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GoodHire employee screening solutions are designed to simplify the recruitment process for companies by providing them detailed employee background reports. GoodHire employee screening report is based on various details including SSN trace, address history verification, national criminal database check, terrorist watchlist check, school verification, professional license verification, drug screening, sex offender registry search, 7-year county criminal check, employer verification, motor vehicle record check, and more.

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Top GoodHire Alternatives and Overview



ESR (Employment Screening Resources) offers employee screening and criminal background check services for companies.

By: Employment Screening Resources From USA


EBI (Employment Background Investigations) provides a set of tools and products for pre employment background checks.

By: Employment Background Investigations, Inc. From USA


HireRight offers thorough employee screening and background check process for companies all over the world.

By: HireRight, Inc. From USA
Based on 26 Votes

First Advantage

First Advantage conducts various employee background checks and identity verification processes on behalf of client companies.

By: First Advantage Corporation From USA
Based on 15 Votes


OnFido is a reliable and effective employee background check service for HR professionals and recruitment agencies.

By: Onfido From UK
Based on 1 Vote

Accurate Background

Accurate Background is an employee background check service hired by companies to conduct employee screening and pre-employment background checks to ensure a secure and healthy hiring process.

By: Accurate Background, Inc. From USA
Based on 5 Votes


In addition to health check, PreCheck also conducts several other checks to ensure that the...

By: PreCheck From USA


With its leverage contacts in court systems, law enforcement and researchers, Asurint is able to...

By: Asurint From USA


Half of resumes contain wrong information about the person and SterlingBackcheck makes sure that the...

By: SterlingBackcheck From USA


The company protects various brands with proven business technology...

By: Crimcheck Holdings, LLC


TalentWise applicant screening services are designed to ensure that the employees you are hiring are...

By: TalentWise, Inc. From USA

Universal Background

It is a complete employment screening solution for employee drug testing, physical & health checkup...

By: Universal Background Screening, Inc. From USA

AccuSource, Inc.

AccuSource is a full-service employment background screening provider offering industry-leading...

By: AccuSource, Inc. From United States

Corporate Screening

Corporate Screening can be customized to meet the background check needs of a specific company...

By: Corporate Screening Services, Inc. From USA


It conducts thorough background check for candidates against possible criminal records, substance abuse screening, referencing...

By: EmployeeScreenIQ From USA
Based on 3 Votes

GoodHire Review and Overview

Employees are the backbone of any industry. Required talent for a post can be found out by the employers with the help yardsticks they have created. But getting information about their background of education, criminal activities, and past employments etc. checked is time-consuming and not foolproof.

GoodHire helps employers to hire their staff by doing a background check in every aspect. They also assist those employment seekers with criminal records to reenter employment. They are in community engagement too by supporting non-profit organizations.

How did it all start?

The founders of Good Hire took advantage of the digitalization process which was in early 2000. These innovative enterprises embraced the opportunity of helping Human Resources and the Operational department in their demanding and routine job of background verification.

Since the information about court and public was available digitally, the need was to make use of it by extracting information that GoodHire did for helping the needy employers. They have over ten years of experience in organizing, identifying and maintaining the needed privacy in such solutions.

Good Hire constructed a platform to check background information for the business community. This helped in easing their burden of background checking concerning prospective employees with ease and accuracy at affordable cost and speed. This also helps them in achieving statutory requirements.

How has GoodHire helped?

GoodHire has made it easy for the business community in hiring employees. This has helped them in improving their business with much confidence in their staff and as a result, focus on the development of business. The services of Good Hire are ongoing, hassle-free and affordable.

Company Information

Company Name: Goodhire, LLC

Company Address: P.O. Box 391146, Omaha, NE, USA

Founded in: 2012