By: Grasshopper Group, LLC

Grasshopper offers a Virtual Phone System with features such as number portability, custom main greeting, unlimited call handling, conference calling, video studio, and voicemail. It can be set up with existing mobile and office phones, and enables users to call with their Grasshopper caller ID instead of their phone number. Users can also create and customize department and employee extensions.

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Top Grasshopper Alternatives and Overview


Provides a cloud-based business VoIP phone service that allows your business to become more productive, efficient, and mobile.

By:, Inc From USA
Based on 36 Votes


Provides an award-winning cloud business VoIP phone system designed to keep you more flexible and productive.

By: Nextiva, Inc. From USA
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Offers cheap international calls and SMS service that allows you to save money when calling abroad.

By: Rebtel Services S.à r.l. From Sweden

RingCentral Office

Provides a complete cloud business phone system that offers functionality, reliability, and value.

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MightyCall is a virtual phone system which is scalable as per the number of users.

By: Infratel US, Inc. From USA
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Offers small business phone numbers that allow you to add business numbers to any phone.

By: j2 Global, Inc. From USA
Based on 7 Votes


It features visual dial plan editor, time-based routing, call park/pickup, unlimited call queues, multi-site compatibility...

By: Jive Communications, Inc. From USA
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It features video calls, group video calls, voice calls, instant messaging, screen sharing, file sharing...

By: Skype Communications SARL From Luxembourg
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Ringo provides international travelers and business users with easy-to-use and affordable services...

By: Riva FZC From United Arab Emirates


It features free call forwarding, free voicemail, free call waiting, free caller ID, crystal clear...

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The company provides digital phones with more than 20 features and a range of international...

By: Lingo, Inc. From USA
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It features directory assistance, call center, call conference, international long distance, group calling, call monitoring...

By: Vonage Marketing LLC. From USA


It features virtual receptionist, low international rates, voicemail, call logs, extension dialing, mobile apps, call...

By: Ooma, Inc. From USA


By: CounterPath
Based on 18 Votes


By: MicroSIP
Based on 6 Votes

Grasshopper Review and Overview

Grasshopper is a business communication system that aims to make it more professional and efficient. Businesses can use the Virtual Phone System provided by Grasshopper to facilitate inter-organizational communications. It is simple, it is cheap, and the best thing of all is that it doesn’t require any additional systems, i.e. it can be used through the company’s existing telephonic infrastructure.

These features make it a noticeable improvement over traditional business communication systems. Through Grasshopper’s powerful systems, businesses can ensure that the employees are always reliably connected and ready for execution of the given instructions. With a large coverage area, compatibility with a variety of phone types and quick deployment, Grasshopper has rapidly become the go-to name for virtual telephony purposes. It also provides an inbox service for additional business functionalities.

Grasshopper’s virtual telephony system for professional call handling

Virtual telephony systems are nowadays preferred over traditional systems due to its high ROI and dependability. Grasshopper's telephone system is completely cloud-based in nature and can work over simple mobile phones and normal telephones. This means that the cost of purchasing specialized desk phones is omitted.

Installation of the system is also incredibly easy and can be done by untrained employees too, with full support from Grasshopper. Businesses can easily set the flow of the incoming calls and divert them to the required department after determination of the motive of the call. Businesses have to choose an automated and professionally recorded response for customer engagement first.

Customizable inbox for enhanced business communications

With the Grasshopper Connect platform, businesses can ensure that every communication conducted through the Grasshopper system is properly saved and analyzed. In this way, future communications with a returning customer can be made even more fruitful. Businesses can also access the records of any type of communication whenever they require it, all from one place. The interface is streamlined and the communications are all properly organized as required.

Company Information

Company Name: Grasshopper Group, LLC

Company Address: 197 1st Ave, Needham, MA, USA

Founded in: 2003

Top Features

  • Instant Toll-free Numbers
  • Custom Vanity Numbers
  • Local Numbers Hosting
  • Custom Main Greeting
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Voicemail Tool
  • Message Delivery Setting
  • Custom Extensions
  • On-hold Music
  • Name Directory
  • Unlimited Call Handling
  • Voice Studio
  • Call Screening & Announcement
  • Voicemail & Fax Delivery
  • Business SMS
  • Reading Voicemail
  • Informational Extensions
  • Call Routing Extensions
  • On-demand Fax
Call Tracking Software
  • Number Portability
Voice Broadcasts
  • Call Forwarding
Call Features
  • Conference Calling