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An accurate grammar checking tool that you can use to ensure that your writing is spotless from grammatical, spelling, and other writing errors.

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  • ProWritingAid
  • Ginger Software
  • LanguageTool
  • WhiteSmoke
  • Phrase Express
  • AutoCrit
  • StyleWriter
  • CorrectEnglish
  • Analyze AcademicHelp
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Top Grammarly Alternatives and Overview



Provides one of the best and most comprehensive writing tools for any type of writers, with lots of features to enhance your writing.

By: Orpheus Technology
Based on 14 Votes

Ginger Software

Ginger is a simple and complete grammar checker tool that helps you to fix the mistakes in your writing instantly, with maximum accuracy that is better than the regular MS Word proofreader.

By: Ginger software
Based on 12 Votes


By: LanguageTooler
Based on 12 Votes


Offers a complete grammar-checker tool in two different versions: Writer and Anywhere..

By: WhiteSmoke Inc.
Based on 11 Votes

Phrase Express

Phrase Express is a tool designed as an auto-text or template insertion tool available on multiple platforms like Windows and Mac computers and iOS devices.

By: Bartels Media
Based on 4 Votes


While this software has been used by lots of authors, and it offers a reasonable rate per month, you can still find some other good editing tools out there.

By: AutoCrit


With various editions offered for the users, you can pick the one that matches with...

By: StyleWriter
Based on 3 Votes


It is available in three primary editions: Complete Edition, Teacher Edition, and Spanish Edition...

By: CorrectEnglish.

Analyze AcademicHelp

The professional analysis allows you to improve your writing assignments and achieve the highest grade...


Grammarly Review and Overview

Good: Provides a free grammar-checking tool that doubles as plagiarism checker. It gives a thorough check for your text, with complete suggestions to correct your text, including spelling, grammar, sentence structure, style, punctuation, and enhancement.

Bad: It doesn’t give you the suggestions to correct your writing unless you subscribe to one of their plans. The pricing plans offered by Grammarly might only be suitable for business users.


Grammarly is a grammar-checking software created by Grammarly Inc., a software company based in San Francisco (USA) and Kyiv (Ukraine). With more than 4 million users using this software, from corporations to universities, it has become one of the best grammar-checking tools on the internet. The company has also been regarded as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in North America.

All-in-One Checking Tool for Your Writing

Grammarly provides four different tools to check your writing: Grammar Check, Plagiarism Checker, Proofreading, and MS Office Add-In. Each tool helps to check your text and identify the mistakes that you have made in your writing. The Grammar Check tool helps to identify grammatical errors that you have made in your writing. The Plagiarism Checker tool helps to check whether your text is unique or not. The Proofreading tool helps to identify mistakes as you write your text. And the MS Office Add-In allows you to add the Grammarly app into your MS Office software, so that you can get a more comprehensive spelling and grammar checking function as you write texts in MS Office applications.

Modern Grammar-Checking Tool With Thorough Error Checking

This software is probably known as one of the strictest grammar-checking tool in the writing world. This is because it has advanced algorithms that check your text thoroughly for not only just the grammar or spelling errors, but also other errors as well, such as repetitive words, punctuation, word usage, readability, and so on. All is done in a single checking process. This is unlike the other editing tools that have separate processes for all those checking procedures. For instance, the other tools allow you to check for grammar only, or readability only. With this software, you can get lots of error messages simply because it checks your writing and consider all error-checking aspects in one go.

Identify Texts That Are Out Of Context

Not only Grammarly deals with the basic errors of your text, it also deals with something deeper than that. By using this editing tool, you will be able to improve your writing in a good way, because it has the built-in feature to help identify texts that are out of context. In this way, you can keep your writing relevant to the topic, and you can make it interesting to read from start to finish. This is because when your texts are out of context, it tends to be boring to read, since the texts are no longer relevant with the topic that is being discussed. Readers might stop reading the texts altogether when they discover this mistake. So, this software helps you prevent this problem from happening.

Check Your Writing Anywhere In The Web

This software comes with third-party integration that allows you to connect it with other applications, especially your web browser. By installing this software on your web browser, you can automatically check the texts that you write online, and ensure that your writing is error-free. It means that whatever type of writing that you do online, you can instantly check for your writing errors as you write. Whether you are writing an email, a social media post, a comment on the web, and many others, you don’t need to worry about embarrassing yourself because you post or send something with full of grammatical errors. Moreover, it makes the web a better place for everyone, and it might inspire your friends or people that you know to write better as well.

Complex Checking To Improve All Aspects Of Your Writing

Grammarly is a complex error-checking tool for any writers. It analyzes all aspects of your writing and determine whether your writing is good or bad. There is a summary of your writing that you can view at anytime in order to determine whether you’ve written a good piece of content or not. In short, this tool is unlike any other similar tools that perform only basic error-checking process for your content. It performs the advanced error-checking for your writing, which can accurately help you improve your writing in all aspects. It is backed by lots of professional linguists that are experts in English language, which ensure that your content is high quality and worth to publish anywhere.

Detailed Reports To Help Prevent Similar Writing Mistakes

The good thing about this writing software is that you get the detailed reports about your writing that summarize all your writing mistakes. These reports are very detailed, and you can find each mistake in your writing and why it was a mistake. In this way, hopefully you can learn to write better next time, or prevent similar mistakes in the future. You can compare the current report with your previous report to see if you are still doing the same mistakes in your writing or not. This is because your writing habit might not be easily changed unless you know that you need to change it. If you don’t know that your current writing habit is full of errors, then you might not have the chance to improve your writing. So, the detailed reports are there to help writers prevent similar writing mistakes and change their writing habits.

