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ExtraaEdge is a Customer Relationship Management software for the education industry. It intelligently predicts reasons for admission of students into a specific course, as well as manage related tasks using automation services. Education counsellors can also make use of integrations in-app to communicate with students for admission and answering queries.

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Top ExtraaEdge Alternatives and Overview



Salesforce provides CRM cloud and cloud computing software that helps your business to grow sales faster.

By: salesforce.com, inc From USA
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Act provides affordable and easy-to-use contact management and email marketing software for small business.

By: Swiftpage ACT! LLC From USA


Close is a Customer Relationship Management software for small and medium-sized businesses to improve their sales.

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Interspire is a software that helps in the Email marketing process.

By: Interspire
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By: You Don't Need a CRM
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Pipeliner CRM

By: Pipelinersales Inc.
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By: Teamgate, UAB
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Maximizer CRM

By: Maximizer Software
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Infusionsoft CRM

It features contact management, marketing automation, sales automation, online selling and e-commerce platform, detailed reports...

By: Infusion Software, Inc From USA


It features suggested follow-ups, intelligence fields, closest connection finder, sales data automation, detailed sales reporting...

By: RelateIQ Inc From USA

SuperOffice CRM

It keeps tracks all consumer interactions and helps to manage consumer relationships anytime, anywhere...

By: SuperOffice AS
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The comprehensive software offers a unified platform for companies to plan and sequentially monetize their...

By: Integrated Reporting is Simple LLC
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MagHub features for billing, freelancers, subscriptions, and projects, and more...

By: Aysling LLC
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It features recommended follow-ups, calendar events, upcoming task reminders, previous interaction review, offline interaction notes...

By: Contactually, Inc From USA
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solve 360

By: Norada Corporation
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ExtraaEdge Review and Overview

There are a whole bunch of CRM software available in the market. But ExtraaEdge is one of the best CRM software developed specifically for educational institutions for managing admissions & keeping student records.ExtraaEdge not only helps in admissions but also in the marketing of the educational institution. It comes with simple APIs to automate the process of making online admission forms with payment gateways and connect enquiry forms.

Identifying Students who are likely to join

ExtraaEdge analyses student behaviour using trained machine learning models to predict if a student is interested to join or not. It assigns opportunity scores – used to determine the probability of successful admission. This makes it easy for the admission counsellors to identify & prioritize them and hence saves a lot of time. It has a streamlined admission funnel which automatically changes according to steps taken by the student – and categorizes them based on their willingness to take admission. You can also set up smart reminders to notify about closure & non-closure of admissions. It allows you to track links sent in emails, to calculate click rates and identify who all are not interested by checking who didn’t open the mail.

Seamless integration and Lead generation

It is possible to integrate Social media handles, Google Adwords, Instagram & Facebook Ads, and much more with ExtraaEdge. This essentially means that it is possible to track from where a student seeking admission got to know about the institution – this is an immensely helpful feature. It also fetches backlinks and does keyword research to help with the creation of ads.

You can connect existing website landing pages, online admission forms and also features API to transfer an enrolment procedure to any specified ERP.

Intuitive communication methods

By analyzing the leads and tracking the interests of students, it generates compelling Email and SMS templates within minutes. ExtraaEdge features the use of NLP based chatbots that engage users and recognize the student responses using AI and provide automated replies faster.

It is also possible to schedule follow-ups and walk-ins and the rest of the communication between students and institutions using autopilot. There is another neat feature – it allows us to connect to IVR services directly from the software and also to record them.

Analysis of Admission procedures made easy

ExtraaEdge allows you to set up customizable dashboards to monitor the progress of every process and also to create performance measures across various steps of the admission process. Also, each team in-charge can monitor their performance using their smartphones.

It allows creating reports based on the above activity and delivering actionable data to process the admission procedure. A complete overview of every task can be viewed in the dashboard.

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