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HireRight offers thorough employee screening and background check process for companies all over the world. It makes sure that the employee you are going to hire is suitable for the specific position and belongs to a healthy background. Various employee background check processes involve education verification, documents checking, form I-9 & E-verify, drug & health testing, identity checks, candidate experience, workforce screening, executive intelligence, and more.

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Top HireRight Alternatives and Overview



ESR (Employment Screening Resources) offers employee screening and criminal background check services for companies.

By: Employment Screening Resources From USA


EBI (Employment Background Investigations) provides a set of tools and products for pre employment background checks.

By: Employment Background Investigations, Inc. From USA

First Advantage

First Advantage conducts various employee background checks and identity verification processes on behalf of client companies.

By: First Advantage Corporation From USA
Based on 15 Votes


OnFido is a reliable and effective employee background check service for HR professionals and recruitment agencies.

By: Onfido From UK
Based on 1 Vote

Accurate Background

Accurate Background is an employee background check service hired by companies to conduct employee screening and pre-employment background checks to ensure a secure and healthy hiring process.

By: Accurate Background, Inc. From USA
Based on 5 Votes


PreCheck is a pre employment check and screening service used by companies to check the background and healthcare standards of a candidate before hiring.

By: PreCheck From USA


GoodHire employee screening report is based on various details including SSN trace, address history verification...

By: Goodhire, LLC From USA
Based on 10 Votes


With its leverage contacts in court systems, law enforcement and researchers, Asurint is able to...

By: Asurint From USA


Half of resumes contain wrong information about the person and SterlingBackcheck makes sure that the...

By: SterlingBackcheck From USA


The company protects various brands with proven business technology...

By: Crimcheck Holdings, LLC


TalentWise applicant screening services are designed to ensure that the employees you are hiring are...

By: TalentWise, Inc. From USA

Universal Background

It is a complete employment screening solution for employee drug testing, physical & health checkup...

By: Universal Background Screening, Inc. From USA

AccuSource, Inc.

AccuSource is a full-service employment background screening provider offering industry-leading...

By: AccuSource, Inc. From United States

Corporate Screening

Corporate Screening can be customized to meet the background check needs of a specific company...

By: Corporate Screening Services, Inc. From USA


It conducts thorough background check for candidates against possible criminal records, substance abuse screening, referencing...

By: EmployeeScreenIQ From USA
Based on 3 Votes

HireRight Review and Overview

Hiring new employees can be one tough task, especially the part for background verification. Many times, wrong people are put on the job, thanks to the lack of verification procedures and erroneous information. To provide a better verification process, there are new setups known as Employee Verification Companies. These verification companies perform multiple procedures to check the identity of a hired employee and see if they are legit or not.

Out of many such verification companies, we have HireRight, a globally renowned company for background checking formed since 1995, in Irvine, California. They offer multiple solutions for background checking, employee screening, criminal record screening, global staff screening, etc. It houses many integrations too that enable these processes to go faster and smoother. Their teams span over 200 countries and have over 150 unique screening tools.

HireRight Background Check Services

HireRight has a number of background check services. It offers most data with integrity, has faster check speeds, and has the largest ATS tools. Most of its services are also based on the compliance standards of many countries. They claim to eliminate the suspicion of about 95% of customers using their background check services.

Background Check involves Employment Background Screening. This includes checking criminal records, history verification, credit history, academic verification, ID card verification, qualification verification, and financial regulatory checks. Since most of the things are covered adequately, it will be more than enough for most companies.

Meanwhile, Executive Screening helps in finding out the candidate background. It checks service, experience, potential, threats, social profile, etc. to judge an employee. It also employs summary, audit trails, interim reports, and other such checks. Now, to verify temporary staff, they have Extended Workforce Screening. The EWS check focuses on lessening risks, vendor compliances, consolidate program management, and other methods of local screening.

Candidate Experience Check is done to tally a recruited person’s work experience along with background checks. They relied on this service for complete accuracy, accessibility, and personal ratings. The same is the case with Criminal Record Checks, which involves looking into criminal history and authority indulgence of the employee. All the above programs are then woven together in HireRight Global. This offers same secure experience to all the organizations across the globe. Overall, HireRight has got an excellent interface and reputation with a sophisticated feature for employee background checks.

Company Information

Company Name: HireRight, Inc.

Company Address: 3349 Michelson Dr Suite 150, Irvine, CA, USA

Founded in: 1981

Top Features

Background Check & Verification
  • County Criminal Records
  • Federal Criminal Records
  • Federal Civil Records
  • Checking Prohibited Parties
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Searching Statewide Criminality
  • Widen Criminal History
  • Checking Identity
  • Passport Verification
  • Current Employer Verification
  • Education & Employment Verification
  • Checking Professional References
  • Electronic Form I-9 Verification
  • Candidate Experience Screening
  • Extended Workforce Solution
  • Adjudication & Adverse Action
  • Checking Employment Credit
  • Searching Federal Bankruptcy
  • Global Screening
Drug & Health Screening
  • Testing Post-Accident & Suspicion
  • Testing Alcohol & Drugs
  • Electronic Chain-of-Custody
  • Testing Hair Drug
  • Medical Questionnaire
  • Medical Review Officer
  • Occupational Health Services
  • Physical Examination & Capability
  • Testing Saliva Drug
  • Testing Point-of-Collection