By: Siber Systems, Inc.

GoodSync is a file sync and backup software which allows you to take a backup using third party cloud services such as Google Drive, One Drive, S3 and many others. It is supposed by most platforms and offers some advanced features such as bandwidth throttling and version controling.

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Top GoodSync Alternatives
  • Sync
  • pCloud
  • Carbonite
  • IDrive
  • SugarSync
  • Zoolz
  • Google Drive
  • iCloud
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • MEGA
  • Box
  • ownCloud
  • Acronis True Image
  • Cubby
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Top GoodSync Alternatives and Overview



The encrypted cloud storage service can be one of the best alternative to Dropbox or OneDrive.

By: Inc.
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Provides personal and business cloud storage solutions that work as your private cloud storage.

By: pCloud AG From Switzerland
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Provides cloud backup service that allows you to securely protect your data online.

By: Carbonite, Inc From USA
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Provides online backup solutions that allow you to protect all your files, as well as your important business data.

By: IDrive Inc From USA
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Provides cloud file sharing, sync, and online backup solution that you can use for any device.

By: SugarSync, Inc From USA
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Backed by AWS infrastructure, Zoolz is a cloud backup and sync solution that provides affordable solutions for businesses and enterprise.

By: Genie9 LTD
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Google Drive

It allows you to store any file, see your files anywhere, as well as share...

By: Google Inc From USA
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It also allows you to access the web-only version if you don’t own any iOS...

By: Apple Inc From USA


It features safe and reliable backup, simple file sharing, read-only shared folders, remote wipe, password-protected...

By: Dropbox, Inc From USA
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It is connected with various services provided by Microsoft, including, Word Online, Excel Online...

By: Microsoft Corporation From USA
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It features end-to-end encryption, secure global access, secure collaboration, up to 4TB storage, mobile apps...

By: Mega Limited From New Zealand
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It features enterprise security, ecosystem apps, FTP alternative, document management, executive boardroom, project management, virtual...

By: Box, Inc From USA
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It features file sharing, encryption and security, activity feed, calendars and contacts, collaborative editing, and...

By: ownCloud, Inc From USA
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Acronis True Image

It features full disk-image backup, universal restore, quick data recovery, security and privacy, flexible file...

By: Acronis International GmbH From USA
Based on 15 Votes


It features public and private sharing, unlimited versioning, device wipe, direct sync, Cubby locks, centralized...

By: LogMeIn, Inc From USA

GoodSync Review and Overview

Data loss is always a very damaging process, but a large portion of the problem is easily mitigated if the data is backed up in another location. In that case, the data can simply be restored. GoodSync is a backup and synchronization solution for both domestic and enterprise use. All of its features are enterprise-level, and yet it can work with a whole lot of platforms and devices, including servers, desktop computers, laptops, and even smartphone devices. It also offers a variety of tools related to data sync between devices. GoodSync is lightweight, fast, and uses far fewer system resources compared to similar solutions. Additionally, it is very easy to use with a simple and organized interface. It is perfect for individual users and organizations that want their data preserved, always.

Autonomous data synchronizations ensuring that data losses are a thing of the past

Accidental deletion or corruption of data is not at all a major problem for a GoodSync user. GoodSync enables the user to perform professional backup services easily in a stepwise manner. Firstly, the suite must be installed on the device. Then the user has to create a ‘job’, using the respective function on the dashboard. This job must be labeled by the user and can either be a synchronization job requiring two storage devices, or a simple backup. In the case of both backups and synchronizations, the user has to select the desired files and folder to perform the operations on and the destination location.

Features of GoodSync that truly makes it an enterprise-level solution

GoodSync is highly compatible with all kinds of storage platforms, including cloud and NAS storage, and also supports popular file transferring systems. Adding to the convenience factor is the automation feature, through which the process of backing up and synchronization of specific items can be done automatically at user-defined time periods. All transfers are encrypted by the AES-256 algorithm completely so that the data can absolutely not be intercepted mid-transmission.

Company Information

Company Name: Siber Systems, Inc.

Founded in: 2009

Top Features

  • Real Time Data Transfer
  • Unattended Service
  • Block Level Transfer
  • AES-256 End to End
  • Version History
  • Copy Locked Files
  • File security
  • Bandwith Throttling