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Filestack is a developer’s friend in need. It helps them handle files and manage the uploading, transformations, and delivery to any app. The CIN network ensures videos and images are uploaded at high speed while its virus protection intelligence keeps malicious files at bay throughout the workflow. Without the need for any additional infrastructure, web pages, and document formats can be converted into desired forms with Filestack API.

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Top Filestack Alternatives
  • Azure
  • LimeLight
  • Bootstrapcdn
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Limelight Networks
  • MaxCDN
  • Highwinds
  • Akamai CDN
  • KeyCDN
  • Cloudinary
  • CDN77
  • Google Cloud CDN
  • EdgeCast
  • Yottaa
  • Cachefly
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Top Filestack Alternatives and Overview



Azure is a modern-day content delivery network designed for high-bandwidth content.

By: Microsoft Corporation From USA
Based on 87 Votes


Limelight ensures fast, reliable and secure delivery of digital content over the internet.

By: Limelight Networks, Inc. From USA
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By: Bootstrapcdn
Based on 13 Votes

Cloudflare CDN

CloudFlare content delivery network has been designed over a powerful set of hardware, internet server and networks with the aim of making it a next-generation CDN.

By: CloudFlare, Inc. From USA
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Limelight Networks

Limelight Network is a robust content delivery network that delivers high-quality videos and content without making your users wait for it for too long.

By: Limelight Networks
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MaxCDN is an online content delivery system designed to delivery content faster on any device.

By: NetDNA, LLC. From USA


Whether you are allowing users to download large files or streaming live videos on your...

By: Highwinds Network Group, Inc. From USA

Akamai CDN

In addition to multi-device delivery, Akamai ensures faster and secure transaction and delivery of rich...

By: Akamai Technologies, Inc. From USA


KeyCDN features and applications include SPDY 3.1 and OCSP stapling, real-time raw logs, 24x7 global...

By: proinity LLC From Switzerland
Based on 23 Votes


The software allows websites and business to upload and manage their images in the cloud...

By: Cloudinary Ltd. From USA
Based on 28 Votes


Some of the reasons to use CDN77 include transparent pricing with pay as you go...

By: DataCamp Limited From UK
Based on 6 Votes

Google Cloud CDN

By: Google
Based on 14 Votes


EdgeCast offers several services including live streaming to worldwide viewers, website and content security, spike...

By: EdgeCast Networks, Inc. From USA


It is the all in one solution for web and mobile applications...

By: Yottaa
Based on 1 Vote


The CDN is ideal for media websites, entertainment companies and big enterprises that deal in...

By: CacheNetworks, LLC From USA
Based on 6 Votes

Filestack Review and Overview

File handling comes with its whole baggage of hassle. For developers, this means finding the content, upload them, perform conversions, and optimize them for fast delivery. You would need a solution that streamlines all these processes and gives you peace of mind. The service also needs to be Global Data Protection Regulation or GDPR compliant and secure, right? Filestack comes as an ideal option that meets all the above requirements and more. Developers across the globe use Filestack as a safe and reliable file handling service to manage over 100,000 applications.  

A quicker way to upload files

A robust and easy-to-use API on Filestack helps you acquire user content in all forms (video, audio, image, text) from anywhere and upload it with lightning speed. iOS and Android devices can be easily integrated along with URL ingestion. In fact, you get over 20 integrated sources in your hand. Uploads are reliable, even from mobile devices, thanks to Filestack’s Content Ingestion Network (CIN). Filelinks are generated in no time, and you can then have asynchronous uploads from your Filestack storage to your location. So, never miss another upload in your development workflow once you start using Filestack.      

Robust file transformation and conversions

Before your files are uploaded and made available in your apps, you can optimize them and make immediate transformations on the network as deemed suitable. Filestack has options for image manipulation, including the provision for applying effects and filters for beautification. Texts and borders can also be added. All such conversions are possible without any additional infrastructure. You can use the URL-based Filestack API to interchange formats or transform web pages without impacting your framework, even the slightest bit.   

An intelligent solution with in-built virus protection

FileStack intelligently documents and filters content. If any copyright infringement issues are detected in the images you are uploading, it will immediately warn you. It also understands the content of your image with an advanced Object Detection algorithm. Across your workflow, Filestack will be on the lookout for any possible virus attack. Every file is scanned before being uploaded. If any suspicious file is detected, it will instantly quarantine it. This way, your app remains safe from any malicious element and keeps its integrity intact.

Company Information

Company Name: Filestack

Founded in: 2012