Document Management Software

Managing large amounts of documents might give you lots of potential problems if you still do it manually. With a lot of papers to manage, the archival system of your business might easily become too complicated as you pile more documents over time. With document management software, your business can go paperless while still be able to manage and organize all your documents efficiently.

These are some of the best document management software to use for your business.



PinPoint provides the document management solutions that work for your business.

By: LSSP Corporation From USA
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Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs provides document management software for business, with simple and effortless platform.

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From USA
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Asite provides contract and document management software that allows corporate collaboration.

By: Asite Solutions Ltd. From UK


The PDF Pro is an online free site that allows you to edit, create and convert PDF files with its advanced tool by uploading a file safely on the site and getting to work on it.

By: PDF Pro
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DocuWare provides digital document management solutions for business. It offers various products...

By: DocuWare GmbH From Germany
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Laserfiche provides ECM, BPM, and document management software with a simple and elegant platform for enterprises.

By: Compulink Management Center, Inc From USA
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OnBase provides enterprise content management software, which helps to minimize risk, improve customer service, and reduce operating costs.

By: Hyland Software, Inc From US
Based on 10 Votes


iText is a powerful PDF toolkit for generation, handling, and manipulation.

By: iText Group


By: Infoslips


NetDocuments provides top quality cloud-based document and email management software for enterprises.

By: NetVoyage Corporation From USA
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BSCW or Basic Software for Cooperative Work is, as the name suggests, a collaborative workspace software.

By: OrbiTeam Software


eFileCabinet provides a document management software that turns your business into a paperless office.

By: eFileCabinet, Inc From USA
Based on 61 Votes


Board meetings should be informed, effective, and uncomplicated.

By: Passageways
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SpringCM provides contract management and workflow automation software, which helps you to close the deals faster.

By: SpringCM Inc From USA
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OpenKM is online software that assists enterprises in the management of documents and content.

By: OpenKM
Based on 17 Votes


LogicalDOC has been successfully serving all kind of organizations worldwide for over 10 years.

By: LogicalDOC Srl From USA
Based on 10 Votes


M-Files provide information management solutions for enterprises, which can even be used in highly regulated industries.

By: M-FilesĀ Inc From USA
Based on 18 Votes


docSTAR provides document management and ECM software with intelligent data capture and cloud accessibility.

By: Astria Solutions Group, LLC From USA


OpenDocMan provides free and open-source document management software written in PHP.

By: Logical Arts LLC From USA


FileBound provides a document management system that helps to improve work management for your business.

By: Upland Software, Inc From USA
Based on 4 Votes


Dokmee provides document management solutions for businesses. It features document scanning, active...

By: Office Gemini, LLC From USA


FileHold provides good document management and record management software designed for any type of business.

By: FileHold Systems Inc From Canada
Based on 9 Votes


infoRouter solves your enterprise-level document management headaches through rich set of rock-solid tools including Content Management, Document Routing, Electronic Forms, Scanning, Archiving, Indexing and Records Management modules.

By: Active Innovations, Inc. From USA
Based on 8 Votes


Contentverse provides easy document management and digital filing software with user-friendly platform.

By: Computhink, Inc From USA
Based on 15 Votes

Alfresco One

Alfresco One provides modern content management software designed for enterprises. It features...

By: Alfresco Software, Ltd From UK


MaxxVault provides electronic document management systems for enterprises, which can be used in many vertical industries.

By: MaxxVault LLC From USA


Doccept provides electronic document management system that helps to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

By: Kensium Solutions From USA


Fosslook is a business automation, document management and workflow solution that can organize, secure and manage all of your business's documents in one place.

By: FOSS-On-Line Ltd From Ukraine
Based on 4 Votes

Lexmark Document Management

Lexmark Document Management allows you to collaborate with your team, securely store documents, and access your document easily from anywhere.

By: Perceptive Software, Inc From USA

Docsie is a documentation management platform that makes it easy for product teams to create and maintain their website documentation without having to manually redeploy after every edit.

By: Likalo LLC

As a part of our daily usage and work, we often come across various files and documents. We send some; we receive some. As part of most modern-day jobs, employees have to carry out the bulk of their procedures online, and therefore there is a lot of digital documentation involved. In some processes, the level of documentation required is so high that many employees end up misfiling their documents and then struggle to locate them. Such problems lead to a lot of unwanted consequences. For instance, such misfiling materials can lead to wastage of unnecessary work time and may also delay the process in question. Additionally, it can also lead to data theft in some cases.

Why is document management software needed?

Therefore, to streamline the process of document management and enable employees to manage their documents more efficiently, many organizations use document management software. The document management software is multi-faceted and comes with a multitude of features. The users can use them to share, receive, view, and store files making it extremely convenient for them. The document management tools allow users to keep all their essential documents in one place safely. Additionally, these software tools come with easy file search options that let users easily search and locate files and avoid any hassles.

Safety and security features on offer

Apart from the search options, these software tools also offer a variety of safety and accessibility features. Features like versioning and single sign-on are offered as standard on most of the document management tools. In addition to these, the tools also offer storage features. Most of the leading document management tools available in the marketplace offer convenient integration options with popular cloud-based storage platforms. The facility to sync the cloud with the software enables users to work from anywhere and anytime. Apart from the flexibility, it also offers added security to sensitive documents that may otherwise be not so safe considering the misuse of external storage devices.

Essential features that smoothen workflows

Other features offered by these tools include options like e-signature that allow users to sign a variety of documents digitally and authorize various contracts. These e-signatures hold a lot of value in the organizational setup, and their integration with the document management tools enables users to go about their work smoothly and complete it within the stipulated time. Apart from these, the tools also offer options to access the documents through smartphones and tablets. Cross-device accessibility is an important feature given the dynamic nature of jobs these days. Dedicate apps for various app platforms enable users to access their files from various devices and make necessary changes to them.

Future of document management software

Document management software tools are an essential part of the modern-day organizational setup. They enable users to easily access the files and documents they need and do so in an extremely secure way. Additionally, the other integrations that these tools have to offer further enhance the usability of these tools and make it that much more convenient for users. With the world increasingly going digital every day, document management tools are fast becoming a necessity for most users. Their usage will surely increase in the time to come.