Good For Any Type Of Writing

While many other editing tools might be good only for specific types of writing, Grammarly offers the editing tool that is good for any type of writing. For instance, the other tools might be good only for academic writing, business writing, content writing, or fiction writing. But, this writing tool is good for any type of writing, whether you are an author or a blogger. However, don’t underestimate this editing tool, since it has all types of writing under the hood. It means that you upload a fiction manuscript, it can recognize the type of writing immediately for you and proceed with the error checking that is suitable for that type of writing. So, instead of paying for a standalone editing tool that works only for a specific type of writing, this software offers a better value for all writers.

Vocabulary Enhancement Suggestions

If you keep on using the same words over and over again, it might make your texts to become a bit boring and tiring to read. This is why this software has the repetitive word checker, and it suggests to you which words you should remove from your texts. It is important for you not to write repetitively using the same words, but instead, you can use similar words that convey similar meanings if you need to include the words repetitively. With the vocabulary enhancement suggestions, you can ensure that you get the best word suggestions for your writing, which not only remove repetitive words from your texts, but also enhance and expand your vocabulary as well. The more words that you know, the more creative your writing can be.

Check Your Writing For Specific Genres

This is an important feature if you write in specific topics or genres. Grammarly has the function to check your writing based on the genre that you are writing on. This is especially needed for fiction writers. For instance, if you are writing a novel about romance, you can check your writing according to the genre that you choose. This can greatly reduce any false positives that might happen when you check your writing mistakes not according to your specific genre. So, when you pick the genre for your writing, and check it accordingly, you can easily get the accurate result for your error-checking process. It can also suggest relevant words that are specific to that genre in order to enhance your writing quality in the best possible way.

Algorithm Built by the Best Linguists

The software’s algorithm is built by the best linguists to ensure the maximum accuracy in each checking that it performs. With the world’s leading English language experts, Grammarly is capable of performing thorough checking for your texts, which allows you to correct more than 250 grammatical errors in your writing. Not only that, the software can also identify various other grammar-related errors, such as poor vocabulary usage and contextual spelling errors. The word database is constantly getting updated, and you always get the latest version of the word database as the software works online on a cloud platform.

Grammarly Services

There are various services provided by Grammarly that you can use to improve your writing, including Grammarly@EDU, Answers, Handbook, and Words. Each service provides the necessary resource for you to use the software better. The Grammarly@EDU service helps academia to learn how to write correctly with the assistance of the software. The Answers service provides a question-and-answer platform for those who want to learn more about how to use English properly. The Handbook service provides a basic yet detailed information regarding various grammatical rules found in English language. The Words service provides an online thesaurus which gives you complete information about each word that you write.

Google Chrome Integration

The software has a Google Chrome extension that you can install directly in your Chrome browser. Once you have installed the software, you can use it to check the grammar and spelling mistakes in your email, Facebook status, and Twitter tweet. With the help of this extension, you no longer have to post incorrect Facebook status or Twitter tweet, which helps improve the social media interaction with your friends and followers. It also helps you instantly correct the writing in your email, to ensure that each email that you send to your contacts is free from any grammatical errors.

Publish Your Best Writing Piece

The main goal of Grammarly is to help writers publish their best writing piece wherever they intend to publish it. This is important because you cannot attract readers to read your content if your content is not in good quality. The texts that contain lots of mistakes cannot be read properly, and the readers tend to stop reading such type of texts. Whether you intend to publish your writing piece on your own website, submit an assignment in your school, or publish a book, you have to ensure that your writing doesn’t have any errors, and it has to be high quality. This software helps you to ensure that you only publish the best writing piece that you can be proud of.

Full Microsoft Office Integration

This feature is available only for the Windows platform. But, since Microsoft Office is the most popular office productivity software that millions of people use, you can easily get the benefit of this full integration. When you install the integration for the Microsoft Office, it works fully with your software to check any writing errors that you type using the Microsoft Office software. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and others. With this integration installed, it is very easy for you to get the best work no matter what Office software that you use. You can ensure that your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are free from any errors.

Definitions And Synonyms Of Words In Double Click

Grammarly provides you the complete definitions and synonyms of any words just by double-clicking the words. You don’t need to open a new tab just to see the definitions and synonyms of the words that you have written. The definitions and synonyms are being popped up once you double click on the words, giving you further ideas about how to improve your writing. By taking a look at the word synonyms, you can find different words with similar meanings, which you can use in your texts to create more variations in your writing. There is nothing more boring than reading a text that is full of repetitive words. So, this feature can help you reduce the amount of repetitive words in your texts.

Add New Words To Your Personal Dictionary

Sometimes, editing tools like this software might give you lots of false positives by identifying certain words as having some spelling or grammatical errors, while in reality, these words are simply not recognized by the software. If you write any foreign words, such as company names, words in other languages, and the like, this software might recognize the words as having a spelling or grammatical error. This is why there is a personal dictionary feature that allows you to add new words into your own personal dictionary so that the software can recognize the words and no longer identify it as spelling or grammatical mistakes. As you keep using the software, the personal dictionary grows, and the software can become even more accurate in checking your writing mistakes.


When you take a look at the whole function of Grammarly, it provides a really good job in helping you find various grammatical mistakes in your writing. However, since you cannot use the tool completely for free, it can only help to identify the mistakes in your writing without giving you any suggestion to correct it, unless you start paying the money to subscribe to one of its plans. Thus, this software might be suitable for businesses, corporations, or universities that want to improve the quality of their online publications. For the individual writer or student, though, the price might still be too expensive to pay for the kind of tool that is already available in their word processing software.

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