Fleet Management Software

If you are running a transportation business, it is important for you to manage and track your fleet effectively. Fleet Management Software helps you to track your fleet anywhere, as well as improve the safety of your drivers and vehicles. By using this software, you can manage fleets of all sizes and track their location anywhere, whether it is for business or personal use.

These are the best fleet management software that you can use:



Provides fleet management and vehicle tracking software that allows you to manage all your fleet from one platform.

By: Geotab Inc From Canada
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Fleetmatics Reveal

Provides top GPS and fleet management software that allows you to track your fleet assets and focus more on your drivers.

By: Fleetmatics Development Limited From USA

HOS247 ELD Logbook

HOS247 ELD is a comprehensive electronic logging device solution designed to ensure FMCSA compliance and enhance fleet safety and productivity.

From USA
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Provides modern fleet management software that helps you to manage your vehicle and equipment easily.

By: Rarestep, Inc. From USA
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Provides online fleet management software that allows you to manage your fleet anytime and anywhere from your PC.

By: TomTom Telematics BV From Netherlands

GPS Insight

Provides fleet tracking software that allows you to manage and locate your fleet anytime.

By: GPS Insight, LLC From USA
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Spireon is one of the leading providers of fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking software solutions, pioneering open-connected vehicle technology and serving fleet businesses and car dealerships throughout North America.

By: Spireon Inc. From USA


Provides fleet management and GPS fleet tracking software that allows you to visualize your business in real time.

By: Telogis, Inc From USA

Wialon Hosting

Provides GPS tracking software with web-based solutions that allow you to cut extra expenses in buying and maintaining your GPS servers.

By: Gurtam From Belarus


Provides fleet routing and tracking software that allows you to plan your routes and collect data in real-time.

By: Technologies, Inc From USA


Provides fleet analytics and fleet management software that allows you to analyze your overall fleet performance.

By: Teletrac Inc From USA


Provides GPS fleet tracking and fleet management software that allows you to improve your business performance.

By: Global Tracking Communications, Inc From USA

Element Fleet Services

Element Fleet is Element Finance Corporation’s fleet management sector. Providing premier fleet...

By: Element Fleet Management, Inc From USA


Provides GPS vehicle tracking and all-in-one fleet automation system that helps to regain full control of your vehicles.

By: AVLView.com From Singapore
Based on 3 Votes

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is a fleet management software that helps track vehicles that are under your fleet and check their location and safety in real-time.

By: Verizon Connect
Based on 47 Votes

Verizon Networkfleet

Provides GPS fleet management software that allows you to manage fleet of all sizes, whether for personal or business use.

By: Networkfleet, Inc From USA

Vinity Soft

Provides fleet management software which includes vehicle fleet manager and tool and asset manager.

By: Vinity Soft Inc From Canada

Fleet Genius

Provides vehicle fleet management software with driver safety monitoring and fleet tracking function.

By: Technologies, Inc From USA

IMS Fleet Maintenance Pro

Provides powerful fleet management software designed for repair and preventive maintenance on vehicles and equipment.

By: Innovative Maintenance Systems From USA

Agile FleetCommander

Provides web-based fleet and motor pool software that allows you to manage and right-size your fleet and motor pool.

By: Agile Access Control, Inc From USA


Provides transport fleet program and fleet management software with workforce data capture solutions.

By: Chevin Fleet Solutions From UK

Travel and commuting have always been an integral part of our life. Everybody has a reason to travel—those who don’t try to find a cause and purpose by traveling. Everyone is a traveler on this journey called life. However, coming to the more practical side of it, we don’t realize how much traveling has changed in the last hundred years or so. We’ve seen the largest of jets and the smallest of cars manufactured in the previous hundred years. Our public transport systems have seen a complete revamp in the last two decades. All this has been possible due to rapid developments in transportation technology all over the world.

The changes in the transport sector

Nations around the world have invested heavily in public transport infrastructure and have funded several mass mobility projects. Apart from the government-funded public transport programs, the private and commercial transport programs have also seen significant advancement. With the introduction of Global positioning system (GPS) tracking vehicle movements in real-time has become possible, leading to a better pace of delivery. Additionally, the introduction of app-based booking services has made sure that these transport companies get enough business all the time. While these changes are a step in the right direction, one also has to consider the rising scale of these transport businesses.

Why fleet management software are essential?

As nations are developing, there is an increased demand for goods and services, leading to a higher demand for transportation services. With an increase in demand, there comes the problem of fleet management. The transportation business is all about efficient fleet management, as it is only this that can help a company perform at its optimum capacity. Therefore to address these operational issues, many transportation businesses make use of fleet management software. Fleet management software enables users to organize and manage their fleet effectively. These tools ensure the optimum usage of all available vehicles and help users eliminate the inefficiencies.

What does fleet management software do?

Further, the integration of vehicle tracking systems with these software tools enables users to track their vehicles in real-time and estimate delivery times. This also allows them to notify their customers about the possible delivery time. Apart from these, the tools also offer other features like vehicle management, driver management, and incident management. Running a fleet of vehicles requires users to look into several areas. One of them is legal and compliance issues. The owners of the fleet need to pay regular taxes related to the business, get various other checks done on the vehicle, and also need to ensure its proper upkeep and maintenance.

The solution to all operational problems

In addition to these, the fleet owners also need to deal with drivers daily. The work schedules of the drivers need to be monitored appropriately so as to ensure that they are getting proper rest. Apart from these, the fleet owner is also expected to manage untoward incidents like accidents and vehicle breakdowns. As you can, fleet management involves a plethora of tasks, and it is very difficult to manage all these tasks without any software help. Therefore, fleet management software tools provided adequate features that help users execute all these tasks effectively.