to drag and drop videos accordingly to create your professional-level video. You also don’t have to pay a great amount of money to get Explaindio; it is quite affordable. They also offer occasional bonuses which will save you a lot of money. 

Company Information

Company Name: explaindio LLC

Top Features

  • Doodle Sketch
  • Motion Video Creation
  • Sketch To Video
  • 2d And 3d Animations
  • Intuitive Design
  • Whiteboard Sketch
  • Full Motion Videos
  • On-screen Effects
  • Inspiring Transitions. Unlimited Commercial License
  • Target Audience Engagement
  • No Programming Experience
  • High Conversion
  • Video Content Samples
  • Not Cloud-based
  • Quick Video Tweaks
  • Quick Changes
  • Multiple Concurrent Animations
  • Full Multi-timeline Editing
  • Full 3d Animations
  • External 3d Elements Import
  • Pre-made Text Animation
  • Video Creation Wizard
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Built-in Transitions
  • Popular Format Support
  • Pixabay Integration
  • Background Audio Tracks
  • Fonts
  • 6 Animated Characters.
  • Video Tutorials