Grip is next-generation event management and planning software that can be used for both live and virtual events. It allows organizers to ensure that their event has better participation and also takes care of attendee satisfaction. The artificial intelligence-powered software provides a guaranteed increase in the return on investments. The carefully designed matchmaking tool allows for networking between attendees, which is very important in corporate meetings. They provide intuitive scheduling features and advanced event filtering. It is also platform-independent as it runs using a web-based interface along with an optional mobile application.

Top Grip Alternatives
  • Evite
  • Splash
  • Universe
  • Attend
  • Add to Calendar PRO
  • Certain
  • Events Manager
  • Tix
  • Cvent
  • DoubleDutch
  • Weezevent
  • Ticketfly
  • Brown Paper Tickets
  • Etix
  • TicketSource
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Top Grip Alternatives and Overview



Evite is a digital event management and invitation application with premium and free plans.

By: Evite
Based on 20 Votes


Splash provides custom event website, event check-in, and invitation platform for your event marketing and promotion.

By: One Clipboard, Inc From USA
Based on 8 Votes


The Universe is a powerful, on-request social ticketing tool that permits event coordinators to advance business, sell events tickets on the web, and deal with every online event.

By: Live Nation
Based on 16 Votes


Attend provides event management software with intelligent event technology. It...

By: Attend, Inc From USA
Based on 1 Vote

Add to Calendar PRO

Add to Calendar PRO is a versatile event management tool that simplifies adding events to calendars while offering extensive customization and integration capabilities.

By: Add to Calendar PRO
Based on 2 Votes


Certain offers a comprehensive event management platform, designed specifically for marketers and event professionals.

By: Certain, Inc From USA
Based on 17 Votes

Events Manager

By: NetWebLogic
Based on 1 Vote


The tool helps event organizers to streamline their online ticketing interfaces and offer a favorable...

By: Tix, Inc.
Based on 15 Votes


It features dynamic online event registration, secure event payment processing, on-site check-in mobile app, and...

By: Cvent, Inc From USA
Based on 105 Votes


It features mobile agenda, surveys and polling, networking for attendee, multiple events in one app...

From USA
Based on 6 Votes


It includes app-based and physical access control devices along with a site maker that will...

By: Weezevent


It approaches the marketing differently and allows all organizers to integrate their ticketing service with...

By: Eventbrite
Based on 22 Votes

Brown Paper Tickets

The company provides services to organizers who host ticketed events...

By: Brown Paper Tickets
Based on 16 Votes


Etix is a web-based working system...

By: Etix
Based on 7 Votes


By: TicketSource
Based on 31 Votes

Grip Review and Overview

Scheduling, planning, and managing an event involves several steps that are very important and should be carefully dealt with. It decides the future of the organizer and the attendees of the event. In such conditions, it should be noted that for a successful event, there are a lot of steps that need to be performed. Managing the event requires knowing the potential of the event and its importance. Events have a different plan, and the organizer needs to be transparent regarding the meeting and the decisions that are supposed to be taken. Grip is an event management platform that allows organizers to plan and manage conferences and corporate events. It uses the power of artificial intelligence to match the profiles of attendees and event types.

Networking and easy matchmaking

An essential aspect of business meetings and other conferences are about building contacts with others who are in the same field. This networking ensures that we are updated and knowledgeable regarding the competition and the industry standards. It allows for a more efficient face-to-face meeting using the matchmaking tool powered by Grip. It uses artificial intelligence to calculate and decide regarding the attendees.

Grip provides methods for organizers to monitor their events and see what is going in real-time. They can view the details of the attendees and also ensure the success of the event.

The web-based event platform

Grip strives to overcome the barriers of platforms and devices that are used to access their interface. It is primarily a web-based interface that runs inside the browser. Optionally, it also has an app that can run on mobile devices. The paradigm shift is accurately seen from the use of the mobile app and web service.

On the whole, it lets the organizers replace their business cards with an engaging and comprehensive networking solution that ensures better management of events. It also has flexible permissions and reliable scheduling of events for optimum participation.

The artificially intelligent optimization

Machine learning and artificial intelligence go hand-in-hand with most of the technological advancements in the modern world. It is also useful in event planning and management. Grip ensures that the planning process is seamless and takes over the work of the organizer. The attendee profiles are matched with the participant profile, and any issues are noted in real-time.

It becomes more comfortable and saves a lot of money, time, and effort required to sort and find out each participant from the given list of attendees. Double your return on investment using Grip’s event matchmaking service.

Scheduling the events and making it productive

Events could be scheduled effectively using Grip’s optimized methods. It allows for dynamic configuration and scheduling of events with emphasis on availability. Synchronize the meetings with the integrated calendar applications. Exhibitors have options for selecting their booths and facilities at the location of the meeting.

It allows the attendees to discuss and connect with them over the internet. It might be useful for them in the future. Grip supports virtual meeting rooms, live streaming, and offline conferences.

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