By: Rarestep, Inc.

Provides modern fleet management software that helps you to manage your vehicle and equipment easily. It features all vehicle details, real-time cost per minute, vehicle defect reporting, work order management, service records, and more. It also offers fuel management features, including fuel economy tracking, import fuel transactions, fuel card integrations, and fuel tracking app.

From: USA
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Top Fleetio Alternatives
  • MyGeotab
  • Fleetmatics Reveal
  • HOS247 ELD Logbook
  • GPS Insight
  • Spireon
  • Telogis
  • Wialon Hosting
  • Roadnet
  • Teletrac
  • GPSTrackIt
  • Element Fleet Services
  • AVLView
  • Verizon Connect
  • Verizon Networkfleet
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Top Fleetio Alternatives and Overview



Provides fleet management and vehicle tracking software that allows you to manage all your fleet from one platform.

By: Geotab Inc From Canada
Based on 15 Votes

Fleetmatics Reveal

Provides top GPS and fleet management software that allows you to track your fleet assets and focus more on your drivers.

By: Fleetmatics Development Limited From USA

HOS247 ELD Logbook

HOS247 ELD is a comprehensive electronic logging device solution designed to ensure FMCSA compliance and enhance fleet safety and productivity.

From USA
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Provides online fleet management software that allows you to manage your fleet anytime and anywhere from your PC.

By: TomTom Telematics BV From Netherlands

GPS Insight

Provides fleet tracking software that allows you to manage and locate your fleet anytime.

By: GPS Insight, LLC From USA
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Spireon is one of the leading providers of fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking software solutions, pioneering open-connected vehicle technology and serving fleet businesses and car dealerships throughout North America.

By: Spireon Inc. From USA


It features custom hierarchies, cloud-based platform, integration, smarter maintenance, real-time alerts, trend analysis, satellite view...

By: Telogis, Inc From USA

Wialon Hosting

It features user account management, various maps support, route visualization, POI marking, email and SMS...

By: Gurtam From Belarus


The software features territory planner, anywhere routing and dispatching, telematics, info center, performance dashboard, data...

By: Technologies, Inc From USA


It features vehicle diagnostics, safety analytics, mobile alerts, two-way messaging, reporting, business intelligence, control panel...

By: Teletrac Inc From USA


It features unlimited landmarks, real-time locating on demand, two-way messaging, instant alerts, color-coded vehicle status...

By: Global Tracking Communications, Inc From USA

Element Fleet Services

Providing premier fleet management and telematics services to fleets within a broad range of industries...

By: Element Fleet Management, Inc From USA


It features live GPS tracking, notifications, theft protection, fuel management, dispatch system, surveillance, charts and...

By: AVLView.com From Singapore
Based on 3 Votes

Verizon Connect

You can see their speed, idling and traffic safety easily...

By: Verizon Connect
Based on 47 Votes

Verizon Networkfleet

It features tracking, diagnostics, maps, alerts, reporting, roadside assistance, maintenance, and asset tracking...

By: Networkfleet, Inc From USA

Fleetio Review and Overview

Fleetio- a software-based company which deals with management, maintenance and tracking of mobiles. Fleetio simplifies the fleet operation task and spoons feed it to their customers. Fleet Management is the core pillar to govern as well as instruct fleet operation. Fleetio imparts you a user-friendly software which enables you to manage and maintain your assets from anywhere.

The count can be anything greater than ten. The company was founded in the year 2012 by a leading professional Tony Summerville. Fleetio is a quickly growing company with their current establishment in 80+ countries and with the fantastic support of 2,50,000 vehicles and operators. 

What is fleet Management 

Fleet corresponds to a group of vehicles ( in this context) operating under the same ownership. Fleet management is a task to safeguard and maintain your mobile. Fleet Management can refer to the management of work vehicles such as cars, bikes, trucks, busses, work machines etc.

Fleet management can include management not vehicles, licensing of vehicles, tracking of vehicles, accident Management, management of fuel, management of health and safety of your vehicle. Fleet Management enhances productivity and improves its efficiency. Fleet management reduces the risk factor which is linked with vehicle investment. It cuts down the cost of vehicle transportation and increases a vehicle’s lifetime.

What do they provide?

With Fleetio you are interlinked with your fleet through software, which enables you to manage and maintain your vehicle even from a long distance. Fleetio comes with uniqueness; they are the only company which provides fleet management, maintenance and fleet tracking under one roof. These are services that are provided by Fleetio. 

  • The system manages maintenance – Fleetio provides you preventative management and issues your routine inspection. Fleetio can impart you with a repair slip to fill in the cracks again.
  • Cost of running – Fleetio helps you to understand what is the true cost expenditure needed to keep your vehicle running.  Fleetio helps you increase your profitability, enhance your lifecycle and double your productivity. Fleetio enables you to track the utilization of your assets, improve your cost per mile and the cost of your vehicle. 
  • Fuel management – Fleetio gives you full-time reliability. It provides you with an indication related to fuel management. It provides you fuel optimization up to real-time to improve its utility and efficiency.
  • Connection through business – With so many facilities provided it establishes your connection with business professionals. It helps you build your custom integration with businessman according to your needs.

Company Information

Company Name: Rarestep, Inc.

Company Address: 1500 1st Avenue North Unit #77, Birmingham, AL, USA

Founded in: 2011